Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Cheremosh Rafting

Rafting on the Cheremosh River can be defined as an extreme and safe type of leisure in the Carpathians. During rafting you will repeatedly overcome the most difficult rapids of the Black Cheremosh, learn how to row on a catamaran and raft, and properly overcome water obstacles.
While water rising boat is swiftly carried by a turbulent stream. Frothy waves cover your head, raft swings over high propeller shafts. Rafting charges, and even in wet diving suit you will feel eagerness to raft again and again on the rapids.

The main advantages and peculiarities of rafting with Tourclub:

  • complexity of rafting routes increases gradually: training alloys help beginners  to adapt to catamaran, and more experienced tourists recall forgotten after winter skills;

  • those who are already acquainted with the Cheremosh River could always find something new for explosion of emotions: training and rafting on inflatable kayaks, kayaking basics, overkeel;

  • healthy meals: three hot meals (soups, meats, salads, side dishes); during climbing the mountain (on top) - hot tea and sandwiches;

  • comfortable moving vans along the river;

  • weather always works in our favor: it is sunny – great; it is rainy - the water rises and you’ll get  additional amount of emotion and adrenaline;

  • comfortable rafting camp, evening campfire with games and entertainment, morning exercises, sauna.

Rafting on the Cheremorsh River is the best vacation for those who want to get a full set of emotions and adrenaline blast!

+ Short one-day rafring-tours for those who travel at the Carpathians.