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 Current tours

Crazy weekend in the caves, 2 days
every weekend
560 UAH

Horse riding tours, 2 days
every weekend
1500 UAH

Trekking in Carpathians, 2-4 days
from 790 UAH

 New Year offers

Treking in Turkey

9 days
sea + sun + mountains
and Likian natural 
and historical places

27.12 - 04.01.2016
160 EURO

Goverla-Bukovel-Dragobrat, 5 days
30.12 - 03.01.2016
3600 UAH

and longer version:

New Year ski week, 7 days
30.12 - 05.01.2016
5200 UAH

Winter treking to Goverla, 4 days
31.12 - 03.01.2016
2475 UAH

and version with mount Petros:

Wild New Year near Petros, 4 days
31.12 - 03.01.2016
2575 UAH

New Year in caves, 3 days
31.12 - 02.01.2015
1375 UAH

New Year ski tour to Kukul, 4 days
31.12 - 03.01.2016
1200 UAH

Horse riding New Year tour, 2 days
31.12 - 01.01.2016
1500 UAH

Worth to think

Alpinistic seminar in Carpathians, 4 days

Trekking by Lician way (basic)

Bike tour to Turkey, 10 days

Climbing of Kazbek

Skiing in Gudauri

Rafting in Georgia


  • Horse riding tours

    Horseriding tours

    Horse tours are the real holiday for those who like horses, beautiful scenery of forests, lakes and fields, as well as clean air, romance and drive!

    Tourclub Ternopol proposes you to forget the chaos of the city traffic jams and everyday working days. Horse riding tours are the pleasure of communication with a beautiful noble animals, new knowledge about the history and culture of Galich land, admiring the beautiful nature, as well as new friends and great mood. Read more

  • Holidays are coming

    Mlynki Cave

    After hardworking days always comes weekend, holidays, vacations. It is a pleasant opportunity to leave a noisy town and daily duties. And where is the calmest place on the earth? - Above the earth.

    Every week join Crazy weekend; the most unusual celebration of the New Year in the Mlynki and Uhryn Caves; combination of pleasant and useful in Vacations in the Speleohut.

  • Winter trekking

    Kukul in winter

    Recreation is not always a relax. For example, a trip to the mountains in winter - it is a challenge for your strength and willpower. Trekking by snowy peaks, breathtaking views, overnights in a tent and gathering round a bonfire - if you used to room service, get rid of this habit. Instead, strong body and will, passion for adventure and desire for new achievements will be very useful. If you are sure about own strength - join New year trekking to Kukul

  • Travel with friends

    Traveling friends

    Traveling with friends is fun, backpacks are easier, sleeping in tents - warmer and dinner around the bonfire tastes better. Emotions and memories shared with friends are brighter. So, take your friends with you to journey. 

    To make easier gathering a company, we give a discount 10% for the groups over 5 persons for the tour Trekking by Lician way.

  • Opening ski season in Bukovel


    Don't miss the Openning of ski season. At the beginning skipasses costs less, ski trails are not croweded, and ques to the lifts are shorter. To campare: skipass for 3 days in December will cost 940 UAH, but in January - February 2125 UAH already. The difference is noticeable, isn't ot?

    Join the group for the 4-days tour to Bukovel on 11 - 14 of December. 

  • Flights to Turkey!


    Until October 11 you may buy a ticket to Turkey and back (Lviv-Antalya-Lviv) on March for the special price - 103 euro and join the bike tour to Turkey or trekking by Lician Way.

  • Поспішайте на екскурсії в печери



    З 15 жовтня 2015 року на усі тури в печеру Млинки вартість зростає на 15%.

    Сплативши до 10 жовтня 2015 року, можна  відвідати печеру по старій ціні.

  • Кінні походи: нові маршрути


    Сумуєте і не знаєте чим зайнятись на вихідних? Приїжджайте на кінний похід Тернопільщиною. 

    Тут Ви зможете освоїти ази верхової їзди, навчитися долати верхи на коні різноманітні природні перепони. Все це на фоні лісів, полів, мальовничих берегів та краєвидів з вершини пагорбів.

    До Вашої уваги : 

    1.Кінний похід: Верхи околицями Тернополя
    2.Кінний похід долиною Серету

  • Autumn - time of speleo tours

    season of caves

    If the rains, fog and Autumn frost don’t inspire You – go to the tour in caves. Here You can ignore the weather and seasons of the year. There is unchangeable temperature, silence and mystique beauty during centuries.

    Days-off in the caves: three days of active excursions in the caverns, increscent difficulty of the routes and right to be called the experienced speleo-tourist after its finigsh :)

    Vacations in Speleohouse: rest for pupils and students must combine interesting and active program with budget price. This vacations will be such.

  • From Turkey to Mlynky cave

    turkey - mlynky

    Attention! Special offer for the participants of the Trekking by Lician way in Turkey – free tour Crazy weekend!!!

    You can choose the convenient dates of presented tour from today till April of 2016. The tour includes: speleo-excursions, accommodation, nutrition, equipment and insurance – all of it is free for you.

    The presented tour is given for all participant of trekking by Lician way of 3-13 of October. In October there is warm, sunny weather in Turkey, that gives a possibility to climb on the Takhtaly (2365 m) without “winter” equipment, and also to close the swimming season 2015, when you will swim last time of this year in Mediterranean sea.

Upcoming tours

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