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Sonder route in Mlynky Cave

Sonder route is a cave tour of increased complexity and danger in classical areas of Mlynky Cave. The route includes difficult, narrow and dread passages in a rapid tempo. You will be surely exhausted, covered with bruises and streaming with perspiration. Injuries are quite possible.

Optimum number of participants: 3 – 5 persons.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: price page

wild cave tour in Mlynky
sonder route in Mlynky Cave
Mlynky cave
Be careful! Don't lose your head!

Sonder route is the best choice for those who admire Mlynky for its intricate, narrow passages and other gingers. The route pass classical routes but, for example, 2 – 3 meters high in a narrow thrust. Passage “Upper Ushba”, “Tsar Bell”, stunning height of the hall “Kruhozir” (Outlook), very long thrust “Husenytsi” (Caterpillars), numerous flayers of Central district and various interesting passages and obstacles challenge you.

However, you should remember that this tour also means a high level of danger and risk of being injured.

It is required:

  • excellent physical form;
  • having no difficulties in overcoming at least 3 different cave routes directly before the Sonder tour (acclimatization is necessary). Final decision on the possibility of participation in Sonder route is up to our guide who accompanied the group in at least 2 excursions.

The route can be altered in the process depending on abilities of the group. And even if your route was shortened, don’t be upset, since no a single group have managed to overcome the route for 3 hours.

After successful (within 3 hours) passing of Sonder route all participants receive badge "Made Sonder through".

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thrusts in Mlynky cave
Mlynky Cave

Thrusts along Sonder route in Mlynky Cave. Upper Ushba

Mlynky cave

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