Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Excursions to the caves

The major part of cave tours take place in Mlynky, Atlantis, Crystal (non standard route) caves. While being on tour you should crawl on your belly, move on hands and knees, and push yourself through the cracks and thrusts. It is required to have at least satisfactory physical preparedness, without overweight or with a great desire to pass the route. Participants should wear overalls, take care of extra pair of shoes and head flashlights. Caves will surprise you with beautiful crystals, stalactites and other cave formations.

Some tours include visiting less difficult caves (Crystal and Verteba) where is no need in using overalls and head flashlights, since the routes are electrified. These caves are available for everyone. In Verteba remnants of ancient human beings, Trypillia pitchers, bat colonies and straw stalactites can be observed.