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Scedule for a year 2016 with Tourclub

This scedule will help you to make your own plan for a year, to map out rafting and trekking, will prompt the data of trips abroad, or those need preparation in advance, likea floating for a week or a trip to Georgia.

(Pay attention! All the prices on our website correspond to 2015 season and will be recalculated few months before the beginning of the tours.)




- month of joyful winter holidays

New Year tours – celebrate New Year together with us in the mountains, with skiing or in the caves. Holidays tour are not only for a New Year, we invite you to celebrate Christmas and the Old New Year as well!

Mountains and ski – the second part of January is not so popular within tourists, but if you choose it – go skiing!
Caves – every weekend we are glad to see you in Mlynki cave, and for long winter vacations, there is a program Vacations in the caves
Horse riding tours – in winter horses has less work on the fields, so they will enjoy riding in a fabulous winter forest as well as you.



- the most snowy month

Alpinistic seminar – 4 days of training with ropes on the snow and ice climbing Hoverla. A tour will be especially useful for those, who are going to climb Kazbek (Georgia) in September and Mont Blanc (France) in June - in February, the biggest snow level, so the best practice!

Mountains and ski – in February it is always much snow, that’s why you can both go skiing or go to a real ski trekking tour. You may count on good snow on every ski resort.
Caves – we still wait for you every weekend in Mlynki, and also offer to visit the Atlantis cave and the Optimistic cave
Horse riding tours – two days on the fresh frosty air – is the best cure of all the colds.


- opening of new hot horizons 

BikeAntalia – 10 days long bike tour to the Antalia (Turkey), we will ride through the mountains and valleys over  the warm Mediterranean Sea.
At the same time trekking tour  by the Lycian trail will be held - with a backpack on shoulders under a gentle sun.

In March we continue our regularly trips to different caves and the horse riding.

For the  8 of March we invite you to skiing, to the mountains, toe the caves or horse riding – all the opportunities to celebrate the holiday. 
He did not have time to go to Alpinistic seminar  in February - csn catch up in the last race on March 8.



Water season opening!

Rivers Svicha and Mizunka – rafting take place on the first weekend of April or on the last one of March – it depends on water level – a tour is held once a year!

Expectance of high water level: 

Rafting on White Cheremosh and Prut – those tours are held only in April, till the water is high. 
Rafting on the Black Cheremosh – there we do rafting all the season, but in April the water is really cool!

New! Rafting on the South Buh on a very high water - will be fun!

In April we continue our regularly trips to different caves and the horse riding. 


- spring in full swing 

At the beginning of the May we invite you to the Tours for Mays’ holidays:
- Rafting-camp on the Cheremosh river operates steadily since the end of April till the middle of May with every day arrivals  
- the first spring Trekking in the Carpathians for 4 days or Rafting + Trekking for 8 days
- the first for the season floating by the Dniester river. 

Easter this year will 1-3.05.2016, so come on rafting.

For every weekend in May we offer:

Rafting on the Black Cheremosh – May is the best time for rafting – it’s warm enough, but the water is still high. 
Caves – season for caves last for a year, but with the beginning of summer activities, amount of visitors decrease. So, tours in caves in summer are held mostly for holidays.
Horse riding tours – for horse riding May is the best period – it’s not too hot and less insects still (they are real curse for horses)/ That’s why in summer those tour are held only for holiday’s time.

At the end of May we usually have e week of good weather, which we spend in the first 6-days long trekking to the Chornohora .

Hiking in Romania + climbing the Moldoveana - high and mysterious Romanian Carpathians, Transylvania with castles and fortresses  - all that in 9 days (26.05-03.06.2016).  



The ascent of Mont Blanc (France), Zugspitze (Germany) and the Grossglockner (Austria) - 14-day journey by minibus of Touriclub, climbing the most famous peaks in Europe. In 2016 - the group has already been formed, no places. We accept requests for summer 2017.

- time for corporate and holidays tours 

In June we have two holiday’s weekends – for the Holy Trinity day 18-20.06.2016 and for the Day ofConstitution 28.06.2016, for that time we prepare sets of 3-days programs with all the types of activities. 

June is a time of corporate events – so if you have a company of 15-100 persons, come to enjoy best recreation on the Cheremosh and Dniester rivers,  in the caves or in the mountains.

Regularly in June:
Rafting on the Black Cheremosh – 2-4-days tours with multiple rafting by Cheremosh rapids and trekking to the mountains. If you like it – stay for longer. 
Floating by the Dniester river – in June mostly 2-3-days floating are ordered, so for a ling floating there won’t be a numerous groups (for someone it is a “minus”, but for someone it is a big “plus” – it’s up to you).
Floating by the Zbruch river – if you have already been on Dniester, then come on Zbruch – it is a picruresque dynamic river with wild thickets, ruins of fortresses and even some small rapids + the Atlantis cave. 
Trekking to the mountains – in June longer trekking for 3-4 days will be relevant, for example, to Svydovets or Gorgany regions. 

