Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Ski-tours & Freeride

Ski-tours and freeride tours to the Carpathians are much more than just skiing. Ski-tours routes are laid away from the mountain lifts, in dense snowy forests, where more often you will find a trail of roe deer or wild boar than a trail of a human. Ski-tours is an active communication with the winter mountains and a friendly team. To participate in ski-tours, you need special skis that you can rent from us. Ski-tours can be either radial with the base at the hotel (Rada Daraba or Dragobrate), or linear ones with overnights in different austere kolybas (summer shelters for shepherds; we choose the best ones for you:).

Freeride tours are a cross between downhill skiing and ski-tours. In these tours we walk less and ride more off-piste with more fun. It also needs special equipment and good skiing skills. And our guide will guide you through the best slopes of the area.