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Hurry up for May tours


Attention! From 24th of April we are closing the entries for all tours, which will take place during:


So we ask you to hurry with the orders for these tours, or order tours,

which will take place during 05-11.05.2015

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Trekking in Carpathians

Hiking in Carpathians: Kukul-Kostrycha


Trekking to Gadzhyna + Cheremosh


Hiking Spring in Carpathians


Hiking to the land of mountain lakes


Hiking in Gorgany 3 days


Hiking to Chornogora 6 days


 Rafting on the mountain rivers

Spring rafting tours


Rafting to Vyzhnytsya


Rafting on the Cheremosh + Hoverla


 Rafting on the flat rivers

Rafing on the Dniester 4 days


Rafting on the Zbruch to Khotyn


Three days on the Southern Buh


Other tours

Mlynky cave: Crazy weekend

every weekend

Horse-riding tour

every weekend

Dniester country on bike


Tours abroad

Trekking by Lician way


Trekking to Laila in Georgia


Georgia: trekking, rafting + Kazbek


Georgia: Kazbek + trekking


Georgia: trekking + rafting


Bike tour to Turkey

February - December


  • Cheese quest

    cheese quest

    We have a new service in our rafting-camp - Cheese quest.

    It is interesting informative and hilarious game, in which you have to run, cut the tree, chop the wood, drive cow in the corral, churn the butter etc. Also you will learn how to make real hutsul cheese.

    Cheese quest will help you to feel the Carpathian household life.

    Read more about: Cheese quest.

  • Water in Cheremosh rise

    white water

    During last days water level in Black Cheremosh rose, and this is not surprise, because with notable warming the snow in mountains became to melt. This helps to replenishment of water in the river.

    The weather forecast in Carpathians for the next few days says about further warming, though there will be more colder on the weekend. But the water in Black Cheremosh provides to be high.

    So the rafting on Cheremosh provides to be nice.

  • Happy Easter!


    Tourclub Ternopil wishes everybody happy Easter holidays! We wish you have a good rest, sunny emotions and impressions. And also we wish you a delicious Easter bread and sausage :)

  • Відкривається продаж квитків на травневі свята

    Для того, щоб без проблем дістатися на наші тури на травневі свята, радимо заздалегідь подбати про купівлю квитків на потяг. Зараз Укрзалізниця відкриває продаж за 30 днів до відправки потяга, і вже сьогодні можна купити квитки на 24 квітня.

    Не пропустіть провести травневі вихідні, долаючи бурхливі пороги Чорного Черемошу. Снігу в горах достатньо, вода в гірських річках обіцяє бути достатньо високою, тому сподіваємося на гарний рафтинг на Черемоші.

    Читайте: Як дістатися на рафтинг-тури

  • Рафтинг на Свічі і Мізунці - вже на цих вихідних

    Цими вихідними відкриваємо новий сезон рафтингу в Карпатах!

    Традиційно перший виїзд сезону - рафтинг на Свічі-Мізунці. Ці ріки мають складні пороги, що стовідсотково забезпечать яскраві емоції та викид адреналіну. Прогноз погоди сприяє теж сприяє -  тепло та дощі практично гарантують високу воду. Березнева погода в Карпатах непередбачувана, тому готуйтесь до холодних морозних ранків.

  • Impressions from Turkey


    On the weekend there returned the participants from tours in Turkey: bike tour in Turkey and trekking by Lician way.

    The participants are sharing by impressions: there was warm and sunny, they swim in the sea, saw mountains :). They climbed on the peak Takhtala (2365 m), saw ancient ruins and castles, ate oranges and lemons, saw canyon of harmony in Geynuk and many others.

    We have already posted photos from the trekking in Turkey in social networks: in our community in vkontake and on the web-page in facebook. Go there and look! ;-)

  • Diverse May


    It seems like May is still far, but now you can start to think where you will go to rest. Because this year the choice of Sping tours is pretty wide.

    As usually, the main event will be rafting on the Cheremosh, that, after snow melting in mountains, will be most concentrated. Except that we open the first hiking in Carpathians of this season: these are usual hiking and combined hiking with rafting on the Cheremosh. Also we offer more calm rest: rafting on the Dniester and Zbruch.

    As you see, you have what to choose. So open the page Spring tours in Ukraine and choose where you will go!

  • Alpseminar - video


    Recently we made an Alpseminar in Carpathians - training tour about climbing on the tops in winter. Now we can show you shortly how it was:

  • Group of fast reaction


    The veteran rafters already know, that the hottest feelings and most interesting trials Carpathian rivers prepare at time, when snow comes down from the tops. So we form the “Group of Fast Reaction”, the participants of which will be noticed at once when water level in rivers will become hopefully high.

    We can’t plan such rafting beforehand, but we will help you to catch the “creams” of Spring full water.

    So call us or write to the e-mail, and connect to the group!

  • Responce about bike trip

    bike trip responce

    Last year in the end of August we made the 3-day bike trip Dnister country. And recently in the web we found a nice expanded response for one of it participant.

    Read: Response about bike tour

    About point equipment for bike trip, so the conclusion is that better to have own bike or choose it by yourself, so it will approach under your parameters and you will enjoy the riding during tour :)

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