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Rafting on the DNIESTER: Five-day fairytale

Five days without a computer, pavements, blocks of flats, TV and fridge; handy is turned off on the third day of the trip; time slows down, life becomes longer. Picturesque campsites, walks to the travertine hermits’ caves, waterfalls, clear rain and hot sun, swimming, evening campfire and entertainments.
Physical training and tour difficulty.

Next planned: 27 apr
Duration: 5 days
Price: 123 usd
Length: 115 km

Nyzhniv - Ustechko

Price includes:
  • guide service

  • rafting equipment rental

  • tents and general equipment rental

  • catering according to the tour program

  • transfer according to the tour program

  • insurance

Additional payments required:
Tour scenario:

day 1

  • meeting at the railway station in Ternopil at 8:00 a.m.

  • transfer to the starting place of rafting; on the way visiting Buchach Fortress and Town Hall

  • catamaran assembling, safety briefing

  • dinner

  • rafting route: the river of Zolota Lypa - Budzyn, 19 km

  • encamping and supper

day 2

  • breakfast

  • hiking to Under the Thought Cave; you can also see the kryivka (hideout) of warriors of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and helmit's grotto (3 - 4 hours)

  • dinner

  • rafting route: Horyhlyady - Kosmyryn, 17 km

  • places of interest: Badenya's Castle of 19th century in Koropets and ancient travertine grotto under the waterfall, where old Christian symbols remained

  • encamping, supper

day 3

  • breakfast

  • rafting route: Kosmyryn - Rakivets, 36 km

  • place of interest: waterfall in the village of Vozyliv

  • dinner

  • place of interest: large massif of travertine formed by moss and centuries-old labor of water; Virgin’s Tears Waterfall

  • visiting a desolate Beniowski Tower nearby Rakivets Village: some time later there was soda plant in the fortress, nowadays only a high hexagonal donjon tower remained

  • encamping, supper

day 4

  • breakfast

  • rafting route: Rakivets - Beremyany, 22 km

  • dinner

  • walking to Red Mountain in a picturesque Beremyany Canyon; the peculiarity of this mountain is that even in the severest winters snow could not remain here for more than 1 or 2 days: justly inhabitants call this place "Dniester Subtropics". Multitude of legends are dedicated to the mountain

  • encamping, supper

day 5

  • breakfast

  • rafting route: Beremyany - Ustechko, 21 km 

  • while rafting - dinner. Walking to the Helmit's Cave and ancient oak tree in Lytyachi: the cave is located in a fantastic by its beauty place, in a rock on the height more than 100 m over the water, where you can enjoy an unforgettable scenery of winding river valley with mysterious islands

  • at ap.4:00 p.m. finish of rafting
  • transfer to Dzhuryn Waterfall

  • walking to Dzuryn (Chervonohrad) Waterfall, 16 m high – the largest plain waterfall in Ukraine; excursion to the remnants of Chervonohrad castle and church; swimming under a noisy waterfall, that's "Dniester Jacuzzi"

  • transfer to Ternopil, arrival approximately at 8:00 p.m.

  • supper in the café (not included in the tour value)

  • going home

              Cottage in Ustechko - here you can relax after tour.

!!! The organizers reserve the right to
make changes in the program according to the circumstances!!!


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