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Summer hiking in the Carpathians (sport)

Sports series includes traditional trekking tours in the Ukrainian Carpathians with backpacks, accommodation in tents, cooking on campfire. These tours take place in summer when Carpathian highlands are getting free from snow. Depending on duration and complexity of the route summer tours demand middle and high level of durability.


  • respite from civilization;
  • moderate physical activities;
  • extraordinary landscapes of the Ukrainian Carpathians;
  • blueberries, mushrooms, hutsul milk and cheese (budz, vurda, bryndza);
  • pleasant company and new friends.

For those who are planning to participate in trekking tours in the Ukrainian Carpathians we recommend to read articles-advisesfrom our leading instructor Volodymyr: “Trekking in the Carpathians: where, when and for whom” and “Duration of Carpathian tours”.