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Літо продовжується - їдемо в жовтні у Анталію!

Любителів активного відпочинку, шукачів пригод та нових вражень запрошуємо вирушити у велопохід в Анталії! Подорожуючи по Туреччині на велосипеді, ви побачите її внутрішній, "нетуристичний" світ, який набагато барвистіший за звичні готельні квартали та пляжі. Не проґавте унікальну можливість разом із Турклубом насолодитись захоплюючими спусками та чарівними пейзажами античних міст, глибинних каньйонів і прозорих річок.

Велопохід в Анталії 10-19.10.2016

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Autumn tours

Crazy weekend2 days
720 UAH

Horse riding trip, 2 days
1755 UAH

Rafting on the Cheremosh river, 
 days, 24-25.09.2016
1150 UAH

Stone giant,
3 days, 23-25.09.2016
950 UAH

Weekend on the river,
3 days, 24-25.09.2016
1130 UAH

Rafting on Sluch river, 
3 days, 30.09.-2.10.2016
1575 UAH

To think about

Kazbek + trekkking,
11 days, 03-13.09.2016
350 $

Trekking by Lician Way + Tahtali
11 days, 9-19.10.2016

Bike tour in Antalya10 days


  • Weekend in the cave Mlynky

    If you are a fan of extreme type of holiday, if you like to overcome obstacles, if you are not afraid of darkness and closed space, and if you want intensely and unforgettable spend your holiday, then weekend in the cave Mlynky is for you.

    Cave Mlynky will impress by large colorful crystals of incomparable beauty, stone cliffs of fantastical shapes, whimsical creations. Mysterious routes of varying difficulty, combined with strange landscapes you will remember for a lifetime.

    We welcome all of you to visit underground labyrinths of the kingdom of eternal darkness with Tourclub!

  • News of the tour in Georgia


    Вчора учасники туру завершили похід в Грузії: трекінг + Казбек. Успішно піднялись на вершину Казбек, побували у печері Прометея, попарились у Тбілісі, поїли хінкалі.

  • Autumn rest on the river Dniester

    Meet the golden autumn with the Tourclub. Autumn Dniester Canyon is incredible: amazing colorful beauty of nature combined with еру warm sun will make your stay unforgettable. We invite you to enjoy a three-day autumn rafting on the river Dniester on the 16-18-th of September , to walk through the ruins of the fortress in Rakivtsi, to climb to the Hermit's cave and to visit Dzhuryn picturesque waterfall. Feel warm by travels and bright emotions with Tourclub!

  • Trip to Georgia

    29.08 team of instructors went in the direction to Georgia through Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Our yellow bus up to the top loaded with food and equipment for trekking and rafting in Georgia. Boys and girls from Tourclub will be devided into two teams - one part will be conducting tours in Georgia, the other one are going to pass sport route. Overall instructors will be staying in Georgia for about a month. Have a nice trip!

  • A few tips on how to purchase the cheapest tickets

    airline tickets

    Бажаєте поїхати закордон у відпустку, але білети на літак надто дорогі? Далеко не всі знають як це можна зробити і що на цьому можна зекономити. Дехто думає, що це дуже довго та складно і для цього потрібно обшукати весь інтернет. Насправді - все набагато простіше. Отож, маємо кілька порад стосовно того, як придбати дешеві авіаквитки та долетіти до омріяної країни.

  • Tours in Constitution Days

    Tours in CD

    We invite you to celebrate Constitution Day with Ternopil tourist club!

    An unforgettable weekend in one of the tours of your choice: hiking mountain ranges of the Carpathians - Chornohora, Svydovets ridge, climbing Mount Petros, rafting on Cheremosh and Hadzhyna tract and the Cheremosh rafting on the 2, 3 or 4 days.

    Bring family, friends with you and take part on Constitution Day!

  • The rains in the Carpathians

    Cheremosh Rafting

    The forecast promises rain till the end of May, which means that the water level will rise in rivers. So we're waiting for you on the Black Cheremosh rafting! The closest race - 19-21 May.

  • Latest place on Mont Blanc

    mont blanс

    There are still 2 places to climb Mont Blanc from 8th to 21st of June. If you adore the mountains, dream to visit the Alps, are qualified enough to provide winter hiking in the mountains and have good physical preparation, then three highest peaks of four states are waiting for you: Tsuhshpitse (2962 m) in Germany, Grossglockner (3798 m) in Austria, Mont Blanc (4810 m) in Italy and France.

  • How to dress diving suits properly

    Diving suit

    Now it's spring, the rainy season and the water level rises in rivers. So right now you may get the maximum adrenaline from rafting, but feeling the minimal temperature. To protect yourself from hypothermia we always use neoprene wetsuits. Know more about how to put on a wetsuit.

  • Spring in Carpathians


    Snow is melting in the Carpathians and the peaks become more available for trekking. See firsthand the awakening of nature with crocus blooming and get the portion of rafting adrenalin on Cheremosh. Spring in Carpathians is waiting for you from April, 30 till May, 8th.

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