For the holiday weekends we also invite you to the Bike toursFloating by the Southern Buh,  Tours to the caves and Horse riding tours.


- time for vacations and long tours 

Regularly in July:
Floating by Dniester - it is the best river for long floating, it has enough length for 5, 7 and even 11 days of floating and each new day will be unlike the previous one – there is a land of picturesque nature, interesting historical objects, of harmony and peace.
Floating by the Southern Buh  - on that river the floating also can last for more than a week, along with forests, fields and blocks of granite – a week will pass quickly.
Rafting by Black Cheremosh – in summer you may come to the Carpathians for a few days, to live in our tent-camp, to hike to the mountains, to enjoy the views, to observe the waterfalls and for the end – a several times do rafting by Cheremosh river. Water level in summer is not as high as in spring, but you may swim as well and it is the best recreation for summer.
Trekking to the mountains – July and August is the best period for long trekking. We offer the choice of^ the most popular and a little crowded Chornohora, rocky and lost away from human eyes Gorgany chain, border mountains similar to Romanian Maramarosy chain. 

The novelties:
Hike in Bulgaria, Pirin region - a rocky, lake magic. The high marble top, unusually many deep and pure mountain lakes and waterfalls. You expect extreme ups with handrail mountain Vihren (2914 m) and Kutelo (2908 m). Duration of hike: 4 days.

Children's rafting - 5 day rafting on the Dniester for children above 5 years old and adults, fun games and funny competitions, sightseeing tours, educators and animator - a sort of children's camp on the water.



- time for unique tours 

In August all the regularly tour will be held as well as in July, but some unique tours, held once year, also will take place:
Rafting – Trekking – Jeeping – the program encompasses all the most interesting activities in Carpathians: rafting by Cheremosh, climbing to the Hoverla and Pip Ivan (mountains of more than 2000 m high), jeeping to the meadows to visit shepherds next to the Romania’s boarder.
Carpathian Marathon – the longest trekking tour lasts for 10 days, the rout goes by Gorgany and Chornohora chains. The tour is only for tough ones.

The ending of the summer we’ll celebrate during the long holiday’s weekend dedicated to the Independence Day 22-24.08.2015, which we spend in the mountains, on the floating or in the caves.


- finishing the summer tours and beginning of caves season 

The weather allows us to held a few more Floatings on Dniester,
Frequency of rains in the Carpathians will increase the water level and Rafting on Cheremosh will become more exciting,
Not so hot sun will make Horse riding tours.

The main event is Opening of Caves season – with the beginning of the school year the amount of visitors in caves increase greatly. 

Tours to Georgia – rafting, trekking, climbing Kazbek and observing sights of Georgia – is traditionally held in September. .


October and November

- months of cave excursions  and horse riding tours 

With the deteriorating weather we invite you every weekend to Mlynky cave, there the temperature and the humadity is stable, crystal glimmer all the year reflecting flashlights and a week after you still feel pain of bruises reminding of cool active excursion.

Also, we provide excursions to the Crystal, Verteba and Optimistic caves, and the Atlantis cave near Kamianets-Podilsky. 

View all the speleo-tours

For pupils and student we have 5-days long programs Vacations in the caves  and  Vacations on the Speleohut.

Horse riding tours  – a few sunny days last is worth to spend in a saddle, establishing relations with those big and friendly animals. 


In early November, welcome back to the summer on the Mediterranean coast and spend a few days of sun and sea :)
VeloAntaliya - 10 days Biking in Antalya, ride through the mountains and valleys of the warm Mediterranean Sea.
Parallel will be hiking the Lycian path - with a backpack on his shoulders in a gentle sun.

In early November, welcome back to the summer on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and spend a few days of sun and sea :)
Bike Tour to Antaliya - 10 days Biking in Antalya, ride through the mountains and valleys of the warm Mediterranean Sea.
At the same time will be hiking on the Lycian path - with a backpack on his shoulders in a gentle sun.


Meanwhile, it’s time to order a  New Year Tour.


- the first and the cheapest ski trips 

Once the first snow falls, it’s time to go skiing. Why?

- the cost of all services in December is lower in three times than in the next winter months (skipass, equipment rent, accommodation) 
- there is no numerous people on the slopes, no long queues to the lifts, no need to evade the collisions with a crowd of other skiers
- Attention! Lack of snow. If the winter is not snowy, there could be not enough snow on the slopes. You’ll need to look the weather forecasts and webcams on the ski resorts, especially on the resorts where no artificial snow is used (like Dragobrat and Slavske). On Bukovel resort it is always enough snow at least artificial), so when the temperature is above zero you may be sure of good skiing. 

In December the cave and horse riding tours are continued.

View the Schedule of the tours on the website.

Have a good year! Travel with us.