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Alpinistic seminar in the Carpathians

Tour-seminar on alpinism - it's a winter trekking tour in the Carpathian mountains, in which you can get basic skills, necessary for climbing the mountains of 16-26 level of dificulty. The program includes the theoretical studies and practical trainings, climbing Blyznytsia mountain. For participating the tour physical shape, previous experience of trekking and equipment according to the list - are demanded.

On the Alpinseminar you'll learn:

  • to move on the snow and ice slopes
  • to use the crampons
  • to use the ice axe
  • to walk in conjunction
  • to tie the main knots
  • to climb up and down by handrails, using different types of anchors
During theoretic discusions in the evenings we'll talk about:
  • equipment for winter climbing
  • safety precautions and rescuing during an avalanche 
  • theory of intermediate protection with anchors and rescuing from the crack
  • terrain orientation, GPS and it's practical usage in a tour
Participation in Alpinseminar will help you to feel comfortable climbing such a mountains as Elbrus, Kazbek and others. Also it is a great opportunity to test your equipment and to get ready to more difficult and interesting climbing tours.
But Alpinseminar doesn't give enough experience to go climbing by your own, we reccomend you to use service of proffesional guides.

After passing of Alpseminar the participants get the Ceritificate

Alpinistic seminar + photos

Next planned: 20 dec , 21 feb
Duration: 4 days
Price: 124 usd
Length: 40 km

Yasynia - Dragobrat - Mount Blyznytsia - Yasynia

Price includes:
  • nutrition according to the programm (except breakfast of the first day and dinner of the last one)
  • transfer of equipment from the railway station in Yasynia to Dragobrat and back
  • guidance of instructors
  • accomodation
  • common equipment for climbing (ropes, first aid kit)
  • insurance
Additional payments required:
Tour scenario:

Day 1

  • meeting at the railway station in Yasynia. How to get to the tour?
  • break for breakfast. Common self-serviced snacks like sandwiches, varenyks, bacon, tea and so on. Participants prepare it in advance.
  • transfer by car to Dragobrat. 
  • accomodation, snack-lunch
  • training in the snow, search of the injured in the snow with the help of a snow probe (a probe), an avalanche beeper
  • after returning to the station the dinner will be already waiting for us (about 18:00)
  • theoretic study about knots, trekking technics and types of anchors
  • evening tea

Day 2

  • 8:00 breakfast
  • training climbing
  • the snack-lunch by the way
  • climbing with the crampons, training with the conjunction, exercises with ice axe, lay-out of anchors
  • dinner
  • theoretical studies about the equipment for climbing, appropriate clothes, avalanche, rescuing technics
  • evening tea

Day 3

  • 8:00 breakfast
  • climbing Blyznytsia
  • snack-lunch by the way
  • studies on terrain orientation and usage of modern navigational equipment and software
  • supper
  • spare time, games, singing

Day 4 

  • 9:00 breakfast
  • transfer by car from Dragbrat 
  • snack-lunch
  • arriving to the raiway station in Yasynia. How to get back home?
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