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New season - new discounts


We start the preparations to the rafting tours on the Cheremosh 2015. We know, that rafting on Cheremosh has the biggest demand during the May tours. So we set for you the discount for this period.

Pay total cost of tour and get the discount for the tour on May holidays:

  • at the full paying of tour till 1st of February – the discount 20 %
  • at the full paying of tour till 1st of March – the discount 15 %

And also SUPER DISCOUNT – 30 %:

  • for the 27-29 of April – discount 30 % for tour Carpathian rodeo (usual cost – 1100 UAH; discounted cost – 770 UAH)
  • for the 5-8 of May – discount 30 % for tour Carpathian cream (usual cost – 1550 UAH; discounted cost – 770 UAH)

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Ski hiking to Gorgany


Bukovel for beginners


Mlynky and Ugryn caves

every weekend

Winter horse riding tour

every weekend

Speleoweekend: Mlynky+Atlantida


 To plan

Аlpinistic seminar


March 8 tours


Hiking in Turkey


 To thing

Climbing on Kazbek


Climbing on Laila


Trekking, rafting+Kazbek



  • Excursions to other caves from Speleohouse


    When we talk about our Speleohouse, the first association absolutely is about excursions to the Mlynky cave. But there are other interesting caves, which you can visit from the Speleohouse:

    - whether the enigmatic cave Atlantyda with its treasury of crystals of different forms, colors and sizes;

    - whether the longest gypsum cave in the world – Optimistic, where you can meet interesting earthen sculptures of different creatures;

    - whether Verteba cave, that is famous as museum of history of Tripoli culture, where many ancient findings of local way of life were found.

    More about: excursions to other caves

  • To the Bukovel


    There is an open entry to the skiing tour Bukovel for the beginners. It is great chance to learn to ski on the first day, when instructor teach you, and have crazy skiing on your own next days.

    For the moment there are 3-4 free places for the tour. The trip (4 days) will be on the 5th of February.

  • Perfect speleoweekend underground


    We offer you the updated version of your days-off spending in the caverns.

    The tour Perfect speleoweekend: Mlynky + Atlantida is a combination of two most interesting caves of the region. The dynamical excursions in different regions of Mlynky cave and excursion through the beauty of the Atlantida cave, which halls are located on through floors, and entrance to cave is on the height 7 meters.

    Join to this tour, that will be provided on 14-15 of February!

  • Remember rafting on the Dniester


    Another video about rafting on the Dniester, to remind the heat of summer sun and funny rest on the river.

  • Interesting about Svanetia


    Svanetia is a historical region of Georgia, situated on the south west of country. That land is the object of our hiking in Georgia.

    Svanetia is very picturesque territory, with a beautiful landscapes and huge amount of architectural attractions.

    There popular mountain peaks located on the Svanetia spine: Ushba (4710 m), Tetnuld (4852 m), Laila (4009 m).

    Read more: Svanetia

  • Skiing in Georgia 2015

    gudauri 2015

    We remind about the trip to the skiing in Gudauri, that is planned on 30th of January.

    Do not pay attention that we have a Spring in the middle of January, because there is a lot of snow in Gudauri :)

    In general the tour will take 9 days: among the 4 – in the road, and 5 – it is wild skiing on the snowy slopes of the popular Georgian resort.

    Also there is an alternative trip to Hatsvali, much cheaper, if you’ll take part in the action of free accommodation (details – skiing in Hatsvali).

    So hurry up to pay an advance and take part in the tour!

    Webcams in Gudauri

  • Happy New Year!!!

    new year 2015

    We congratulate all our readers with New Year!!!

    We wish you to have a lot of travels, bright impressions, many happy emotions, to open new horizons in your life, and embody all your designs into life! See you in New Year! ;-)

  • New chip winter hiking

    chip tours

    We offer the series of new short and chip winter hiking. It is ski or foot hiking (depending on snow depths), that are occurred in the end of every week during all winter.

    The features of these new tours are: easy arrival, low cost, good terms (Friday-Sunday), and also independence of number of participants (permissible even 3-4 people).

    Details about new winter hiking and ski trekking.

  • Transport sevice by microbus Volkswagen LT


    There is a replenishment in the Tourclub’s garage: except the white Sprinter, which is used for everybody, there is also yellow Volkswagen LT 35.

    So Tourclub offers the passenger transfers by microbus LT from Ternopil in Ukraine and abroad (for example, Georgia, Turkey etc.).

    Volkswagen LT is a comfortable microbus, which has 8 sits with flip backs. Besides, there is a folding sofa and long shelf for the rest, and also there is a back trunk.

    Details about microbuses on the page: Transportation in Ukraine 

  • New Year gift certificate

    new year certificate

    Tourclub  Ternopil congratulate everybody with St. Nicolas Day and wish you positive emotions and the best presents in this day.

    Also Tourclub beforehand prepared for you his own variant of the present on New YearNew Year gift certificate. Present your kindred and loved ones an exciting travel in New year.

    Read more about : gift certificates.

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