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Tourclub schedule on the season 2017: rafting, trekking, caves

Tourclub schedule 2017 - is a number of active adventures. We describe below our plans and what we would like to realize in the future. This is only a tentative schedule to tours, but it will help you to make your own plan for a year even now.

Pay attention! All the prices on our website correspond to 2016 season, the actual prices for 2017 season will appear after 10th of January

Активний відпочинок


You should start a year actively, moreover variants of leisure are more than enough. January offers:

  • New Year tours – variants of rest for every taste, from a little extreme ski hiking to ski tours and excursions in the caves with accommodation in comfortable hutsul homestead and our Speleohouse.
  • Winter tours in the Carpathians – forecast predicts a a lot of snow this year, so it is necessary to take the opportunity and to see the real Carpathian winter and try active rest. Ski or hiking tours - your personal choice.
  • Excursion to the caves of western Ukraine (Mlynky, Uhryn, Atlantyda), fun speleoquest and holidays for children (Vacation in the caves, Vacation in the Speleohouse).

Лижний похід


Alpinistic seminar (23-26th of February) – the real test by snow and ice. During 4 days participants will check not only their endurance but also will acquire basic skills of using alpinistic equipment. Gained knowledge will be useful in climbing on Kazbek or Mont Blanc.

Mountains and skis - the most current offers of the month. There are plenty of tours: tours (version comfort) lasting 3-5 days including radial climbs to the mountains, skiing tours with accomodation in hutsul homestead and ski hiking tours (version sport) with backpacks and overnight stay in tents.

Excursion to the caves – are popular during the year, so every weekend cave mazes of Mlynky or Uhryn are waiting for you.


In March we will open new horizons. The main events of this month:

  • celebration 8th of March  - tours to all relevant areas: trekking, skiing on the best ski resorts of Ukraine and ski hiking, caves.
  • opening the water season - on March we are going to catch a large water and prepare for rafting on Svicha and Mizunka (tour takes place once a year, previously planned for the last weekend of March). So, look into forecasts.
  • the first foreign tours in this year and we will go to Turkey. The Mediterranean coast is waiting for us.

Bike tour and trekking to Antalya (10-19th of March) – piece of summer for those who have missed the warm sun and foreign travels.



High level of water in the Carpathian rivers in April allows us not only to start the rafting season, but also offers a wide geography routes. So in April we able to offer not only the tours that have already become traditional, but also a new and unique tours:

Easter falls on 15-16th of April, so this is an additional opportunity to rest and to compete with the water. In the holiday dates we offer rafting on Cheremosh and Prut and combined programs with climbing to the mountains.

And traditionally every weekend the cave Mlynky and cozy Speleohouse is waiting for you.


Month starts from weekend, so spring tours help you to organise your rest. 

During the month is actual:

Evidence that spring comes in the Carpathian will be the first hiking tours in Carpathians. We begin the season with trekking tour Spring in the Carpathians, and closer to the end of May, we will plan tour Trekking in the Carpathians: Conquering the highest peaks

Карпати озеро Ворожеска


June will entertain you with additional weekend, so for everyone - St. Trinity tours and tours on Constitution Day - hiking, rafting, white water rafting, caves.

Actual in June:

  • Rafting on the Black Cheremosh – repeated passing the rapids with returning back to camp, hiking to the meadows of the Carpathians.
  • Rafting on the Dniester, Southern Buh, Zbruch, Sluch with excursions to geographic and historical attractions of Ukraine. There are usually 2-4 day rafting on catamarans, rafts and kayaks in June.  
  • Hiking to the Carpathians – Gorgany, Marmorosy, Chornogora, Svydovets. Every route has its own decorations and features, all of them will leave pleasant memories. The June weather opens the season of 4-6 day tours, so time to admire the uniqueness of mountain landscapes.

If you don't want to limit yourself only rest in Ukraine, tours abroad are for you:

  • Trekking to Moldovyanu (1-9th of June) - the highest peak of the Romanian Carpathians.
  • Trekking by Rila chain (17-23th of June) climbing to the highest peak of the Balkans - Musala Mountain. The campaign will require special skills and hiking experience.


