Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Menu in Daraba "Tasty"

There is a dining room in the rafting camp Rada Daraba, where we try to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. Each meal includes hot meals: soup, borsch or garnir with meat, as well as salad, tea, cookies.

If you are vegetarian, please inform us in advance, we will prepare vegetarian dishes for you.

You can also order dishes from extra meals.

1 day


  • cottage cheese with fruits and dried fruits
    bread, butter, hard cheese
    cocoa with cookies
    curd with fruits and dried fruits 
  • bread, butter, cheese
  • cocoa with cookies


  • green borsch with sour cream
  • pasta 
  • pickled cucumbers
  • herbal tea with cookies


  • boiled potatoes with meat sauce
  • sauerkraut
  • compote with dried apple and hipster

2 day


  • banush with cheese and bacon
  • salad with fresh cabbage and corn
  • black tea with lemon and biscuits


  • borsch with sour cream
  • rice with vegetables and meat
  • salad with carrot by korean
  • tea with cookies


  • vegetable rago with meat
  • pickled cucumbers
  • compote from dried fruit and biscuits

3 day


  • chicken shin
  • salad with radish, curd, eggs and sour cream
  • coffee with cookies

lunch-snack in the mountains

  • bread, fat, homemade meat paste, cheese
  • Kozinaki \ Halva \ Candies \ Chocolate
  • black tea with lemon
  • apples


  • potatoes with mushrooms
  • pickled pepper
  • uzvar with cookies

4 day


  • pasta with curd, cheese and sour cream
  • sliced fresh vegetables
  • lime tea with cookies


  • mushroom-cheese soup
  • buckwheat with chop
  • beet Salad
  • green tea with biscuits

Drinking alcohol during an active part of the tour is forbidden!

Drinking alcohol is allowed only in the evenings, in case if participant will be in a good shape in the morning.

Participant in the state of alcohol intoxication can be left in the nearest suitable for departure place.

Departure expenses (for example, transfer to the nearest regional center) for participant are not compensated.

Tour cost won't be returned.