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Rafting in Carpathians: rafting on White Cheremosh and Prut

For experienced tourists, repeatedly took part in rafting on the rapids of Black Cheremosh, we, except the classic rafting tours, offer also especial rafting on White Cheremosh and Prut.

Both rivers are considered more difficult for rafting, than Black Cheremosh. They are passable for catamarans and small rafts only in Spring, at high or medium water lever, or in summer after rains. They aren’t appropriate for rafting at small water level. Their rafting areas have more interesting obstructions in comparison with Black Cheremosh, so rafting on Prut and White Cheremosh usually is more extremal, groovy, so it requires previous skills in the rafting on mountain rivers.

Rafting on White Cheremosh

Black Cheremosh’s brother flows along less settled territory, where you can’t see cozy hutsul farmsteads often, so as proper roads. So at first you must be ready for beautiful mountain landscapes and off-the-road under wheels. As for the river, a significant number of unexpected turns, different drains, serious rapids are characteristic for it. Stone several-meter walls on the banks  will add the coloration for rafting. Rafting will finish in Usteriky, in the place of merger White and Black Cheremosh.

Length of rafting  about 20 km
Duration of rafting          4-5 hours
Value 860 UAH/person (for groups min 5 persons)

Rafting on Prut

It is one of the most difficult rivers for the rafting in Ukraine. Roaring and powerful Prut usually delights us by good water only in Spring. The water level grows fast and flows by strong stream, which is caused by significant difference of altitudes.

Rafting on Prut is most extrimal among rafting on all Carpathian rivers. But much number of impressions require good training and experience. So Prut usually tickles the nerves much even to weathered tourists-water experts. On the rafting area you need to pass a number of rapids,  the most interesting among them are Vodospadny, Prykarpatsky, Dovbusha. The passing of waterfall Probiy (4 category of difficulty) can be considered  as a main point of Prut, it is the most serious water barrier among all Ukrainian rivers (its passing is possible only  if the group has appropriate experience level, only by instructor’s decision).

Length of rafting

about 10 km at bad water level
can reach 30 km at high water level

Duration of rafting  3-4 hours
Value 780 UAH/person (for groups min  5 persons)


  • Rafting on White Cheremosh and Prut is possible only at high water level, usually on April – in the beginning of May.
  • Rafting on White Cheremosh and Prute requires good physical form and previous training, so only persons with an experience in rafting at high water level on Black Cheremosh  are allowed to rafting. It’s better to organize before it one rafting on the rapids of Black Cheremosh.
  • The meeting with group is in our rafting-camp in Dzembronya village. Also we can organize a transfer of group from Yaremche or Ivano-Frankivsk.
  • For rafting on Prut  meeting can be in Yaremche or Tatariv.
  • Rafting value includes rent of water equipment (seat on the boat, oar, helmet, life jacket), instructor’s work, transfer from rafting-camp in Dzembronya to the place of rafting and back. Rent of rafting equipment is paid separate.
  • Value is specified for group with minimal number of member in 5 persons. If your group is smaller, the value of rafting will grow.

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