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New Year Days-off in Mlynky + Uhryn, 3 days

Price: 71 $
Duration: 3 days
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New Year Days-off in Mlynky + Uhryn, 3 days

Two day of dynamic excursions in the Mlynky cavern, good bonus - excursion by non-standard rout, and going out to the Uhryn cavern on the third day. Funny and budgetery version of speleo rest on 3-day holidays.

There will not overview or slo excursions, removals to another cave or unnecessary wasting of time - only cavern, only hardcore.

Include in the price
  • 5 excursions in caves

  • head flashlight and overall rental

  • accommodation in Speleohouse (with shower)

  • catering (accept supper on the 3-rd day)

Price not includes
  • transfer from Chortkiv or Ternopil

  • cave souvenirs

Day 1

  • meeting at the hamlet of Mlynky
  • accommodation in Speleohouse
  • breakfast
  • Mlynky Cave trip: Northern district (approx. 3 hours). Route of the 1st level of complexity "To the north": you’ll learn the grammar of technique of moving in cave and how to make difference between galleries and halls, see crystals and laminate gypsum, overcome one of the narrowest places of the cave “Chortove horlo” (Devil’s throat)
  • dinner
  • Mlynky Cave trip: Eastern district (approx. 3 hours). Route of the 2nd level of complexity "Eastern circle”: this route includes more difficult obstacles, namely passing "Ushba", descending to "Pidoshva" (Sole). You will see spacious halls, one of which is devoted to a world-famous speleologist Norbert Casteret, and marvelous colorful crystals.
  • supper

Day 2

  • breakfast
  • Mlynky Cave trip: Western district (approx. 3 hours). Route of the 3rd level of complexity “To the west”. The main place of interest of this district is hall “Kazka” (Fairy-tale), where you will enjoy extremely beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Also you will see stone "Obelisk", overcome one of the most intricate obstacles of the cave “Children’s thrust” and visit the hall discovered by Belarussian speleologists “Brest”.
  • dinner
  • free time: preparing for the holiday - costumes, masks, new year tree, decorations
  • supper
  • New Year celebrations: games, contests, fireworks
  • New-Year night-excursion:
  • Mlynky cave trip: Central and Eastern district (about 3 hours).It is a rout of fourth dificulty level "Non standard". At last there is the most interesting - excursion through the places, that are not included to the classical routes. Choosing your path it is better to trust to instructor: he, estimating the physical possibilities and wishes of group, will select the most appropriate route. On the non standard excursion there will be difficult thrusts, narrow twisted corridors, the places whre you will crawl and push yourself throu the small cracks, very beautiful cristals, and partially - elements from Sonder-route. As excursion goes throu the regions, which group have alredy visited, You will cross the familiar places, but you will look at them from absolutely strange aspect.
  • supper

Day 3

  • breakfast
  • 3-hour trip into the labyrinth of Uhryn' Cave: the cave is located nearby Mlynky Cave; it begins with a karst funnel branching out with a net of entrance halls. Further the cave is stretched into one long passage forming a circle and returning to the entrance halls. Here you can find multitude of intricate places to overcome which you should concentrate all your motion coordination: narrow horizontal cracks, kind of "press", tangled labyrinths of several tiers, boulders and stone blocks. After this route you'll feel yourself real clay covered caver.
  • dinner
  • free time: shower, walks, buying souvenirs. Additional excursion to Mlynky or Uhryn cave (30 hrn+rental), hourse riding. These services must be booked in advance.
  • optionaly: transfer to Chortkiv or Ternopil after finishing the tour program (till 5-7:00 p.m.) for you to walk within the town center and see Gothic Dominican church of the XVII century, castle of the XVII century and unique wooden churches of the XVI-XVII centuries; and have a supper. Sightseeing tour – 250 hrn/2 hours/group.
  • going home

Clothing and footwear:
  1. Sleeping bag with an inset rental
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