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Bike tour to Turkey

Price: 223 $
Duration: 10 days
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Bike tour to Turkey

While in Ukrane it's still cold, in Antalya you can ride a bicycle at full swing. Bike tour in Antalya takes places 2000 km to the south! The oranges are ripened and the sea is getting warm. Antalya is a mountain land along the sea, so it has exciting views, stunning descends, exhausting ascends, antique cities and deep canyons, pure rivers and unbelievable blue Mediterranean sea. You'll see Lycian tombs, more than 3 000 years old, amphitheaters, where people entertain before Christ. Travelling in Turkey by bike, you'll see its inner "not touristic" world, that is much more colorful than its sleek hotels and beaches. We sleep in tents, get to Turkey by bus or by airplane (maintenance of bus with all the baggage).

Turn on the summer 2 months earlier!

Start of the tour near the airport in Antalya.

Tour price - 200 EURO

Include in the price
  • meeting at the airport
  • bus maintenance
  • guide service
  • first aid kit
  • nutrition according the tour program (except of snacks in cafe)
  • general equipment rental
  • insurance
Price not includes
  • food and meals in the cities, snacks
  • additional insurance
  • flights to Antalya and back - 145-180 euro + 40-90 euro - bike (depending on the airline)
  • entrance fees to museums, canyons and other paid areas (about 10 euro)
  • bike rental - 50-60 euro
Day 1

  • meeting at airport in Antalya in the evening 
  • transfer to the city Serik by bus to spend night

Day 2

  • breakfast
  • preparing to the tour, get ready the bikes. We take away things that we need for the day (raincoat, water, camera, documents), leaving the rest till the evening in the bus
  • lunch
  • here the roads are less loaded by cars and locality contributes bike trips. In Аspendos, on request, you can visit amphitheater (~20 lyr), but you can just look the outside, because we will see many similar buildings. You can try the popular local bagels - tulumba. Nearby we also see ancient aqueducts. They are used to water the fields. The oranges are ripened in March, so you can enjoy them straight from the trees. We move through asphalt and dirt roads, rural areas, along the great river Koprulu. We stop for the night in tents on the lawn at the river
  • dinner

Day 3

  • breakfast
  • today we continue to rise up along the Koprulu river. We will enter the country of rafting camps. The road directs in a very picturesque pine forests and increasingly turns to the river. You can arrange a rafting day because the river is quite interesting and turbulent. You should agree about rafting beforehand, because we have to take from Ukraine all the necessary equipment. The cost of the rafing will be about 20 euros
  • lunch (snack)
  • we pass the village Beshkonak and we will reach the beautiful ancient bridge, which is more than two thousand years old. There is a very picturesque canyon, clear springs and waterfalls, in general, very beautiful place here. We spend the night in a tent or in the hotel
  • dinner

Day 4

  • breakfast
  • observation of ancient city Selhe at an altitude of 1250 meters. It is small settlement now, but in the past it was a great ancient city with a strong paved road, amphitheater and other buildings. You can bike on the mountains, or we can move by bus
  • lunch (snack) There aren’t any shops in Selhe, so you should take care about food before. However there are some cafes
  • after examining the impressive ruins of the amphitheate we finally leave the asphalt road and plunge into a simple off-road. We will move through deaf forest by dirt road, sometimes covered with stones to the little village Yeshylvadi. This is technically the most difficult route. At the end there is a descent to the village, overnight in tents. We leave in Selhe «the tourist Turkey» and plunge into the wild, agricultural Turkey. In the civilization we will meet house huts on chicken legs, goats-climbers, tractors, cows and shepherds, rocks, cactuses and other attractions. By the way, the toilet paper is not sold :)
  • dinner

Day 5

  • breakfast
  • day starts with a small ascent, but after an hour we start very long fantastic descent towards Antalya. We will enjoy amazing road between the mountains and fantastic views of snow-capped peaks. Occasionally the villages, rivers appear. We gradually descend into the land of greenhouses and cows. We will go to visit the shepherds and taste local natural cheese (peynir), ayran or maconi. We will descend for more than 1,000 meters during a day
  • lunch (snack)
  • we will continue descent and stop for the night not far from the village Abdurahmanlar. Many villages, busy roads are waiting us in the next day. We will move to another area (FethiyeSaklikent) to continue to get acquainted with the most interesting and unknown places of Antalya
  • dinner

Day 6

  • breakfast
  • moving to the village Ugurlu near Fethiye (about 4 hours). You can optionally go to the excursions in Antalya, examine old market quarters, walk in the park and swim in the Mediterranean Sea
  • lunch (snack)
  • moving to a picturesque an overnight stay near the huge grotto that serves as the entrance to the cave. The cave blows warm air. Nearby there are thermal baths (about 10 lyras). The cave is opened and almost "wild", so you can go into several hundred meters inside
  • dinner

Day 7

  • breakfast
  • there are two interesting places in program of that day. Before lunch we will visit the ancient city Tlos with Lycian tombs, amphitheater and other elements of the infrastructure of the ancient city. The city is located on the mountain, so will be the opportunity to bike actively and pump up the muscles
  • lunch
  • we going on through villages and olive groves to the tourist region - Saklikent Canyon. There are many authentic cafes with stoves and dastarkhans here. Saklikent Canyon – is a narrow pass with high walls, between which turbulent river is flowing. It is cool and cozy place.
  • dinner

Day 8

  • breakfast
  • moving away from the tourist zone to the area of olive groves and greenhouses. The terrain is crossed, so we will move toward the sea. You can pick olives and pickle them. First, they are bitter and you can eat them only after 10 days
  • lunch
  • moving to the sea near the coast. The goats are grazing on the rocks, in the sea you can see giant tortoises, sometimes there are gorgeous lagoon with clear water and rocky bottom. If the weather will be fine, we can swim in the sea. In the coastal cities you can look at luxury yachts and schooners. We will spend the night at the famous Cirali beach, where we will go to look at the natural heat Yanartas (4 lyras). They have been burning directly from the rocks for hundreds of years
  • dinner

Day 9

  • breakfast
  • visit to ruins of the ancient city Olympos in the morning. We will ride on the main road (steep uphill), which gradually goes down to the famous city Kemer, where almost all turks speak Russian without problems, and some even Ukrainian. Goynyuk canyon is waiting for us after Kemer
  • lunch
  • excursion to the canyon on request (about 10-20 lyras)
  • preparation for bike transportation to home
  • farewell dinner in the evening 
  • dinner

Day 10

  • breakfast
  • transfer to airport
  • departure to home

  1. Sleeping set (sleeping bag+sleeping pad) (Rent)
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