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 Constitution Day tours

Trekking in Carpatians:To the
 land of the mountain lakes,

4 days
25-28.06.2016 - 1255  UAH

Zbruch River rafting tour to Khotyn,
4 days

Carpathian cream, 
4 days
1900  UAH

 Constitution Day tours

The Gadzhyna trakt +
rafting on Cheremosh river

4 days
9-12.07.2016 - 2025 UAH

rafting on Sluch river,
2 days

Carpathian cream,
2 days
every weekend
1150  UAH

To think about

Long Dniester
7-17.07.2016, 11 days

Trekking, rafting and jeeping
 in the Carpathians

01.07-08.07.2016, 8 days

Calm water rafting
 for children
, 5 days


Trekking on Pirin Chain, Bulgaria
2-5.07.2016, 4 days

Kazbek + trekking
03-13.09.2016, 11 days

Climbing of Kazbek + rafting

3-17.09.2016, 15 days


  • Tours in Constitution Days

    Tours in CD

    We invite you to celebrate Constitution Day with Ternopil tourist club!

    An unforgettable weekend in one of the tours of your choice: hiking mountain ranges of the Carpathians - Chornohora, Svydovets ridge, climbing Mount Petros, rafting on Cheremosh and Hadzhyna tract and the Cheremosh rafting on the 2, 3 or 4 days.

    Bring family, friends with you and take part on Constitution Day!

  • The rains in the Carpathians

    Cheremosh Rafting

    The forecast promises rain till the end of May, which means that the water level will rise in rivers. So we're waiting for you on the Black Cheremosh rafting! The closest race - 19-21 May.

  • Latest place on Mont Blanc

    mont blanс

    There are still 2 places to climb Mont Blanc from 8th to 21st of June. If you adore the mountains, dream to visit the Alps, are qualified enough to provide winter hiking in the mountains and have good physical preparation, then three highest peaks of four states are waiting for you: Tsuhshpitse (2962 m) in Germany, Grossglockner (3798 m) in Austria, Mont Blanc (4810 m) in Italy and France.

  • How to dress diving suits properly

    Diving suit

    Now it's spring, the rainy season and the water level rises in rivers. So right now you may get the maximum adrenaline from rafting, but feeling the minimal temperature. To protect yourself from hypothermia we always use neoprene wetsuits. Know more about how to put on a wetsuit.

  • Spring in Carpathians


    Snow is melting in the Carpathians and the peaks become more available for trekking. See firsthand the awakening of nature with crocus blooming and get the portion of rafting adrenalin on Cheremosh. Spring in Carpathians is waiting for you from April, 30 till May, 8th.

  • Unique tour to Tysa in Zakarpattya

    Tysa in Zakarpattya

    Adventure tour on the water Tisa in Transcarpathia 4-5 June 2016 which takes place only once a year! A unique opportunity to raft on dynamic Tisa River and to visit the picturesque Transcarpathia: Uzhhorod castle, Hust casle ruins and St. Mary Teresa rocks.

  • Hight water level in the Carpathians

    Cheremosh Rafting

    Spring comes with warmth and sunnt weather. So Carpathian snow melts and brings high water level in local river. Black Cheremosh awaits for you to offer extremal rafting! Carpathian rodeo, 3 days, the closest tour on April, 8-10th. Join!

  • Trekking in Georgia, including Kazbek

    Trekking in Georgia

    A trip abroad must be planned in advance, considering that the earlier you buy tickets on the plane - the better price is. That's why we fix the dates of tours to Georgia which includes climbing Kazbek: Trekking tour on the 3-13th of September and Trekking + rafting on the 3-17th of September 2016. 

    So, buy tickets, benefit best price and plan your travel to remarkable Georgia. 

  • The best price for rafting in this year

    Rafting in the Carpathians

    Would you like maximum impressions for minimum price? For brave and economical there are promotional tours:

    Carpathian cream, 4 days, 25-28.04 and 26-29.04.20161900 UAH - 15% = 1615 UAH
    25-28.04 and 26-29.04.2016

    Carpathian Rodeo, 3 days, 1500 UAH - 20% = 1200 UAH

    Hutsul adrenalin, 2 days, 1150 UAH - 20% = 920 UAH

  • The 10 000th tourist


    The amount of our tourists are coming to a landmark of 10 000. This number makes us feel proud and joy. Thank you for staying with us! Come to travel more and more. And we will search for new routes, interesting places and adrenaline adventures for you.

    P.S. A present is waiting for our 10 000th tourist.

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