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Tour to Georgia: trekking + rafting

Price: 479 $
Duration: 13 days
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Tour to Georgia: trekking + rafting

The tracking in Georgia, rafting on the Rioni – that all you can do during these 13 days.

The tracking takes place at the not high, but picturesque mountain mass.  The passages’ height reaches 3 500 meters. Every day the passing from the one valley to another is realized, the vertical drop can reach 1 000 meters. A grassy nappe is in the valleys, and slide rocks are on the passages and its accessways. In the long view there are steep rocky mountains, covered by snow or by ice from summits.

Rafting on the Rioni has III difficulty category, it requires the experience from rafting on the Black Cheremosh. It can be compared with a Prut under high water.

Between tracking and rafting we will visit Tbilisi, Hori, spelaean city Uplistsikhe, will review the several old mountain fortress and drop in the Prometheus cave. 

Complicated version of the tour  including climbing Kazbek All tours to Georgia



Cost of the tour - $450

Include in the price
  • instructor’s work

  • rent of general equipment for tracking

  • rent of water equipment (boats, paddles, life-jackets, helmets, diving suits)

  • nutrition in the travel conditions (nutrition in the cities (café, restaurants, stores) is individual)

  • internal trips in Georgia by bus

  • living in the tents

Price not includes
  • Flight to Kutaisi and back 

  • Rent of sleeping bag with a carpet, bag

  • Nutrition in the cities (café, restaurants, stores)

  • Entrance tickets: 

spelaean city Uplistsikhe – 3 lari (15 UAH) 
the Prometheus cavern – 6 lari (30 UAH) 
other museums 
staying on the territory of the Okaze canyon.

  • Tiflis sauna (public) – 3 lari (15 UAH/hour)
Day 1

  • meeting in the Kutaisi airport at 2.00 pm. Familiarization with the local food, in menu there are: hinkali, lobiani, khachapuri and other Georgian goodies
  • trip to the village Dzhuta
  • during the trip we’ll make a stop in the village Sno –  review of the one of guardian towers remained from 16-17 century, which were used for alarming about enemies’ attack and for saving of the peaceful citizens.
  • arranging the camp near the settlement Dzhuta on the height over 2200 meters, supper, sleeping.

Day 2

  • breakfast 
  • march through village Dzhuta – meadow under bottom of mountain Northern Chaukhi (12 km, 4-5 hours) 
  • having  dinner-chow during the march
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleeping 

Day 3

  • breakfast
  • march through the meadow under bottom of the mountain Northern Chaukhi  slopes of the mountain Roshka (15 km, 5 hours)
  • having dinner-chow during the march
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleeping.

Day 4

  • breakfast
  • march through the slopes of mountain Roshka – passage Datvis-Dzhvarislehi (25 km, 8 hours)
  • having  dinner-chow during the march
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleeping.

Day 5

  • breakfast 
  • march through the passage Datvis-Dzhvarislehi – Andaki (15 km, 4-5 hours) 
  • having dinner-chow during the march 
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleepin

Day 6

  • breakfast
  • Andaki – passage Barbalo near the lake (15 km, 4-5 hours)
  • having dinner-chow during the march
  • at the wish: the radial march in the mountain settlement Mutso, review of Hevsurets fortress (7 km)
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleeping

Day 7

  • breakfast
  • march through the passage Barbalo – valley of the river Alazan (20 km, 6 hours)
  • having dinner-chow during the march
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleeping

Day 8

  • breakfast 
  • valley Alazani – Dzhokolo (25 km, 7 hours) 
  • having dinner during the march 
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleeping 

Day 9

  • breakfast
  • trip in the region of rafting, during the road we’ll make a stop for the review of the interesting historical places:
  • walk through Tbilisi – in the centre of the town the Old city is spread, where the narrow streets with a 2-3-floor houses ,which have a galleries and wooden balconies, are kept, and in short distance from it there are ultramodern glass bridge over the river and square with a dancing fountains.
  • Gori city is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, most known as the place where Stalin was born (there is a Stalin museum in the city). Also the old fortress Goristsykhe of the 12th century rises over the city.
  • spelean city Uplistsykhe is one of the first cities in Georgia, hewed in a rock above the river Kura. The city arose in the end of II – in the beginning of I millenniums BC, outlasted the several rises and falls, and were finally left in the 19th century. In the period of its growing, Uplistsykhe counted about 700 caverns and spelaen structures, 150 of them have kept till this time.
  • the water storage Shaori is a high-mountain water storage with a length about 7 km, it is located on the height of 1132 meters. It’s possible to bath and try to catch a fish here.
  • arranging the camp in the region of a settlement Utsera, sleeping.

Day 10

  • breakfast 
  • preparing for the rafting, repacking, compilation of the boats 
  • dinner-chow 
  • float through the village Utsera – Oni city, 15 km 
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleeping.

Day 11

  • breakfast, assembling the camp 
  • preparing for the rafting 
  • float through Oni village – Abrolauri village, 30 km 
  • passing through two canyons with a rapids of the 3-4 difficulty level 
  • float finishing 
  • having dinner-chow during the rafting 
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleeping 

День 12

  • breakfast 
  • trip to the region of the Prometheus cave 
  • dinner-chow 
  • excursion to the Prometheus cavern – the cavern impresses not only with a dimensions of the halls and galleries, but with an unbelievable number of limestone formations – stalactites, chatoyant curtains, massive columns and others. But the most effect for the cave is given by multicolored perspective lighting, which gives the possibility to estimate all greatness of the underground beauty 
  • arranging the camp, supper, sleeping

Day 13

  • breakfast, assembling the camp
  • trip to the Kutaisi airport
  • at 13.50 flight back home

Clothes and boots:
  1. Summer trekking shoes
  2. Bandana/buff
  3. Warm gloves
  4. Sweater
  5. Warm sweater
  1. Personal dishes: metal or plastic (so that it does not crash) plate, spoon, mug
  2. Flashlight
  3. Knife
  4. Lighter
  5. Sleeping set (sleeping bag+sleeping pad) (Rent)
  6. Backpack main (Rent)
  7. Gaiters (Rent)
  8. Thermos
  9. Trekking poles
  1. Sunblock cream
  2. Hygiene products: toothbrush, paste, towel
  3. Hygienic lipstick
  4. Passport
  5. Personal first-aid kit
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