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History and achievements

Tourclub was founded in 1967 within the system of Regional Council in tourism and excursions as a public tourism organisation.
As a commercial structure Tourcub began to function in 1990. Its first steps were made in the field of abroad trips, reception of foreign tourists in Ukraine, and outdoor activities.

Nowadays we possess a great accumulating experience in reception of foreign tourists from Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, and other countries. We offered both standard tours with accommodation in hotels or tourist camps and outdoor active programs.

Tourclub team had enough time to succeed in a great number of highly complicated trips. Among conquered territories are: trekking (Altai, Polar Ural, Taimyr, Kolsky Peninsula, the West Tian Shan Mountains, the Sayan Mountains, Transbaikalia (Kodar, Upper Angarsky range), Yakutia (Suntar-Khayata Range); climbing (Central and Western Caucasus, Pamir-Alai, Central Tian Shan, Altai); rafting (Karelia, Sayan Mountains, Kamchatka, Northern Urals).

During these trips except sport achievements we also gained information on little-known areas, discovered and passed for the first time series of passes in Kodar, Verhnoanharsky Range, Shapshal. Therefore, on the tourist maps appeared such passes as Galician, of Ternopil tourists, Ternopil, Kurbas (Verhnoanharsky range), 50 years of liberation, and others.
In 1984 and 1986 Tourclub team won the first prize in the championships of Ukraine in the trips with the highest class of difficulty.
Tourclub teams repeatedly won the main awards in Republic and All-Union Hiking and Pass Hopping Competitions.
Qualified sports tourists allowed organizing for the foreigners the following routes: hiking – in the Carpathians, Crimea, and Altai; rafting – on the Dniester and Cheremosh; cave – within Ternopil Region, Crimea, Turkmenistan, and Pamir-Alai.

In spring 2005 Outdoor Activities Department started working within Tourclub, a fresh, active, and dynamic team, developing in accordance with requirements of nowadays. Our first challenges were tours in the caves of Podillya area, rafting on the Dniester and white water rafting on the Cheremosh. A brand-new era of new trips, competitions, and achievements began.

Our achievements:

  • rafting on lowland and mountain rivers of Ukraine (the Dniester, Seret, Southern Buh, Strypa, Zolota Lypa, White and Black Cheremosh, Prut, Black Tysa, Svicha, Mizunka, small Carpathian rivers) – the 3rd difficulty class at most;
  • rafting outside Ukraine (mountain rivers of Altai and Caucasus), rafting on the Kola Peninsula – the 4th difficulty class at most;
  • brief and long-lasting trekking (all year round) tours in the Ukrainian Carpathians – the 3rd difficulty class at most;
  • cycling trips: Ukraine (Carpathians, Crimea, Western Ukraine), Poland, the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, deserts of Kazakhstan – the 5th difficulty class at most;
  • multiday ski trips in the Carpathians and beyond the Arctic Circle – the Kola Peninsula – the 5th difficulty class at most;
  • mountaineering in the Caucasus Mountains – the 3rd difficulty class at most;
  • expeditions to the caves of Podillya (Mlynky, Blue Lakes, Optimistic, Uhryn’);
  • organization of multiday nomadic eco camps on the Dniester “Chumakuvannya on the Dniester” with a great number of participants (sometimes 100 persons);
  • organization of various eco actions;
  • organization of traditional aquatic competitions in Ternopil “Water: first step”;
  • Tourclub team repeatedly became winner of Ukrainian Water Tourism Competitions: Cup of Ukraine on the Svicha – Mizunka and Southern Buh, Championships on the Black Cheremosh (1st place in the class of four-man inflatable catamarans and 2nd place in the class of double kayaks on the Ukrainian Championship “Black Cheremosh - 2007”, 2nd place in the class of four-man catamarans on Cup of Ukraine “Carpathian Rally - 2009”; 2nd place in the class of four-man inflatable catamarans, 1st place in the class of double inflatable catamarans (female crew) and 3rd team place on Ukrainian Championship “Black Cheremosh - 2009”, 2nd place in the class of double kayaks on Ukrainian Championship “Black Cheremosh - 2010”).

Range of services

Tourclub concentrates on two main lines.

The first can be defined as promotion of sports and health tourism (tourist competitions, trips, expeditions, consulting, hands-on assistance for public tourist clubs and sections).

The second is providing paid tourist services, namely organization of various tours.
Priority area is outdoor activities. Today we offer regular trips: rafting on the Dniester, rafting on the Cheremosh, trekking in the Carpathians, and cave tours. Besides we arrange cycling, ski, combined tours, coach tours to the Carpathians, Black Sea coast, various coach excursions and weekend tours within Ternopil Region and Western Ukraine.


We had experience of managing corporative rafting (80 – 100 persons) and trekking (30 – 60 persons) tours.

We use exceptionally modern high quality equipment of well-known manufactures.

In 2008 we presented Our Speleohouse, a tourist hostel nearby Mlynky Cave.

A notable achievement of Tourclub is a team of high-skilled instructors. Tour leaders, commonly, have experience of sports trips of ІІІ – IV difficulty class (6th is the highest).

Tourclub team regularly takes part in miscellaneous competitions, and regular becomes a prize taker in Ukrainian Water Tourism Championship. Sports trips in Ukraine and abroad for advanced training of instructors and quality improvement of tours are taken place on a regular basis.

Successful functioning in different areas of outdoor activities, convenient location, and young team, our own transport and hostel allow us set low prices remaining the same high quality of the tours.

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