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Tour types

Rafting on the Dniester, white water rafting on the Cheremosh in the Ukrainian Carpathians, rafting on the Southern Buh


Rafting is an exciting type of outdoor activities. Rowing on catamaran or raft guarantees variety of impressions.

On a calm Dniester you will plunge into a wild nature of a picturesque canyon, get an opportunity to swim a lot, see silver waterfalls, travertine rocks, helmet’s grottoes and ruins of ancient buildings.

Wild Cheremosh will cover you with high waves of emotions. In spring rafting routes include the most intricate rapids of the Black Cheremosh. Not everyone will bear a high wave of cold water. In summer this mountain river has far more pleasant temper and even can allow swimming in its rapids. Rafting takes place in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians nearby the Chornohora range. In April – May our rafting camp on the Cheremosh is ready to welcome tourist arriving for 1-day rafting or even intent to stay for a couple of days.

Rafting with Tourclub does not require any special experience and are available for everyone. Our skilled instructors accompany you in every rafting session.

Corporate tours

Outdoor activities for corporate groups will rally the team and fill in with energy for future achievements. Team work in overcoming obstacles of a camp life, team rowing on catamaran, team conquering of high mountains... All these give an opportunity to feel a taste of victory. Team competitions unite workers of one department and focus on productive rival battle. In the evening colleagues could relax, know each other better, communicate in informal atmosphere, and develop friendly relations. No one will forget camp fire chat-ins, shish-kebab, beautiful songs and heart-to-heart conversation.

Excursions to the caves

The major part of cave tours take place in Mlynky, Atlantis, Crystal (non standard route) caves. While being on tour you should crawl on your belly, move on hands and knees, and push yourself through the cracks and thrusts. It is required to have at least satisfactory physical preparedness, without overweight or with a great desire to pass the route. Participants should wear overalls, take care of extra pair of shoes and head flashlights. Caves will surprise you with beautiful crystals, stalactites and other cave formations.

Some tours include visiting less difficult caves (Crystal and Verteba) where is no need in using overalls and head flashlights, since the routes are electrified. These caves are available for everyone. In Verteba remnants of ancient human beings, Trypillia pitchers, bat colonies and straw stalactites can be observed.

Hiking in Carpathians

Trekking in the Carpathians - is the second most popular kind of active recreation in the Western Ukraine. Different seasons suits different tours considering weather conditions. In summer time we offer longer trekking tours, from 3 to 10 days. Those tours provide overnights in tents. In spring and autumn, when there is not much spare time, the best variant would be short tour for 2 days. In winter we invite you to join Winter tours, that provide climbing to the snowy summits and accomodation in warm cottage with hot shower and sauna. If you prefer harsher conditions - join hiking on skies.

Bike tours

There you can see ancient fortresses and castles, churches and monasteries, grottoes of hermit monks, pagan temples, large waterfalls; touch the lives of ternopilian village, overcome steep rises and feel the thrill of fast descents. During the trip you can drink enough various mineral waters from famous sources, see ancient kliff fortresses in Bubnyshche and Urych, observe the work of oil rigs in Shidnytsya and Boryslav.   

Mix tours

Multi-active tours provide an opportunity to enjoy several types of outdoor activities in one travel. They combine the Dniester and caves, hiking in the Carpathians with rafting and excursions to castles and fortresses. These tours are very dynamic. Kaleidoscope of amazing sceneries will constantly surprise you. Mix tour is the best choice for busy people who want to get the maximum impressions in a short time.

Winter tours in the Carpathians

New year tours, Winter trekking, Ski touring in the Carpathians

Тури за кордон

Тури за кордон – це можливість організувати для себе яскравий та насичений відпочинок за межами України. Любителі екстремальних сплавів можуть обрати Рафтинг в Карелії, для любителів гір – піший похід в Туреччині, або ж можливо поєднати все разом, вибравши комбінований тур в Грузії, прикрасивши його сходженням на могутній Казбек.

Тури за кордон – це також і можливість ознайомлення із зарубіжною історією, легендами та традиціями.

Upcoming tours

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