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About caving in Ukraine: tours to Mlynky cave and Speleohouse

Tourclub services in Mlynky Cave are available in two formats:

  • integrated package of services: tour price includes all necessary while wild cave tour services (transportation, excursions, equipment rental, accommodation, catering, etc.);
  • separated services: this format allows self-planning of a trip and ordering services at your option.

In terms of costs, sum of spending on separate services approximately is equal to a price of a tour. Correspondingly, if you order full service list specified in the tour “Crazy weekend” you get tour price. Simultaneously ordering of separate services allows saving on equipment rental or cooking your favourite dishes for dinner or supper.

Full package services of cave tours

We offer a wide range of cave tours. The most popular is “Crazy weekend” with 3 excursions in Mlynky Cave. Other tours include visiting the following caves: Verteba, Uhrynska, Atlantyda (Atlantis) and Krystalichna (Crystal). Every cave is special and possesses unique attractions. Vertebra is electrified and equipped with an exposition of Trypillia archeological findings (bones and smithereens); Uhrynska will be preferred by the admires of narrow passages and cave-ins; Atlantyda (Atlantis) will charm you with fantastic crystals and breath-taking legends. Read more about Ternopillya caves in the chapter “Speleo local lore”.
Traditionally speleotours start and finish in Chortkiv, since this town is the closest to the major part of the caves. Tours including wider excursion program can start in Ternopil and finish in Kamyanets-Podilskyi.
Cave tours usually include the full range of necessary services beginning with a starting place to the finish: meeting at the railway station, transportation, accommodation in hotel (or Speleohouse), catering, guide service, cave excursions, equipment rental and museum tickets.

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Separate services in Speleohouse

Separate services are available on the base of Speleohouse. You are free to order an optional selection of services: several excursions in Mlynky Cave or meeting in Chortkiv + transfer to Speleohouse + 3 excursions + accommodation without catering and equipment rental or just accommodation. To be honest, groups which are not planning to visit the cave evokes nothing but suspicion. Since we believe that excessive alcohol consumption, usually, hurts not only your health.

Speleokhata is a tourist shelter, which consists of two large rooms on the ground floor, a separate room on the second floor and a large dining room, which allows you to prepare food (gas, hot water, basic utensils). Residents can use a hot shower and an indoor toilet. Speleohata can accept two groups of 14 people and one group of 6 people at the same time. It is an optimal variant not only for student vacation with friends but for organizations planning corporate weekend and outdoor activities.

In Speleohouse you can also make a special order (for instance, more difficult cave tour “Sonder route” or wild cave tour in Uhrynska Cave or trip to Dzhuryn waterfall).

More information on Speleohouse 

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