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Rafting on the Dniester

Dniester rafting on catamarans and rafts in one of the largest canyons in Europe is a trip to the land of castles and waterfalls, travertine caves and grottoes, relict forests and unique climate.

Tour programs on the Dniester are optimally worked out (from physical and cognitive point of view): for those with a minimum time for leisure (weekend tours) and for those who can afford a whole week for communication with a nature.

Experienced instructors will take care of security while rafting, introduce basics of rowing technique, guide to the local attractions.

Rafting on the Dniester is a great opportunity to tan, swim and replenish the stock of positive emotions.

If you want to organize everything by yourselves - rent of equipment will be useful for you.

Rafting on the DNIESTER: Weekend on the river

The two-day rafting on the river of Dniester is considered as one of the most popular outdoor activities on weekend. This tour offers an opportunity of an intensive recreation among a wild nature of the Dniester Canyon: swimming in the river, stretching your muscles by means of a paddle, visiting unique waterfalls, caves, and architectural places of interest. All you need to restore a life-giving power of nature for new achievements.

duration: 2 days
price: 69 usd

Rafting on the DNIESTER: Five-day fairytale

Five days without a computer, pavements, blocks of flats, TV and fridge; handy is turned off on the third day of the trip; time slows down, life becomes longer. Picturesque campsites, walks to the travertine hermits’ caves, waterfalls, clear rain and hot sun, swimming, evening campfire and entertainments.
Physical training and tour difficulty.

duration: 5 days
price: 123 usd

Rafting on the DNIESTER: Five-day to Khotyn

Rafting route Zalischyky Khotyn will certainly charm you with beautiful brooks-waterfalls, multitude of geological monuments that look like rocky brow of woody slopes of the Dniester Canyon. The river herein becomes wider and sometimes distances between the banks measures up to 500-600 m. During the tour you visit Balamutavska cave (located near the village of Balamutivka) and several grottoes where even in the 20th century lived eremitic monks. The most vivid highlight of the tour is considered Khotyn fortress. In addition you will have a possibility to observe the ancient beauty of architecture and history in Kamyanets-Podilsky.

duration: 5 days
price: 125 usd

Calm water rafting for children

Сплав по Дністру для дітей. Пять днів на природі із помірними навантаженнями, іграми та розвагами, під наглядом вихователя в неймовірно мальовничих краєвидах.
Ваша дитина освоїть базові навики туриста: розставляти намет, збирати дрова і розводити вогнище, спробує приготувати похідну кашу. Також ми будемо грати у розвиваючі ігри з орієнтування, розгадувати задачки на кмітливість, розвиватися творчо: малювати та виготовляти іграшки із трави та соломи. Разом із тим ми відвідаємо цікаві історичні та природні обєкти та почуємо багато цікавих історій та легенд, будемо співати пісні. І звичайно, фізкультура - щоденна легка гребля, руханки та рухливі ігри.
Вперед до гурту на природі!

Діти від 10 років можуть приїжджати самостійно, або у супроводі дорослих (дорослим знижка -30%, до 2 ос.)
Діти до 5 років - безкоштовно.

Часті питання про сплави по Дністру та Південному Бугу

duration: 5 days
price: 132 usd

Rafting on the DNIESTER: Week in the canyon

The whole week without a computer, pavements, blocks of flats, TV and fridge; handy is turned off on the third day of the trip; time slows down, life becomes longer. Picturesque campsites, walks to the travertine hermits’ caves, waterfalls, clear rain and hot sun, swimming, evening campfire and entertainments. Week on the river!

duration: 7 days
price: 155 usd

Rafting on the DNIESTER: In the land of fortresses and waterfalls

The three-day rafting on the river of Dniester is usually planned for holidays to use in the best way extended weekend. This tour includes visiting ruins of the fortress in Rakivets, velvet waterfalls and giant of the plain, the spectacular Dzhuryn (Chervonohrad) Waterfall. It's located in a picturesque Chervonohrad nearby legendary castle and church. Bonus of the three-day rafting is a trip to the Hermit's Cave and sightseeing in Chortkiv.
Physical training and tour difficulty.

duration: 3 days
price: 92 usd

Rafting on the DNIESTER: Dniester quartet

A variety of interesting and beautiful places you will admire within four days of rafting on the Dniester. Castles and palaces in Buchach, Koropets, Chervone and Chortkiv, picturesque waterfalls and caves, the unique nature of the Dniester Canyon won't pass without a trace!

duration: 4 days
price: 115 usd

One-day rafting on the Dniester River

Going for holiday. In Ukraine. Outdoor. Actively. With family.
Get vacation. Go to the Carpathians.
Found a good accommodation. Arrived. For a week. Visited the souvenir market in Yaremche. Seen Dovbush Rocks. Ridden a horse.
Tried mushrooms and berries gathering. Been on tour. Maybe you have even managed to visit a museum. Four-wheelers don't worth the money.
What to do? Where to go? What to try?
Something interesting. Original. Cheap. Of high quality. A bit extreme. Safe. Simple. Without special training. For the whole family. For impressive photos.
Try rafting!
While in the Carpathians, you can experience two rivers: the Dniester or the Cheremosh.
Rafting on the Dniester would be interesting for admirers of quiet rest. There are no rapids; the river is calm, available for swimming. Scene of action  is the Dniester Canyon, which is known for its panoramic views from the high steep banks, beautiful morning mist, silver waterfalls, travertine cliffs that hang over the water, caves and grottoes where ancient monks and hermits found solitude. Sometimes it seems that there is nobody around for hundreds of miles. But by the corner of the river appears a village where you can replenish stocks of food, buy fresh milk or vegetables, taste cherries.

duration: 1 day
price: 23 usd

Long Dniester

Rafting on Dniester river on catamarans in the area from Nyzhniv to Khotyn. Every day, small portions of physical activity with a paddle, swimming and sunbathing, interesting excursions to grottoes and caves, travertine cliffs and waterfalls. There will be: Rakivets fortress ruins, the Austrian government summer residence in Koropets, Red Mountain, Dzhurinskiy waterfall, unique geological walls,  Balamutivska cave and dessert - Khotyn fortress. Eleven day of continuous rest, just you and nature...

duration: 11 day
price: 239 usd

Дністровський сплав на каное

Для затятих туристів, так і для новачків у світі активного відпочинку, пропонуємо дводенний сплав Дністром на каное. На рівнинній річці каное, завдяки своїй формі та маневреності, набирає швидкість 10-12 км за годину, тоді як байдарки можуть пройти максимум вісім. Для дводенного сплаву Дністром каное буде найоптимальнішим варіантом, оскільки на ньому можна пройти довшу відстань та отримати більше вражень. Усього за два дні ми встигнемо відвідати Раківцький замок, Червону гору, острів Інь Янь, руїни Червоноградського замку, Джуринський водоспад та багато іншого. І на кінець, ще залишиться час для міського туризму. Прогулянка старовинним і компактним містечком Чортків стане чудовим закінченням мандрівки.

duration: 2 days
price: 69 usd

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