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Celebrate New Year 2015 together with Tourclub!

Відпочинок на Новий рік 2015 у Карпатах

We offer unforgettable new year rest in Carpathians for every taste!

For the supporter of comfortable rest:
- skiing on the ski resorts Bukovel and Dragobrat
- walkings on the snowed-up Carpathians summits and to the Zhenetsky waterfall
- climbing to the winter Goverla
- accomodation in the cozy cottage or economy-version with an accomodation in the hostel

For the extreme funs:
- New year in the wild - on the Chornogora - climbing to the Rogneska and Petros, sleeping in the tourist shelter in the high mountains
- ski trekking with a sleeping in the tent and long distances

Ant totally unusual New Year celebration in the deep 30 m under ground in the Mlynky cavern!

Tours for New Year 2015

Welcome to the Mlynky cave!!!


Excursions to the cavern Mlynky - every days-off during all Atumn!

Considering that there are long winter vacation ahead, there are unique offers for schoolchildren and students:

Vacation in Speleohouse for organized groups

Vacation in caves for organized groups

Weather forecast in the cavern for October-November: the temperature is constant alla days and nights, without precipitation, windless, the ceiling is studded by stars-crystals. And none weather caprice can spoil your rest!

And which weather forecast is in your city this Autumn? ;-)


  • First snow on the ski resorts

    first snow dragobrat

    The first snow fall on the ski resorts Bukovel, Dragobrat and Slavske. At the moment the snow layer is very thin, and hardly covers the ground, and temperature is positive. Although the practice of last year showed that first snow holds not long time, the weather forecast says that next days the snowfall will continue.

    By the way, from the middle of December we are planning to open the first ski tours of this season.

  • Discounts in the Azimut store

    thermo clothes

    Online store Azimut holds the sellout of some products. Among them: thermo clothing, thermoses, tents, bags, onlay on the boots for the walking on the snow and sleet etc. In general there are goods for the using in winter period. You can buy this products in the Azimut with a discount to 40 %.

    Sellout in the Azimut store.

  • New Year in the caverns

    new year in the caverns

    New Year in the Mlynky cave!

    Unlike the New Year celebration in Carpathians, when we meet it in the mountains, in this case the celebration is going underground.

    New year tour in Mlynky is a 3-day rest in the Speleohouse that include fun excursions in the most popular cavern in Ternopil region – Mlynky, and also the excursion on the non-standard route, and excursion to the Ugryn cave.

    The New Year meeting will be in the Mlynky cave, with different funs, games and competitions.

  • Values of New year tours in currency

    prices in dollars

    The entries for the New Year tours 2015 are continuing: skiing tour, skies hiking in Carpathians, New Year in the caverns.

    Considering the sharp changing of the exchange rate, we set the New Year tours values in American dollars. So the prices for the tours will be unchanged concerning the currency. All prices are noted on the pages of tours.

    Meet the New Year with Tourclub Ternopil!

  • Action on the Bukovel is continued

    bukovel skiing

    If you missed your chance to by the subscription discount for the skiing on the Bukovel to the end of October, don’t be disappointed prematurely and put aside your skies to the next year. Because the ski resort Bukovel continued his action to the 31st of November.

    Subscription discount let you skiing to 28th of December and from 10th of March with a discount to 60 %.
    So hurry to buy the subscription and enjoy by crazy mount skiing on the Bukovel.

    Actions on the Bukovel

  • Vacations in the Speleohouse

    vacations in the mlynky

    How to spend your winter vacations? Funny and interesting with Tourclub Ternopil!

    Special offers for schoolchildren and students for the time of rest from study:

    Different options of rest, but one of them is not less interesting, then another.

    Depending on tour you choose there will wait for you: excursions in the caverns of Ternopil region, including two excursions in the Mlynky cavern, visiting of different excursion and historical objects, participation in the different games and entertainments; or every day active speleo excursions in the Mlynky cave, participation in photo-quest with an orientation in the area, interesting and cognitive walks, fun relays and games etc.

    Anyway – the funny spent time in the Speleohouse

  • Train Kiev-Rakhiv


    The train № 457 Kiev-Rakhiv, that recently went every other day, now goes every day. The train goes through the Yasinia station. And then you can get to the ski resort Dragobrat.

    Considering that winter is soon, and so as – season of mountain skiing, the availability of this train every day facilitates the getting to the Dragobrat.

  • Stories about Georgia: land of countless attractions

    amazing georgia

    Georgia is a country, created for the tourism, and tours to Georgia different by its saturation and variety.

    There are many excursion objects in the country: temples, churches, museums, ancient buildings, and creations of modern architecture.  Many places delight by their particularity: Prometheus cavern, ancient city Uplistsykhe, national reservation Sataplia, Gregets church at the foot of Kazbek.

    And there are most important elements, which create all coloring of the tours to Georgia: trekking by picturesque mountain land to Chaukhi, climbing on the mighty Kazbek and extreme rafting on the wild river Rioni.

    There are more information about this amazing country in the article Tours to Georgia: land of countless attractions.  

  • Збір коштів для армії

    збір коштів

    Проводиться збір коштів для АТО, зокрема для 128 окремої гірсько-піхотної бригади, в якій служить інструктор та друг Турклубу – Роман Бреян.

    Тому беремо участь у допомозі для цієї частини, та персонально для Романа.

    У facebook діє спільнота Допомога 128 ОГПБ, де є викладаються новини про хід допомоги та потреби військової частини.

  • Cycling competitions Night Madness 2014

    night cycling competitions

    Traditionally in the early November the night cycling competitions Night Madness occur in the Lviv. As usually the races will take place on the territory of the forestry “Vynnykivske”. The participants need to pass some number of circles for the allotted time.

    The participants will be shared for the categories depending on sex, age and experience.

    The cycling competitions will be occurred in the night from 1th to 2nd of November. The registration will be at 22.00 on 1th of November. The participation in the competitions will be paid.

    According to the words of organizers, the money, which will be received from competitions, will go for the support of the ATO forces

Upcoming tours

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