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September - discount time!

September - discount time!

from 1 till 31 of September 2014 starts

15% discount for

 rafting on Dniester and Hikking to the Carpathians

Autumn rafting on the Cheremosh


Rafting on the Cheremosh in September - the last rafting of this season. Cold weather, first Autumn rains, white water and rapid rafting, the same as in Spring!


  • The last rafting in the season

    last rafting

    The first month of Autumn is beginning and our season of rafting is ending. So you must catch the last rafting on the Cheremosh of this season.
    The weather certainly will be colder, the same as in Spring, with possible raining, but it will facilitate for mad rafting on the Cheremosh.
    So don’t lose your last chance to have a nice rest!

  • Tourclub gives discounts!

    Tourclub gives 15 % discount on all tracks in the Carpathians and the Dniester floatings in September, so that you can enjoy the early warm autumn.
    And also recalls that in autumn there will be cool rafting tours on Cheremosh, because of rain water in the river traditionally rises.
    Don't miss the opportunity to spend warm fall season interesting and fun.

  • Rafring on river Sluch

    Our Tourclub expand the field of activity.
    Recently we done with our first summer rafting on river Sluch. It's a right branch of river Horyn (pool of Pripyat). We were very surprised, because of beautiful views and sandy beaches, and, what is the most important, because of clear water, that allows to see not only fish but ground of the river.
    Next year Tourclub will include river Sluch in the our list of available tours.

    Photos from rafting on river Sluch.

  • From now offers active vacation tours for children.

    Recently our Tourclub organized the first children's tour called "Youth mix"
    Children were on 4-day floating on Dniester river, saw the ruins of Rakivets and Chervonograd fortification, Dzhurinsky waterfall, and even saw the Dniester Canyon from hights of Chervona mountain. Except all of that, children also were in cave Mlynky. All children got a lot of funny emotions and were happy.
    Considering success of that tour, our Tourclub will continue organizing active vacation tours for children.

    Photos from "Youth mix"

  • Kyiv-Rakhiv - now the way to Carpathians are much easier!

    Ukrainian Railways "Ukrzaliznytsia" opened a new, convenient, especially for tourists, route Kyiv-Rakhiv.
    As train tickets to Ivano-Frankivsk quickly disappear from sale, the train may be an alternative pass from Kyiv to the Carpathians. By this route you can reach Vorohta, Yaremche or Yasinia, where we can organize an additional meeting* with group. Also this train may be convinient for you to going home after tour. At all this train is convinient for tours in the Carpathians and Rafting on Cheremosh

    *Note: possibility of a meeting there you should coordinate with our manager.

  • Spend Independence Day 24.08 on river Dnister

    Still don't know where to spend Independence Day 24.08?
    You have a great opportunity to spend it in the Dniester Canyon.
    On Independence Day we may offer you two tours for a choice: short rafting on Dniester for 3 days, to make your extended weekend the best; or you can spend a whole week in the canyon rafting on Dniester for 7 days, what of course will help you not only to distract from routine, but also swim and get sunbath enough. During rafting there also will be excursions to Coropets' and Buchach palaces, Rakivets and Chervonograd castles, and also to travertine caves and waterfalls

    Attention! - don't postpone buying tickets on train, because on holidays usually growth agiotage.

  • Autumn 2014

    Autumn 2014

    Autumn is approaching - a golden time! 

    In early September  the weather is still good to go  for the last 4-5 day rafting on the Dniester or hiking in the mountains
    Work & study begins, so we go over to 2-day tours on weekends
    Autumn is a good time for rafting on Cheremosh river: if its raining - it is high water! 
    And the most important, autumn - is the beginning og cave Season: excursions to the cave Mlynky - every weekend - all fall, winter and spring! 

    We invite you to spend the autumn with us!

    Calendar for September

  • ДОТи на Дністрі

    дот на дністрі

    Нещодавно на околицях Хмелевої, де річка Довжок впадає в Дністер ми натрапили на рештки 3-х ДОТів (ДОТ – з рос. «долговременная огневая точка»). Один з них майже повністю завалений, другий недавно засипало, а третій в хорошому стані – можна навіть залізти всередину.
    Звідси можна зробити висновок, що під час сплаву на Дністрі можна знайти ще чимало цікавих місць.
    Детальніше про: ДОТи на Дністрі.

  • Camp for children "Farmhold Mlynky"


    Welcome to the first event of camp for kids “Farmstead Mlynky”. The event will be on 25-29.07.2014 (5 days). The participants’ age is 10-13 year.  For the first time  we suggest the discount value – 30 %.

    Prepare to:
    - passing of the school of young tourist: ropes, systems, obstacle course, march to the bears and in the cavern
    - food just from garden bed and fresh milk from the cow and personal acquaintance with household
    - saturated program of events: games and contests, master-classes and training – all day is noted by hours
    - and many others

  • Discounts for hiking in Carpathians


    Summer is a hot season of the hiking in Carpathians! Tourclub Ternopil suggests the discounts for hiking!
    Get the discount from 10 to 30 % of tour value joining to the trekking by Svydovets “To the land of mountain lakes” on 17-20th of July.
    Read details about conditions of action in the community “Rafting and trekking in Carpathians” in вконтакте.

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-10% discount for bike-tours