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Tours for 2015 New Year

What is the New Year consists of: special dishes and kind movie about miracles, a fir tree and champagne, greeting cards and party... This year we propose to compose your New Year of: snow-capped mountains, crispy snow under the skis, real fir trees in the forest (decorated with cones and squirrels), frosty wind in your face on the fast downhill, winter landscapes of the Carpathians... The cozy homestead or extreme in a tent - choose what suits for you. Merry celebration among the mountains or deep in the caves - it's up to you.          

Ski tours for 2015 New Year 

tour: New Year ski week in the Carpathians 

A whole week of unbelievable recreation in the Carpathian mountains: ski on Bukovel, walk to the mountain, winter trekking to the highest peak of Ukraine Hoverla, excursion to the Zhenetsky waterfall - bound with ice, horse riding and the most interesting - joyful New Year celebration on the forest lawn. Accommodation at the comfortable cottage in rooms per 2-3 persons.

data: 29.12-04.01.2015 // 4-10.01.2015
cost: 370 $

tour: Hoverla - Bukovel - Dragobrat (comfort) 

Celebrate the New Year 2015 in the Carpathians with bonfire, fun and fireworks. Try as more as it's posible of mountains' entertainment in 5 days: walk to the mountains and treking to the Hoverla, skiing on the two min Carpathian ski resorts - Bukovel and Dragobrat. Feel the taste of winter holidays in the Carpathians. 

Comfortable vearsion: accommodation in the cottage, rooms per 2-3 persons with single or double beds.

data: 31.12-04.01.2015 // 7-11.01.2015
cost: 330 $

New Year in the Carpathians: trekking and cross-country skiing

tour: Wild New Year at the foot of Petros mountain 

A "wild" New Year on Chornohora will provide you with extraordinary impressions about new year night. If you desire to see a real mountain' winter, to wander on snowy trails with wind and snowstorm, to feel the weight of a backpack on your shoulders, to conquer the mighty Petros; lack of ski experience won't prevent you from 4-days long New Year tour to Petros. Accommodation in tourist hostel on the mountain slope: rooms per 8-10 person, furnace heating, overnight in the sleeping bag.    

data: 31.12-03.01.2015 // 8-11.01.2015
cost: 110 $

tour: New Year ski trip to Kukul 

For experienced travelers only - ski trip through the mountain ranges Kukul and Kostrycha: overnights in tents, long passages on skis, difficult physical activity - it is all offset by incredible views of snowy mountain peaks and New Year 2015 celebration in the very heart of the Carpathians.     

Attention! To participate in ski trip you must have a good physical fitness and experience of long trekking tours. 

data: 31.12-03.01.2015 // 8-11.01.2015
cost: 80 $


New Year in the Mlynki cave

Celebrate New Year at a depth of 30 m below ground :) 

tour: Mlynki and Uhryn for New Year 

The most unusual celebration will held place underground, in Mlynki cave. 3 days of recreation in Speleohut, excursions to the Mlynki cave with classic routs + special excursion, excursion to the Uhryn maze, and New Year celebration deep underground!       

data: 31.12-02.01.2015 // 6-9.01.2015
cost: 75 $

Attention! Considering the unstable exchange rate, the cost of the tours is fixed in US dollars due to the rate at the end of August 2014.

In case of change of the rate more then 10% the cost in UAH will be recalculated at the new rate.