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New season - new discounts


We start the preparations to the rafting tours on the Cheremosh 2015. We know, that rafting on Cheremosh has the biggest demand during the May tours. So we set for you the discount for this period.

Pay total cost of tour and get SUPER DISCOUNT – 30 %:

  • for the 27-29 of April – discount 30 % for tour Carpathian rodeo (usual cost – 1200 UAH; discounted cost – 840 UAH)
  • for the 5-8 of May – discount 30 % for tour Carpathian cream (usual cost – 1700 UAH; discounted cost – 1190 UAH)

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Mlynky and Ugryn caves

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Mlynky+Optimistic caves


Hiking in Turkey


Horse riding tour


Vacation in the caves


Rafting on the Svicha-Mizunka


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Two rivers


Spring in Carpathians


Spring tours


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Climbing on Kazbek


Hiking in Turkey


Trekking+rafting in Georgia



  • Alpseminar - video


    Recently we made an Alpseminar in Carpathians - training tour about climbing on the tops in winter. Now we can show you shortly how it was:

  • Group of fast reaction


    The veteran rafters already know, that the hottest feelings and most interesting trials Carpathian rivers prepare at time, when snow comes down from the tops. So we form the “Group of Fast Reaction”, the participants of which will be noticed at once when water level in rivers will become hopefully high.

    We can’t plan such rafting beforehand, but we will help you to catch the “creams” of Spring full water.

    So call us or write to the e-mail, and connect to the group!

  • Responce about bike trip

    bike trip responce

    Last year in the end of August we made the 3-day bike trip Dnister country. And recently in the web we found a nice expanded response for one of it participant.

    Read: Response about bike tour

    About point equipment for bike trip, so the conclusion is that better to have own bike or choose it by yourself, so it will approach under your parameters and you will enjoy the riding during tour :)

  • Photos from Alpseminar


    Our long awaited, first in this season, Alpseminar in Carpathians finished successfully, and all participants got the certificates about it passing.

    A now we can already share by our memories about this and show you the photos from Alpseminar.

  • Cheap hiking in Carpathians

    cheap hiking

    We remind you, that when there is still winter, we continue the set of cheap ski-foot hiking in Carpathians: ski hiking through Gorgany and Kukul, hiking to the Petros, hiking with climbing on the peaks Hoverla and Homyak.

    They are calculated for 3-4 days, and as a rule, are provided in the end of week, involving weekend. Surely the dates can be changed for these days when it is better for you, if it is good for all group. The number of persons in group for such hiking can be minimal – even 3-4 persons.

    So when winter is still going on, order the tour and hurry to conquer the winter Carpathians!

  • Big plans for the season

    year schedule

    Soon the new season of rafting, hiking in Carpathians and tours abroad will start. So we remind you about Schedule for a year, that will tell you when and which tours will plan during the season.

    It will help you in the best way to plan your rest and go in your desired tours.

    If tell shortly, than: in Summer go on the rafting on Dniester, and go to skiing in Winter. For more details read the Schedulre for a year :) 

  • Alpseminar-photos


    The first this year trip to Alpseminar is starting soon. It is a training tour for getting the skills of winter climbing on the peak, rising on the glacier in crampons and with ice-axe, moving as rope-team etc.

    The entry for first trip (13-16th of February) is closed, but there is open entry for the second – on 6-9th of March, to which you can join.

    And we offer you also to look at the photos from the Alpseminar (last year), which more brightly will show you what is this.

  • Excursions to other caves from Speleohouse


    When we talk about our Speleohouse, the first association absolutely is about excursions to the Mlynky cave. But there are other interesting caves, which you can visit from the Speleohouse:

    - whether the enigmatic cave Atlantyda with its treasury of crystals of different forms, colors and sizes;

    - whether the longest gypsum cave in the world – Optimistic, where you can meet interesting earthen sculptures of different creatures;

    - whether Verteba cave, that is famous as museum of history of Tripoli culture, where many ancient findings of local way of life were found.

    More about: excursions to other caves

  • To the Bukovel


    There is an open entry to the skiing tour Bukovel for the beginners. It is great chance to learn to ski on the first day, when instructor teach you, and have crazy skiing on your own next days.

    For the moment there are 3-4 free places for the tour. The trip (4 days) will be on the 5th of February.

  • Perfect speleoweekend underground


    We offer you the updated version of your days-off spending in the caverns.

    The tour Perfect speleoweekend: Mlynky + Atlantida is a combination of two most interesting caves of the region. The dynamical excursions in different regions of Mlynky cave and excursion through the beauty of the Atlantida cave, which halls are located on through floors, and entrance to cave is on the height 7 meters.

    Join to this tour, that will be provided on 14-15 of February!

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