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March 8 tours

We congratulate all women on the occasion of March 8th! 
Let the spring blossom in your hearts!

Spend this festive weekend in the Carpathians. Out in the mountains the level of snow is the highest in March, and  sunny days clearly indicate that spring is coming soon.

March 8 tours

March 06-08, 2016 – Searching for snow - up to Hoverla, 3 days - 75$

 Radial hiking on the Carpathian peaks: mount Dil (1280 m) and the highest peak of Ukraine mount Hoverla (2061 m), and also travel to the meadow Lysa. And more - living in the estate, home cooking and hot sauna.

05-08 of March 2016 - Alpseminar in Carpathians, 4 days - 110$

It is a winter trekking tour during which you can get the basic skills of the climbing on mountains of 1b-2b category of difficulty. The program of tour includes the theoretical and practical lessons in climbing on the summits (Hoverla, Turkul), knotting, using the alpinist equipments, walking in conjunction etc. The accommodation is in the shelter of meteorological station (in the sleeping bags).

March 05-07, 2016 - Weekend in Mlynky + Uhryn, 3 days - 50$

March 05-06 and 07-08, 2016 - Crazy weekend, 2 days - 35$

Tours to caves. Mlynky - is one of the most sporting cave, where during weekend you can go up to 4 different tracks in a row, but it will demand a lot of strength. And for curiosity visit also The Uhryn Cave.