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Tours to Georgia

романтичний сплав по дністру

Soon two tours to Georgia will start: 

Both tours require a combined program throughout Georgia with hiking, rafting on the turbulent Rioni 
and visiting caves, castles, monasteries and other attractions along the route. 

4-18.09.2014 - Trekking + Rafting+ Kazbek - complicated version with rock climbing Kazbek 
11-23.09.2014 - Trekking + Rafting  - lite version without climbing Kazbek 

Programmes for children

Programmes for children

 5 day
August, 1-5 - 1500 hrn

rafting on the Dniester
hike to the cave Mlynky 
fun games


  • ДОТи на Дністрі

    дот на дністрі

    Нещодавно на околицях Хмелевої, де річка Довжок впадає в Дністер ми натрапили на рештки 3-х ДОТів (ДОТ – з рос. «долговременная огневая точка»). Один з них майже повністю завалений, другий недавно засипало, а третій в хорошому стані – можна навіть залізти всередину.
    Звідси можна зробити висновок, що під час сплаву на Дністрі можна знайти ще чимало цікавих місць.
    Детальніше про: ДОТи на Дністрі.

  • Camp for children "Farmhold Mlynky"


    Welcome to the first event of camp for kids “Farmstead Mlynky”. The event will be on 25-29.07.2014 (5 days). The participants’ age is 10-13 year.  For the first time  we suggest the discount value – 30 %.

    Prepare to:
    - passing of the school of young tourist: ropes, systems, obstacle course, march to the bears and in the cavern
    - food just from garden bed and fresh milk from the cow and personal acquaintance with household
    - saturated program of events: games and contests, master-classes and training – all day is noted by hours
    - and many others

  • Discounts for hiking in Carpathians


    Summer is a hot season of the hiking in Carpathians! Tourclub Ternopil suggests the discounts for hiking!
    Get the discount from 10 to 30 % of tour value joining to the trekking by Svydovets “To the land of mountain lakes” on 17-20th of July.
    Read details about conditions of action in the community “Rafting and trekking in Carpathians” in вконтакте.

  • Мандрівка на Піп Іван

    піп похід

    Мандрівка на Піп Іван – коротка розповідь про те, як «офісний планктон» ходив у похід в Карпатах від рафтинг-табору Турклуб Тернопіль на Піп Іван.
    Тут  весело розказується про проживання в таборі, рафтинг на Черемоші на байдарках та власне вихід на Піп Іван, а також красивий опис Карпатських краєвидів.

  • About Gorgany

    gorgany mountain

    There is entry for hiking in Carpathians in Gorgany, that will be starting on 10th of July. We will tell something about Gorgany.
    Gorgany is a system of mountain ranges in the outer strip of the Skybovi Ukrainian Carpathians, which are located in Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. They extend for 75 km from the northwest from the valley Myzunka and Rica, to the southeast towards the Prut valley, and the width from east to west is 40 km.
    From east to west Gorgany are divided into Krayovi (Boundary) lowlands, Zovnishni (External) (Skiba) and Pryvododilni (Internal) Gorgany, and from north to south they consist of three major parts, separated one from another by deep river valleys.

    Read details about Gorgany.

  • Get -50% of discount for the rafting on the Dniester


    Next action from Tourclub!!! Come to the unforgettable rafting on the DniesterFive day fairytale”  with a discount -50%.
    To get the discount for the tour 26-30th of June you need to:
    - become a member of the community in вконтакте
    - make a repost of the post about discount
    - bring your friend, which will pay all price of the tour
    - when you order the tour please note “In terms of action – 50%”

    This discount can be shared between two participants, by -25% to each. Attention! Three first person, who pay an advance for tour, will get the discount.

  • Petrykiv Cross-Country

    Petrykiv cross country

    29th of June in the Petryky (in forest), that are not far from Ternopil there will be cycling competitions «Petrykiv Cross-country”.
    Competitions point: to ride two circles as soon as possible (about 2,625 km) on the rugged area. The participants will start by 2 person with interval 10 seconds.
    The opening and registration will be at 11 AM.
    The participants will get prizes, cups, medals, charters and certificates.

  • The Action - go to the Dniester for free


    Attention! The action! Take part in the rafting on the Dniester for free.
    Collect the group of 8 person for rafting on the Dniester and get the discount 100% for tour.
    To get the discount you need:

    - enter to the community in вконтакте

    - make a repost of the post about action on your page

    - gather the group of 8 person and come to the 2-day rafting on the Dniester on 21-22th of June.

    Every leader of the group of 8 person, who will execute the conditions of action will get this discount!!!

  • How to choose the backpack for the hiking in Carpathians

    backpack for hiking

    Summer is a hot season for hiking in Carpathians. Hiking requires the proper preparation and choosing of the necessary things, and the choosing of backpack is an important acpect.
    Such factors as hiking duration and amount of equipment and product that you take with you affect on the choosing of backpack.
    The backpacks differ primarily by their construction. They can be the easel and half easel backpacks, they are also called the frame and anatomic.
    In general, there is a number of parameters, that are useful for the choosing of backpack.
    Read more details in the article How to choose the backpack for the hiking in Carpathians

  • Rafing on the Zbruch


    We invite for rafting on the Zbruch, one of the biggest rivers on the west of Ukraine.
    Rafting on the Zbruch is not only pleasant rest, bat has cognitive-historical character. There are many historical attractions and interesting places on the river banks, in particular different fortresses in Chornokozyntsy, Okopy, Zhvanets and Kudryntsy.
    Despite the fact that river is flat, but there are places with rapids and shyvery, that make rafting on the Zbruch more saturated.
    The entries for tours on Zbruch are opened during all summer.

Upcoming tours

пещера млынки, экскурсии

Interesting reading

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