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Trekking in Carpathians

Hiking to Chornogora, 6 days


Hiking to Svydovets, 4 days


Hiking to Gadzyna+Cheremosh


 Rafting on the mountain rivers

Rafting on the Cheremosh, 2 days


Rafting on the Cheremosh, 3 days


Rafting on the Cheremosh, 4 days


 Rafting on the flat rivers

Rafing on the Dniester, 5 days


Rafing on the Dniester, 2 days


Rafting on the South. Buh, 7 days


Other tours

Mlynky cave, 2 days


Horse riding tours

every weekend (from August)

Rafing on the Sluch, 3 days


Tours abroad

Trekking to Laila in Georgia


Georgia: trekking, rafting+Kazbek


Georgia: Kazbek + trekking



  • Across non-existing border

    non-exicting border

    Seven days in Gorgany - the most wild region of Carpathian mountains, where the Polish-Czechoslovak border runs. On the route of 100 km there is: 6 peaks, Carpathian jacuzzi, remains of fortifications after world wars, old woods, rest day, and also wild berries, mushrooms and milk products of hutsuls.

    Wait you in the trekking Along the non-existing border on 4-10 of July!

  • Discounts for the flights to Turkey


    Till 21.06 there is a possibility to buy tickets to Antalia (Turkey) for the period from 1st of November 2015 till 1st of March 2015 for price from 56 euro in one side.

    We remember, that there is entries in hikings in Turkey (Antalia) 3-13.10.2015 and 4-14.11.2015.

  • Rafting on the Dniester for children

    kids rafting

    We invite children and adults for 5-day tour on the Dniester, which will take place on 22-26 of July.

    It is rafting on the Dniester for children with light program, educating games, development of basic tourist skills, phisical training on the river, visiting of historical and nature sights etc.

    Children older than 10 year can go by themselves, or accompanied by adults (there is a discount for adults - 30 %, two or less persons). For children till 5 years  tour is free.

    More: Rafting on the Dniester for children

  • Rafting on the Dniester with discount

    dniester discount

    The unique offer: the biggest discount of June from Tourclub!

    Pay - 30 % of tour cost for two-day rafting on the Dniester. Using this chance, you pay 940 uah instead of 658 uah.

    The dates of discount tour: 6-7 of June.

    The discount is valid on for this tour and these dates.

  • Катання на квадроциклах


    Для тих, хто бажає підкорити неприступні гірські дороги не на своїх двох ногах, а на чотирьох колесах, пропонуємо катання на квадроциклах з Яремче.

    Катання по пересічній місцевості із супроводом інструктора. На вибір багато різних маршрутів із різною тривалістю та складністю.  Квадроцикли двомісні.

    Більше інформації про: катання на квадроциклах з Яремче.

  • Cheap tickets to Turkey

    cheap tickets

    Attention!! The action for tickets to Antalya on the Autumn flights for Trekking by Lician way.

    Till 29.05 you can buy tickets:

    - for October there and back for 180-190 euro; the tour dates: 2-12 of October

    - for November there and back for 100-120 euro: the tour dates: 2-12 of November. But there only tickets for 11.11 of 13.11, so we can reduce tour (minus one day in Antalya), or you sleep the night in Antalya and spend one day without over service.

    We advise to buy tickets on the:

    The difference between trips: there will be very hot in October, but the tickets will be little expensive, and in November - is still warm and tickets are cheaper (but only in action to 29.05).

  • Tours for St. Trinity Day 2015

    trinity 2015

    We invite you for three days of fun rest with Toruclub Ternopil!

    Spend your unforgettable days-off on the St. Trinity day in one of tours for your choice: hiking by stone region of Carpathians - Gorgany, rafting on the Cheremosh with climbing on the peaks Hoverla and Pip Ivan, rafting on the flat rivers: Dniester, Southern Buh; excursions in the caves Mlynky and Uhryn, or go in the two-day horse trip through the outside of Ternopil.

    Take your family, friends, and join to the tours on the St. Trinity day

  • Rafting videos from the participants


    The participants of our spring rafting-tours on the Cheremosh also share actively by their impressions, and send to us their videos. Now we have on our web-site 3 interesting videos about rafting: Rafting on the Cheremosh by Karen Zorabyan, Rafting on the Cheremosh and Rafting on the Prut by Eugene Goncharov.

    You can see watch the on the page: Video from rafting on the Cheremosh river.

  • Photos from the spring tours rafting

    rafting photo

    Our spring rafting-tours on the Cheremosh have come to its end, and now we can share by the impressions from the rafting.

    You can see photos from the rafting, going by the link for our web-album. Click on it, and watch the photographs! :)

    And rafting on the Cheremosh isn't finished by this. So join to the new tours. We wait for you!

  • Video Bike tour in Tourkey


    Finally we can show you how we ride on the bikes in Turkey within the bike tour, which we had in February. To your attention video "Bike tour to Tourkey":

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