Rafting on catamarans and kayaks is the most popular type of rest among tourists in this month. During the month, we we are going to plan regular rafting on the Dniester, Southern Bug, Sluch, Zbruch. Routes of water rafting are passing on the edge of civilization and have their special beauty and individuality. You can travel almost indefinitely, discovering every time a new views.

In July, the first in this year rafting on the Dniester for children will be held, in other words a minicamp on the water under the supervision of teachers. Active entertainment will provide animator. Fun contests and games are guaranteed.

Trekking to the Carpathians is an opportunity to get away from hot summer, asphalt roads and metallic glass offices to primary stone world. Hold your body from informational discharge.

Also in July, we plan to climb to Mont Blanc (12-25th of July) - probably the most famous mountain peak in Europe. The tour is not for beginners, because the route passes through the highest peaks in Europe - Zugspitze and Grossglockner and promises many surprises.

Сплав по Дністрі


August holidays with Tourclub are active tours by checked routes: hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, rafting on Cheremosh, rafting on the Dniester and Southern Bug. Tours in this month are probably the longest, as the holiday season is in a full swing. So, pay attention on Long Dniester and Week on Southern Bug.

Unique tours, which take place once a year:

  • Rafting+Trekking+Jeeping - an active tour, combining rafting on the Black Cheremosh, climbing to Hoverla and Pip Ivan, automotive and off-road journey through meadows to the Romanian border;
  • Carpathian Marathon – 11-days hiking tour for the strongest. The route passes through the highest mountain ranges of the Carpathians - Chornohora and Gorgany.

And at the end of the summer we have holiday offer - tours on Independence Day on the most active directions: caves, hiking, rafting.


In September we offer a range of tours to favorite Georgia:

  • Kazbek + trekking - hiking tour that combines trekking to Caucasus Mountains, visiting historical places and monuments of culture. The most difficult and in the same time the most interesting part of the tour - climbing to Kazbek.
  • Rafting + trekking + Kazbek - This program except of trekking and climbing to Kazbek has another highlight - rafting on the mountain river Rioni.
  • Trekking to Laila in Svaneti - tour for those, who think that Kazbek is too high or difficult. You can get ready for more complex tours and practice with the alps equipment due to this tour. 
  • News for the season 2017 - biking to Georgia

September is also considered as the beginning of the active season of cave exploring. The temperature is decreased and the visitors of the caves are increased. Mlynky, Atlantyda and other interesting caves of Ukraine are waiting for you.

End of season with traditional rafting on Dniester (according the weather). During the rainy weather more interesting will become rafting on the Black Cheremosh.

Печера Млинки


We are going to the sea and mountains country – Turkey again. Tour by bike or on foot - at your discretion. In October, Bike tour in Antalya or Trekking by Lician Way impress you not only by beautiful routes, but also by gentle sun and fresh fruits.

The middle of autumn is a period of speleo tours. Fans of dark mazes and bruises on knees are the most active at that time. Caves are becoming like subways of great city, where the light always is turned on - and in every hall you can find an unfamiliar group of adventurers.

In that period popular tour is Crazy Weekend and chilren's holidays in the caves (Vacation in the caves and Vacation in the Speleohouse).


Snow supporters take out their equipment and bring it to the alert. When the nature gives the first snow to Ukraine, ski tours will open with a small number of visitors and promotional prices. The first ski hiking tours will also start in December by favorable snowy weather.

Tours to the caves are gaining popularity, as in the caves remains all the same temperature, which was in the summer.

On the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays begin the next orders for skiing and hiking, horse riding tours and excursions to the caves. So you should definitely order tour in advance and take care not to stay without bright holiday memories.


Tours schedule 2017 you can see in the section Calendar.

Active tourism with Tourclub in the season 2017 - the variety of tours - from sport hiking to the Carpathians to the classical family holiday - rafting on the Dniester and on the Sluch.