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Trekking to Mont Blanc and Gran Paradiso

The journey to Europe involves the ascent to three the highest peaks of the Alps: Gran Paradiso (4061 m) in Italy, Mont Blanc (4810 m) in France and Italy. The gradual set of altitudes and crossings between the mountains will allow you to acclimatize well. Alpine landscapes do not require advertising. On an occasion, we will try to arrive in Venice. We depart from Ternopil by minibus. Accommodation in tents, campsites and hostels.


Tour price - 500 euro

More about other expenses

About physical training and the difficulty of tour
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Duration: 12 days
Price: 0 usd
Price includes:
  • moving by bus according to the programm
  • catering according the active part of the tour
  • guide service
  • rental of common equipment
    rental of common alpinistic equipment (ropes)
  • tents and general equipment rental
Additional payments required:
  • extended insurance
  • overnights in hostels and campsites (4-5 nights from 6 till 20 euro)
  • funicular to Mont Blanc (30 euro)
  • descent from Zugspitze by cable car (31,5 euro)
  • Postoynska Pit in Slovenia (25 euro)
  • overnight in the shelter du Gouter (70 euro)
  • гак в Венецію (дорога) - 40 євро
    гак в Венецію (квиток на автобус) - 15 євро
    transfer to Venice (road 40 euro)
  • transfer to Venice (ticket on bus 15 euro)
Tour scenario:

day 1-2

  • meeting with tour guide at the railway station in Mukachevo
  • departure from Ternopil to the border between Ukraine and Poland (moving through Budapest - Maribor - Vienna - to Italy)
  • stops in the road - parkings, refuelings, hostels and cafes

day 3-4-5

  • in these days active acclimatization is planning in high altitude conditions, namely the ascent to the Grand Paradiso massif (4061 m), located in the southwestern part of the Alps in the territory of Italy.
Grand Paradiso is considered the one of the easiest from four thousand meters high mountains in the Alps, but at the same time it has perhaps the largest set of heights for ascent. At Grand Paradiso, you will have an opportunity to train all the skills needed for trekking to Mont Blanc: acclimatization and climbing.
  • after intensive trainings - descent and overnight in the campsite/tents

day 6

  • moving to Chamonix city in France
    sightseeing walk around the city
    overnight in the camping
    moving to Chamonix city in France
  • sightseeing walk around the city
  • overnight in the campsite

day 7

  • start of the climbing route
  • moving from Chamonix to Les Houches
  • ascent by cable car to the Bellevue Pass. From that point we begin ascension to the shelter Tete Rousse (3167 m.)
  • overnight in the shelter

day 8

  • after an early breakfast - technically simple, but very exhausting climbing to the du Gouter shelter (3817 m.). Preparation for an acclimatization training exit to the highest peak of France and Italy, where will be the opportunity to improve team work in difficult areas
  • overnight in tents (possible overnight in the shelter du Gouter)

day 9

  • the most important and responsible day of the tour - climbing to the heart of the Alps - Mount Mont Blanc, 4810 m.
  • enjoying the excellent panorama and memorizing a wonderful moment among alpine landscapes
  • descent to the camp, moving to Chamonix city, overnight in the campsite

day 10

  • reserving day (in case of bad weather or insufficient acclimatization of participants)
  • if the ascent will be successful, we use that day for excursions or trekking in Chamonix
  • overnight in the campsite/tents

day 11

  • moving to Germany near Zugspitze Mount
  • climbing to Zugspitze (2962 m.). Depending on the physical preparation, the weather and the mood of the tourists, climbing is possible by a rocky route or an equipped trail that passes through the picturesque forests and waterfalls
The Austro-Germanic civilization captured the summit completely - on the top before the descent you can rest on the sunbeds, visit numerous cafes or shops.
  • overnight in the campsite
An alternative programme is possible on this day, on the request of the group:
  • moving to Slovenia
  • climbing to the highest peak of the country, the former Yugoslavia and the Julian Alps - Triglav Mount (2864 m.)
  • overnight in the campsite/tents

day 12-13-14

  • moving to Ukraine (if weather and other conditions allow, we arrive in Venice or other famous cities of old Europe)
  • on the road we stop for food, rest and overnights, as well as excursions and entertaining outings.
  • the time of returning depends on the conditions of transmission the border with Poland


What training do you need to have to participate in the tour?

  • to have an experience of winter hiking. For example, hiking to Hoverla. It is desirable to spend the night in a tent. Then you will know what clothing is needed, which equipment
  • to have skills to use ice-axe, crampons, to know the main knots. Climbing will take place in the glacier zone, so we will walk in crampons, in conjunctions
  • to have good physical training - for example, be able to sit 10-15 times on one leg or run 5-6 km in about half an hour

Meals and accommodation during the tour

  • we take food and gas appliances with us - so we prepare for ourselves, if permitted by local laws (for example, on parking, in the nature, in the camp). If desired, additional meals can be provided at local institutions at your own expenses.
  • the main residence during the tour - in the tent camp, but under certain conditions it is possible to spend the night in the mountain houses or hostels.


You need to focus on such expenses:

  • campsite near Zugspitze – 11 euro
  • campsite in Chamonix – 12-24 euro (2-4 nights)
  • overnight in the shelter du Gouter – 70 euro
  • descent from Zugspitze by cable car – 31,5 euro
  • funicular to Mont Blanc – 38 euro
  • transfer to Venice (road) - 40 euro*
  • transfer to Venice (bus ticket) - 15 euro*
  • excursion to the cave Postoynska Pit in Slovenia – 25 euro*
* on the partisipants' request
N.B. The list and the amount of these expenses is estimated approximately, so the actual amount may vary.
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