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Raftig Camping Raftig Camping
Rafting in Daraba Camping

In our camping you can try kayaking, rafting and catamaran rafting.

Dniester Dniester
Tour To Khotyn in 5 days

While rafting on the lower reaches of the Dniester, you can meet another young beauty that replenishes the waters of the Dniester - river Zbruch.

outdoor equipment carpathians outdoor equipment carpathians
Try nice outdoor equipment shop

Спробуйте купити спорядження для своїх походів в туристичному магазині TopRope. Діє доставка по всій Україні.

Krinta Krinta

This is what the Krynta mountain meadow in the Carpathians looks like, the weather is good, we do rafting and kayaking.

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