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English-speaking guides

In what particular cases do you need to order additional English-language guide?

We recommend using this service for large groups (> 10 persons), where not a single participant speaks Ukrainian or Russian.

Do our tour guides speak English?

Most of our instructors have learnt English at school but sometimes they preferred travelling to studying. That is why we can guarantee that you will not have problems with communication on everyday topics, explaining what you should do and what better not. Maybe, it can require promotion of hands or a piece of paper and a pencil. But basic needs will be provided. However, you will surely feel some difficulty in talking about local nature, people and objects of interest located along the route. Of course, all depends on the company and group atmosphere. Frequently it is occurred that language barriers make the journey more live and obstacles add some ginger to it. If you plan to join some mixed group on one of our tour planned in calendar, then chances that among other tourists will be those who know English or other European language will significantly increase. So you will have an assistant in communicating.

Who should order the English-speaking guide?

Guide will be useful for:

  • large groups with more than 10 - 15 of participants and no one knowing Russian or Ukrainian; if it is important for you to find out of interesting stories about the region you travel, ask about its history, culture and nature, order an additional guide. With a large group, usually works the instructor, who speaks English, but still unlikely he will be able to satisfy the curiosity of the most inquisitive participants;
  • specialists who come to study or work. If you want to remove any obstacles in the perception of information and the world around you, be independent in dealing with local people and quickly ask questions and get answers, book a personal tour guide.

Who are they?

Commonly, as additional guides to accompany foreigners in our tours, we invite students of philology departments or graduates who are familiar with the language, teachers or young people who have ever been abroad and are good in foreign languages. Traditionally, they are close to the travelling and participated in various trips. However, they are not professional guides, that is the reason why the group is accompanied by the prepared instructor.

Service fees

English- or German-speaking guide- $ 25/day.

Guides speaking other languages should be agreed additionally.

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