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Gorgan Citadel

The most rocky place of the Carpathian peaks is the mountain range Gorgany. True citadel, true protection of the mountain range with stone slopes. During World War I, the Legions of the Polish Army stretched here, which left behind the history of the heroic defense of the local vicinities. You will feel the spirit of the warrior, forget about civilization, and you will enjoy the full freedom of the mountains.

What adds a ginger flavour to the tour is:

  • Legions Pass with its dramatic and heroic history and remnants of defensive line of I world war;

  • stone fields and alpine pine thickets on the mountain ranges Tavpishyrka and Syvulya;

  • Syvulya Mountain (1836 m), the highest peak of Gorgany massif;

  • sources of the river Bystrytsya Nadvirnyanska located on the mountain valley of Ruschyna;

  • herds of horses resembling wild mustangs that graze on the Carpathian mountain valleys.

seasonality: may - sep
Duration: 4 days
Price: 99 usd
Length: 50 km


Bystrytsya Village - the Rafailovets River - Ligions Pass - the Tavpishyrka Range - Syvulya Mountain - Lopushanka Mountain - Igrovets Mountain - Stara Guta

Price includes:
  • guide service

  • catering according to the tour program

  • tent and general equipment

  • transfers according to the tour program

  • insurance

Additional payments required:
Tour scenario:

day 1

  • meeting at the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk. How to get to the tour?

  • transfer to the village of Bystrytsya

  • light snack, preparation for the trip

  • hiking route: Bystrytsya Village  – Rafailovets River – Legions Pass, 11 km

  • lunch-snack

  • encamping and dinner

day 2

  • breakfast

  • hiking route: Legions Pass – Tavpishyrka Range  – Ruschyna mountain valley, 14 km

  • lunch-snack

  • encamping and dinner

day 3

  • breakfast

  • hiking route: Ruschyna mountain valley - Lopushanka Mountain - Igrovets Mountain, 15 km

  • lunch-snack

  • encamping and dinner

day 4

  • breakfast

  • hiking route: Serednya Village - village  Stara Guta, 12 km

  • lunch-snack

  • transfer to Ivano-Frankivsk

  • going home. How to get back home?


!!! The organizers reserve the right to
make changes in the program according to the circumstances!!!

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