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the New Year tours 2015

new year discounts

Days left to New Year:  

Attention! The New Year tours

pay the total tur cost before the 20 of December and get a discount 

7,5 % for tour Goverla - Bukovel - Dragobrat

12,5 % for tour Ski week in the Carpathians

15% for tour New year trekking trip to Kukul

Welcome to the Mlynky cave!!!


Excursions to the cavern Mlynky - every days-off during all Atumn!

Considering that there are long winter vacation ahead, there are unique offers for schoolchildren and students:

Vacation in Speleohouse for organized groups

Vacation in caves for organized groups

Weather forecast in the cavern for October-Decmber: the temperature is constant alla days and nights, without precipitation, windless, the ceiling is studded by stars-crystals. And none weather caprice can spoil your rest!

And which weather forecast is in your city this Autumn? ;-)


  • New Year gift certificate

    new year certificate

    Tourclub  Ternopil congratulate everybody with St. Nicolas Day and wish you positive emotions and the best presents in this day.

    Also Tourclub beforehand prepared for you his own variant of the present on New YearNew Year gift certificate. Present your kindred and loved ones an exciting travel in New year.

    Read more about : gift certificates.

  • Tours to Turkey

    tour to turkey

    We expand our horizons in the in direction of the tours abroad, and represent the tours to Turkey. It is a hiking by Lycian trail - 10-day trekking that goes on the south of Turkey among the beautiful mountains. There are many interesting places on the road: remains of ancient Lycian culture (amphitheatres, tombs, cities in the rocks), eternal fires on the Yanartas mountain, which always burns just from rock, sea, where we can swim and lay under sun on the warm sand.

    And for the fans to twist pedals – the bike tour to Turkey (10 days as well). It is an exciting travel by Turkey on the bicycle with a picturesque slopes, exhaustive uphills and not less amount of different interesting places.

    Both tours will goes in March. At this time the oranges ripen in Turkey :)

    Hurry up to order the tour!

  • Morning discount on the Bukovel

    morning discount

    On the ski resort Bukovel the Morning discount will be work during winter season. If you will by the skipass of rent the equipment till 9 AM, you will get the discount:

    • 40 % on work days (Monday-Thursday)
    • 20 % in the weekend (Friday-Sunday) and Holiday season (29.12-07.01.2015).

    Read details about: Morning discount.

  • Excursions to the caverns

    excursions to the caverns

    We invite you for excursions to the Mlynkve cave. It is exciting sport excursions, to different regions of different difficulty.

    Besides that you will feel physical fatigue after active climbing by impassable cracks, narrow thrusts and other barriers, you will have many impressions from the cave beauty: crystals, stalactites and stalagmites, different sights.

    And if you will wish, you can additionally go to the Ugryn cave, which is situated near the Mlynky cave.

    The entries to the tour Crazy Weekend and separate excursions to the cavern are opening for every weekend during all winter!

  • Funds for the 128 SMIB

    128 ogpb

    The gathering of help for 128 separate mountain infantry brigade, in which our instructor Roman Brejan serves, is continuing.

    At the 4th of December we gathered and transferred 1600 uah.

    Read details about: Help for the 128 SMIB.

  • Condition of the slopes on the ski resorts

    condition of slopes

    Before you choose when you will go for skiing it is important to know what is going on some or another resort, and where is better to go.

    So check the Condition of the slopes on the ski resorts, where you can see in real time photos from the web-cameras on the different resorts of Ukraine.

    Also here is additional information about resorts: scheme of slopes, weather forecast, responds about resorts etc.  

  • The entries for New Year tours are continuing

    new year entries are continuing

    There is less than month left to New Year, but entries for New Year tours are still open.

    We invite you for 5-day and 7-day New Year rest in Carpathians with a bright celebration of New Year and saturate programs: skiing on the resorts Bukovel and Dragobrat, walking to the mountains, rising on the Goverla, excursion to Zhenetsky waterfall etc. And the accommodation will be in comfort cottage.

    For those who don’t afraid physical load and sleeping in the tents in winter there are New Year ski trekking through the spines Kukul and Kostrycha and trekking by Chornogora, conquering the mighty Petros. And there will be not less interesting meeting of New Year among the nature.

    Or the saturate New Year tour in the Mlynky cave with a celebrating of New Year in the Speleohouse or just in the cave!

    Did you choose your New Year tour?

  • Year plan of Tourclub

    year plan

    We present you the year plan of Tourclub, so you can determine when and how to make your rest, and organize it in the appropriate period.

    The plan will help you to determine when you can planning the rafting, and when is the time for going in hiking to the mountains, or when is the time to prepare your skis and winter equipment. Also this plan gives you a possibility to plan your trip to Georgia or Turkey, or other tours which happen only once in season.

    Every month prepares for you its own special rest!

  • Часті питання: екскурсії в печери

    знак питання

    На сторінці Часті питання  почав працювати розділ Екскурсії в печеру Млинки.  Тепер відповіді на питання, які найчастіше виникають до екскурсій у печерах, ви можете знайти на цій сторінці.

    Це допоможе вам кращим чином підготуватись до туру без зайвого контакту із менеджером з прийому замовлень.

  • K2: Ultimate high


    The interesting movie on active tourism topic – “K2: The ultimate high”, 1991.

    Movie tells about two friends – Taylor and Harold, which strive the participation in the expedition to the mountain-killer (Chogori). Hard trial expect the friend: avalanches, stormy weather, failures. The uprising will be not easy. Will they come back?

    More about K2

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