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Celebrate New Year 2015 together with Tourclub!

Відпочинок на Новий рік 2015 у Карпатах

We offer unforgettable new year rest in Carpathians for every taste!

For the supporter of comfortable rest:
- skiing on the ski resorts Bukovel and Dragobrat
- walkings on the snowed-up Carpathians summits and to the Zhenetsky waterfall
- climbing to the winter Goverla
- accomodation in the cozy cottage or economy-version with an accomodation in the hostel

For the extreme funs:
- New year in the wild - on the Chornogora - climbing to the Rogneska and Petros, sleeping in the tourist shelter in the high mountains
- ski trekking with a sleeping in the tent and long distances

Ant totally unusual New Year celebration in the deep 30 m under ground in the Mlynky cavern!

Tours for New Year 2015

Welcome to the Mkynke cave!!!


Excursions to the Mlynky - every days-off during all Atumn!

Weather forecast in the cavern for October-November: the temperature is constant alla days and nights, without precipitation, windless, the ceiling is studded by stars-crystals. And none weather caprice can spoil your rest!

And which weather forecast in your city this Autumn? ;-)


  • New Year in Carpathians

    new year

    Let us celebrate the New Year in Carpathians together!

    New Year tours in Carpathians - is a several days of exciting and very different winter rest. Every day there are climbing to the summits, excursions, skiing, ski walks, horse ridings etc. Or just foot and ski tours for those, who want to have more travel by winter Carpathians. There are a beautiful Carpathian landscapes around: high summits, dense forests, clean mountain air.

    Anyway the required part of New Year rest is the New Year celebration with a fun and interesting program, different games and competitions!

    Tours for New Year: New Year ski week in Carpathians
    Tours for New Year: Goverla-Bukovel-Dragobrat
    Tours for New Year: New Year ski trip to Kukul

  • Traveling by Turkey


    Tourclub’s instructors finally finished trekking in Georgia, and continued their travel in sunny Turkey.

    Instructors visited the foot of volcano Ercies (3917 m), that is located in Central Turkey. The lifted on the elevator to it. There is a powerful ski resort, that works here in winter.

    Also they visited Cappadocia. It is an area with a huge amount of column bizarre formations, that are created from blurred volcano tuff. The stone is well exposed for processing, there are many residential objects in the rocks.

    They finished the travel in Turkey in Istanbul. They were at the St. Sofia Cathedral, Blue mosque, Khan’s palace.

    Now the travelers are on the way home. 

  • Stories about Georgia: rafting on the Rioni

    raftin on the rioni news

    We continue the cycle of articles about tours to Georgia. This time – the story about extremal and exciting rafting on the Rioni.

    Rioni is one of the biggest rivers on the Transcaucasia and most flowing river in Georgia, with obstacles of high power. The river flows through the whole country: from Caucasus mountains to the Black sea.

    Rafting part of tour to Georgia goes 2-3 days, and all length of rafting is 45-60 km.

    The extremal river travel covers many interesting places, which you can visit during the stopping. And there is a beautiful nature around: mountains, woods, high rocks. And steep stream, high waterwaves (1,5-2 m), powerful rapids, stormy rifts on the river. And all these are rafting on the Rioni.

  • 5-day fairytale - video


    Let us remind the summer rest: hot sun, warm waters of the Dniester, green grass, sleeping on the nature, funny games at the fire.

      For your attention, the video about 5-day rafting on the Dniester from the tour participant – Mykhaylo Morykin.

  • Meanwhile in Georgia...


    When Tourclub’s instructors, those who are in Georgia, travelled through the territories far from civilization, we couldn’t receive news from them. But now they are on connection again and we can watch for their travels.

    Instructors with commercial participants visit many places and saw many things: fairy reservation Sataplia, there is a trace of real dinosaur, “sunny Batumi, which was flooded in that time, real Georgian hospitality. They crossed picturesque Latpar pass, rafted by rapid Rioni, climbed on the mount Laila and of course – Kazbek.

    They saw many other interesting things and many adventures happened with them. You can see all new and photos from the trekking in Georgia at the Alexander Rybakov page on facebook.

  • Cheop's Pyramide - the last hiking of this season

    cheop's piramid

    The weather forecast says that Indian Summer is coming. So, why not to go to the hiking in Carpathians?

    We’re gathering the group for two-days hiking “Cheops Pyramid” for the days-off 18-19th of October. The trip along the stone spine Gorgany, with a climbing to the mount Khomyak, that by its form reminds the Egypt pyramid. The view on the whole Carpathian beauty opens from it. We’ll visit voiced Zhenetskyy waterfall, the water there falls from the height 15 m. And as bonus: night gatherings at the fire, sleeping on the nature in the tent and funny company.

    It is a last hiking of this season, so catch the moment and join the tour. The good rest and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed! 

  • Stories about Georgia: Climbing to the Kazbek

    rising to the kazbek

    Part of Tourclub’s instructors still travel by picturesque Georgia, but someone returned home with whole heap of exciting stories. The country is overflowing by different interesting objects and territories, there are legends and stories in every place.
    So, we decided to start a cycle of articles about well-known and totally unknown touristic objects, which all tourists can visit participating in our tours to Georgia.
    The first article of the cycle is about important victory over yourself, your physical possibilities and usual rhythms: Climbing to the Kazbek.

  • Tours for 2015 New Year

    new year 2015

    There are no more no less – just 90 days till New Year-2015, and you can start the planning how to spent its celebration: quietly and calm in your house, or brightly and saturated among the snowy Carpathian mountains, or endless cave labyrinth.
    New year tours in Capathians are highly different – feet and skiing trips by mountain spines with accommodation in the tents or bulb, skiing tours with accommodation in the comfortable hutsul homestead, that combine skiing on the Bukovel and Dragobrat with mountain trips and rising on the Hoverla.
    The New Year celebration is a big fire, hot tea, sparklers and fireworks, interesting and funny games and other entertainment.
    No less exciting the New Year tour in the Mlynky cavern, with its narrow canals, stalactites, thrusts and fabulous crystals.
    Tourclub announces finished program – Tours for New Year 2015.
    Hurry up to join to the New Year rest with us!

  • Rafting on the STB channel


    This is not the first time when Tourclub’s instructors became the stars of TV shows.
    These days-off the STB channel team was in the rafting camp Tourclub Ternopil within the reality show “Save our family”. The heroes of program took part in the trial on the Cheremosh with aim to make their family better, where they could to feel all benefits of an extremal rafting in the Autumn.
    To see how Tourclub’s instructors helped to combine family during rafting on the Cheremosh we can on the STB channel on 28th of October.

  • 27 вересня – Міжнародний День Туризму

    Вітаємо із святом усіх свої друзів та партнерів, постійних та нових клієнтів, фанатів активного відпочинку та новачків у цій сфері. Нехай Вам і нам усі подорожі будуть вдалими, усі місця привітними, усі аборигени гостинними та усі враження яскравими!

    Дякуємо, що Ви з нами та до зустрічі у майбутніх подорожах.

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