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Our Speleohouse (Excursions to Mlynky Cave)


Speleohouse is a comfortable facility for Mlynky Cave tours. The hut has three rooms, adapted to receive certain groups of tourists (two for 14 people and one for 6 people), and a large dining room. Our guests also have a possibility to take a shower and use "an indoor toilet". Pictures and description of each room you can find at Accommodation in Speleohouse.

Services and prices

Actually all services should be ordered in advance (no later than 5 days before the trip). Minimal group - 5 persons.
Complex tour to Mlynky"Crazy Weekend" (accommodation, nutrition, excursion, rent)

Basic list of services
Mlynky cave excursion (~2,5 hours) 200 UAH/person
Overall rental  (for 1 excursion) 50 UAH/person
Head flashlight rental (for 1 excursion) 50 UAH/person
Knee pads rental (for 1 excursion) 20 UAH/person
Accommodation in Speleohouse on weekend check in from 9:00 and check out at 14:00 120 UAH/person/night
Superior Room with Cotton Mattresses (10 Seats) 150 UAH/person/night
Stay in Speleohous during the day without overnight stay 50 UAH/person
Insurance 30 UAH/person/day
Additional cave services:  
Long excursion to the Mlynky cave (4-5 hours) 300 UAH/person
Sport  type excursion in Mlynky cave "Sonder route" (~3 hours) 250 UAH/person
Uhrynska Cave tour (~2 hours) 150 UAH/person
Additional offers:  
Sleeping bag with an inset rental 50 UAH/person/night
Catering: - breakfast 90 UAH/person
               - lunch with additional meal 150 UAH/person
               - dinner 100 UAH/person/person
               - 5 meals per weekend 460 UAH/person
Firewood for barbecue 50 UAH
Shower  40 UAH
Land quest in Mlynky   
Transfer from Chortkiv to Mlynky (1-8 persons) 500-600 UAH
Other caves and excursions:  
Trip to Dzhuryn Waterfall (to 8 persons)  500 UAH/group
Transfer to Dzhuryn Waterfall (to 8 persons) 1800 UAH/group
Sightseeing tour round Chortkiv (guide service, 1.5 hours) 500 UAH

Atlantyda Cave tour (include rent of suit and flashlight)

  • route Basic (~2-2,5 hours)
  • route Detailed (~3 hours)
  • route Maximal (~4 hours)

300 UAH/person
350 UAH/person
500 UAH/person

Transfer to Atlantyda Cave and back (to persons) 3000 UAH
Verteba Cave tour, minimal order 300 UAH~2 hours 30 UAH/person
Transportation to Verteba Cave and back (to 8 persons) 1600 UAH

Optymistychna Cave tour (minimal 10 person). Additional rent payment:

  • helmet with flashlight - 50 UAH
  • suit - 100 UAH
  • shoes - 40 UAH
  • glows - 10 UAH



1500 UAH/ 2 hours

2000 UAH/ 3 hours

3000 UAH/ 5-6 hours

6000 UAH/ 6-8 hours

Transfer to Optymistychna Cave and back (to 8 persons) 2000 UAH

Discount for excursions and accommodation: every tenth participant is free of charge

*Discounts are not summed

** In the period of December, 31 to January, 3 holiday rates are valid: price for all services increases by 30%.

How to get to Mlynky Cave

Speleohouse is located in Zalissya village of Chortkiv district of Ternopil region. Pay attention please, there are few villages Zalissya in Ternopil region, so you can look for the neighbour village Shmankivchyky.
If you go by car from Chortkiv in the Kamyanets-Podilsky side, then you need to turn right in the Shmankivchyky (9 km from Chortkiv) on the gravel road to the Zalissya side.

If you plan to get by train: the nearest stations: Chortkiv ~ 20 km, Ternopil ~ 100 km, Kamyanets-Podilskyi ~ 100 km. Then you can get to Speleohous by rented minibus or taxi (you can order from us).

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