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In layman’s language about rafting on the Dniester (where-to-go-series)

from organizer’s point of view

It is recommended for those who want to go somewhere but cannot make his mind where exactly. For those who are eager to open something new, interesting, and original for reasonable price. For those who dream of trekking, rafting as Indian or simply strolling in the forest.

Don’t be upset if for the recent 10 years you’ve been sitting at the computer, cannot imagine what the difference between raft and catamaran is or how to pack backpack. Travel companies working in the sphere of outdoor activities have already taken care of everything (or almost of everything) and ready to offer you their services. Everything you should do is to choose. What to start with, where to go, what do I prefer? Let’s have a look at our tours.

Rafting on the Dniester

rafting in the Carpathians in Ukraine. Outdoor activities

Rafting on the river of Dniester is considered a best seller among outdoor active tours in Ukraine. Every weekend 2-day rafting tours start, every Monday 5-day and 7-day rafting tours begin.

What is the main charm of the Dniester?

  • exotic and wild nature: the major part of rafting on the Dniester takes place in the Dniester Canyon; its banks are covered with thick forests and bushes with small lawns, where we stop for encamping. Sometimes it is unlikely to meet anyone all day long. However if we encamp nearby some village it is possible to buy some fresh milk and dairy products, berries, vegetables, or walk into a store. Cows and horses from the neighbouring leas sometimes visit our camps. In the forests along the river you can meet hares, foxes, squirrels, and multitude of different birds; also you can gather mushrooms and berries;
  • it’s informative: rafting tour on the Dniester includes a great number of attractions. On your way to the starting place of rafting you will have an opportunity to visit fortresses in Pidzamochok and Buchach and original town council built in baroque style. On the Dniester banks: Count Badenyas’s palace, Rakivets Keep, a lot of travertine grottoes and caves, silver waterfalls falling from overgrown with moss rocks and other interesting places. After rafting it is recommended to drive to Dzhuryn Waterfall (height – 16 m), see remnants of majestic castle with Turkish towers and ancient Catholic Church. During the trip guides will tell interesting stories, legends, and historical facts about the land of the tour;
  • special training is not required: rafting on the Dniester is available for everyone. If you can manage to ascend to the 5th store by foot, have an experience of trekking or at least a dream about all these – do not delay the adventure. Obviously, you should be ready for romantic inconveniences: shower can be replaced by the river and cool waterfalls, instead of soft bed – sleeping bag and sleeping pad on the grass, and instead of flat – double tent. In the evenings you will be warmed by bonfire and friendly company. Instructor will explain how to row correctly;
  • absolutely safe: the modern development of tourist equipment production and rafting management guarantee the complete safety under conditions of following the basic rules. For instance, you should not thrust a knife into balloons, not extinguish cigarette to rafts etc. What’s s extremely dangerous is jumping into the water upside down. And it is strongly forbidden. Our instructors will remind you about these and other important nuances before watercrafts shove off. Children from the age of 5 years can take part in rafting. The smallest participant of rafting was 6-month old Ostap and the oldest – Tetyana Petrivna (63 years old). Often grandpas and grandmas go for rafting tour with their grandchildren;
  • you can swim and bask in the sun: stream of the Dniester is gentle and calm. When it gets hot you can always fresh yourself in the waters of the Dniester, swim and get tanned on the catamaran. In spring and in time of floods water becomes drumly and colder;
  • there is no necessity to row all the time: “I cannot row 7 days continuously”, beginners often says. For sure, no one can :). Commonly, you should row until you have the willing to do that. You can even abstain from rowing. During rafting catamarans frequently lands for excursions, replenishing water recourses, stretching out legs or special needs;
  • fishing: time and opportunity will be provided, skills and fisher’s luck are required. Inhabitants successfully catch silver carp, perch, carp, roach and other fish;
  • well-organized everyday life and general equipment: you should take care only about personal clothes and staff you need while rafting (camera, towel, flashlight etc.). Rain covers, pots, axes, tents, first-aid kit, repair kit and other equipment are provided by Tourclub;
  • high quality catering: steward, who is highly experienced in outdoor everyday life peculiarities, prepares meals. Our menu is quite simple, but nutrient and various. We offer borsch, different soups, fresh salads, porridges, potatoes, pasta, and homemade tinned meat. We are doing our best to use least of preservatives;
  • you can join for a weekend or a whole vacation: convenient tours calendar allows to go for rafting on the Dniester on weekend or take part in a multiday tour.

Therefore, rafting on the Dniester is available for everyone and fascinating type of outdoor activity in Ukraine.

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