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Vacation in the caves for groups

Price: 76 $
Duration: 5 days
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Vacation in the caves for groups

The joy of this spectecular tour lie not only in what you will discover but in feeling yourself like a real caver. You can have such a unique possibility to discover the Mlynky‚ Verteba‚ Krystalichna and Ugryn caves. On the lovely narrow places you can visit historical and natural monuments of Ternopil region: Dzurynsky waterfall‚ castles‚ churches and walk in the picturesque Chortkiv town. You don’t need to have any previous experience in caving but you can take part in the tour only at your own risk.

Please note: this is tour held only in weekdays for organized groups with more the 15 tourists

Include in the price
  • excursions to the caves

  • head flashlight and overall rental

  • accommodation in Speleohouse with shower

  • catering according to the programme

  • transfer accoarding to the tour program

  • entrance to the territiry of the ”Urochysche Chervone”

Price not includes
Day 1. Excursion in Krystalichna cave

  • meeting in Mlyky village. How to get to the tour? 
    accommodation in Speleohause
  • breakfast
  • transfer to Krystalichna cave
  • excursion in Krystalichna cave with illuminated route. You dont need a special wear (1 hour)
  • transfer to the Podilska rock
  • excursion in the castle
  • lunch on the nature
  • coming back to the Speleohouse
  • dinner, overnight

Day 2. Еxcursion in the Verteba cave

  • breakfast
  • transfer to the Borschiv town
  • excursion in the Local Museum where we can find historical exposition of this region found in the Verteba cave (1 hour)
  • transfer to Verteba cave
    excursion in the Verteba cave where was found one of the biggest settlmant of the Trypilska culture in the world.  Here you can see traces of the Stone Age people’s residance. A huge amount of the Polish museum exspositions are based on finds from the Verteba cave. The route in the cave is illuminated that’s why you do not need a special wear (1 hour). Lunch on the nature
  • transfer to the Monastyrok
  • excursion near ancient temple above the Seret canyon
  • come back to the Speleohouse
  • dinner
  • overnight

Day 3. Excursion near Dzhyrynski waterfall

  • breakfast
    transfer to the Dzhyrynsky waterfall
  • excursion near Dzhyrynski waterfall which reaches 16 m. There you can see 16 th’s Polish fortress and the Catholic temple of 18th century. Walking to the Girl’s tears waterfall. Lunch on the nature (3-4 hours)
  • come back to the Speleohouse
  • dinner
  • overnight

Day 4. Excursion to the Mlynky cave

  • breakfast
    excursion to the Mlynky cave. ”The Northern district” (3 hours). The first level of difficalty. You get acquaintied with mooving in cave technique and learn the distinguish between galleries and halls. There you can see beautiful cristals and and one of the norrowest places in the cave ” The Devil’s Throat”
  • lunch
  • excursion in the Mlynky cave ”The Eastern disrict” (3 hours). The second level of difficalty. Crossing ”Ushba” and descend ”Podoshwa”. You will see some huge halls named after the world’s famous caver Norberg Castre and beautifull cristals
  • dinner
  • overnight

Day 5. Excursion to Uhryn' Cave

  • breakfast
  • excursion in the Ugryn cave (3 hours). The Ugryn cave is located near the Mlynky cave. It begins with a karst funell which is brunched by a network of entrance halls. There are a lot of interesting places to climb - narrow horizontal cracks‚ labyrinth and boulders. After passing the route you will felt like a really clay caver
  • dinner
  • transfer to the Ternopil or Chortkiv
    walking tour in Chortkiv - the biggest cozy town with Gothic Dominican temple of the 17th century and 17th century castle 
  • dinner in cafe
  • come back home. How to get home?

Clothes and boots:
  1. Caving shoes
  2. Gloves
  3. Slippers for the house
  4. Caving underwear
  5. Bandana/buff
  1. Sleeping bag with an inset rental (Rent)
  2. Knee protection
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