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Rafting on baidarkas on the Cheremosh river

Rafting all summer long

Inflatable baidarkas allow you to raft on the Cheremosh all summer and have no less fun than rafting on high spring water. It has long been thought that rafting on the Cheremosh is only possible in the spring, when it rains and snows in the mountains. Fortunately, the progressive tourism society has proven this point of view to be false. And the main role in this is played by inflatable baidarkas. These magnificent boats endure numerous collisions with stones, forgiving the gross mistakes of inexperienced sailors, do not roll and are simply easy to operate.

на байдарках по Черемошу

Scheme of rafting depending on the water level

As tourists' safety and health issues are a priority, rafting on baidarkas on the Cheremosh vary depending on the water level in the river.

Low water
It can be observed most of the summer. The water is clear and transparent.
Baidarkas rafting is organized after training on Dzembronia rapid. Training lasts 20-30 minutes, includes water exercises and detailed instruction on rowing technique, rules for overcoming obstacles on a baidarka, technique of self-rafting.

сплав на байдарках

Medium water
It is observed in the spring and also in the summer after heavy rains. The water level rises by 20-80 cm; dirty water; small debris floats in the river. Rafting on baidarkas can be performed in 2 ways:
1) with a boat instructor;
2) by experienced participants, subject to the following conditions:
- passage of the rafting route on catamarans and rafts — 2 times;
- successful training on a baidarka on Dzembronia rapid under the supervision of the instructor. The success of the training is evaluated by the instructor after the demonstration by the participants of the basic techniques of baidarka management on the rapid. 

сплав по Черемошу на байдарках

High water
It is observed after heavy long rains. The water level rises by 80-100 cm; logs and stumps can float along the river; the water is very dirty, full of soil.
In such circumstances, rafting on a baidarka is not organized. Rafting is performed on rafts and catamarans. 

байдарки на Черемоші


Booking of rafting on baidarkas

The probability of rafting on baidarkas depends on the water level. When booking rafting, the manager reports the predicted water level and, accordingly, the possibility of rafting on baidarkas. But be prepared for the fact that the water level can rise quickly (after prolonged heavy rainfall), and rafting on baidarkas will not be organized. In general, when rafting on baidarkas are closed, raft and catamaran  operating promise a sea of adrenaline. Unfortunately, this happens not as often as we would like.


Modern inflatable baidarkas

Modern inflatable baidarkas are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride or tent cloth), which is extremely resistant to abrasions and punctures. At the same time, PVC withstands considerable pressure, allowing the inflatable baidark to keep its shape.
For rafting on the Cheremosh, we use double, triple and single (kayaks) baidarkas belonging to the class of self-draining boats. The term "self-draining" means that there are holes in the bottom through which water flows into the baidarka from the top. Thus, the baidarka is practically impossible to drown while it is inflated. It is easy to get out of such a baidarka when rolling, as you just have to straighten your legs and you are already free. At the same time, the baidarka, like any inflatable structure, can burst as a result of overheating in the sun when the air heated inside the baidarka expands. To avoid this, you can water the baidarka or release pressure during breaks in sunny weather.  


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Rafting booking (must be booked in advance):

+38 096 212 40 71
+38 093 748 59 01

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