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Alpinistic seminar


Alpinistic seminar in the Carpathians

5 - 8 of March, 2016, 4 days, near Hoverla mount

2385 uah

Training Seminar in the mountains, where you can get the basic skills necessary to participate in climbings the routs of 1B-2B categories:

  • work with harnesses, ropes, crampons and ice axes
  • movement on the slopes, insurance, avalanche safety, rescue works
  • selection of equipment, orienteering in the mountains, and other.

Alps Seminar will help you feel more comfortable while climbing peaks such as the Elbrus, Kazbek, et al.

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 Tours for St. Valentines' Day

Crazy weekend in the caves, 2 days
680 UAH (discount 20%=544 UAH)

Endurance test: Gorgany, 4 days
1100 UAH (discount20%=880UAH)

Horse riding tour, 2 days
1460 UAH (discount20%=1170UAH)

 Current tours

Crazy weekend in the caves, 2 days
every weekend
680 UAH

Horse riding tours, 2 days
every weekend
1460 UAH

Bukovel or Dragobrat, 3-4 days
from 1150 UAH

To think about

Alpinistic seminar in Carpathians
5-8.03.2016, 4 days

Trekking by Lician way (basic)
3-11.03.2016, 11 days

Bike tour to Turkey
2-11.03.2016, 10 days

Climbing of Kazbek
1-15.09.2016, 15 days

Trekking to Moldoviana
26.05-03.06.2016, 9 days

Trekking to Laila (Svaneti)
18-23.09.2016, 6 days


  • Winter attractions in Dzhuryn Waterfall

    Dzhuryn Waterfall in winter

    Winter cold created an opportunity to practice ones alpinistic skills in Ternopil Region.

    Last weekend the team of Tourclub made an alpinistic training on the frozen Dzhuryn Waterfall. In winter the waterfall looks no less attractive and even more mighty than in summer time. Besides it gives an opportunity for such an unusual activity. Here is the photoes of the event.

  • Summer rafting on the Dniester


    Rafting on the Dniester - the exciting water trips over the Dniester canyon, wildlife, cascading waterfalls, beautiful slopes and natural reserves. It is a beautiful river in Eastern Europe, which the ancient Greeks called Tiras and Italians - Dzhenestr. Certainly it's much better to enjoy its beauty from the catamaran participating in rafting on the Dniester.

    Read more

  • Rafting in Ukraine


    Rafring tours are the kind of rest for vivid sensation lovers.  Tourclub Ternopol invites you to rafting in the Carpathians. Stormy rivers, the Carpathian mountains and meadows, the sun and fresh air are the winner components of a memorable vacation.

    Read more

  • St. Valentine's Day

    St. Valentine's Day

    Present a real adventure to you Valentine: trekking in the winter Carpathians, tour to The Mlynki Cave or horseback riding trip.

    For familiarizing your dearest persons with active recreation, we offer a 20% discount for every second participant of the tour on St. Valentine's Day.

  • Best time for horseback riding tour

    Horseback riding tour

    A horseback riding tour should be planned for the cold season. Why?

    • horses are not tired of work on fields
    • because insects don't disturb
    • because there is open space on the fields
    • because warm clothes are more suitable for horse riding
    • because no hot

  • The most interesting trips in 2016

    Schedule of tours

    We already know, what we'll be doing in April, where we'll go in June and how we'll spend August. Have you decided, what time to dedicate to rest, travelling and adventure in the 2016 year? Choose the brightest moments of the next year right now: Plan for the year 2016

  • Last vacancies for the New year tours

    New year 2016

    All the tours for the New Year 2016 are almost closed. There are several more vacancies:

    Trekking to Kukul, 4 days, 31.12-03.01 - 4 places left

    Climbing Goverla Mountain, 4 days, 31.12-03.01 - 6 places left

    New Year in the caves, 3 days, 31.12-02.01 - 7 places left

    Horseback riding tour, 2 days: no places left for 31.12-01.01 and 2-3.01.2015. But there are 4 more places for 29-30.12 and 04-04.01.

    Hurry up!

  • Sightseeing in Georgia

    Sightseeing in Georgia

    It is a country of contrasts, amazing climate and Caucasian hospitality. Snow-capped mountains, healthy air, relaxing Black Sea, swift mountain streams and openness of native people. Sightseeing tours in Georgia are very popular among our tourists.

    First of all, you don't need any visa for sightseeing in Georgia, secondly, the prices are relatively low here, but with satisfactory infrastructure of the country.

    Read more

  • Horse riding tours

    Horseriding tours

    Horse tours are the real holiday for those who like horses, beautiful scenery of forests, lakes and fields, as well as clean air, romance and drive!

    Tourclub Ternopol proposes you to forget the chaos of the city traffic jams and everyday working days. Horse riding tours are the pleasure of communication with a beautiful noble animals, new knowledge about the history and culture of Galich land, admiring the beautiful nature, as well as new friends and great mood. Read more

  • Holidays are coming

    Mlynki Cave

    After hardworking days always comes weekend, holidays, vacations. It is a pleasant opportunity to leave a noisy town and daily duties. And where is the calmest place on the earth? - Above the earth.

    Every week join Crazy weekend; the most unusual celebration of the New Year in the Mlynki and Uhryn Caves; combination of pleasant and useful in Vacations in the Speleohut.

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