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Review of rivers for rafting in Carpathian region

The Black Cheremosh

black cheremosh

( rapids of third category of difficulty)

The most popular river for rafting in the Carpathians. There is a long-lasting spring flood, because it has a large catchment area at different heights (slopes of the Hryniavy and Chyvchyny (1000-1500m and slopes of Chornogora (1500-2000m).) This means that from early April to early May you can expect high water period on the Cheremosh. Till the end of May the water subsides. At the end of May, early June it often rains very hard and it leads to the re-rise of water level that sometimes exceeds the spring flood. Summer water rises only after rainstorms and prolonged rains (1-2 days).

Rafting on catamarans and rafts in high water is exciting, kayaking is available only to professionals.

You can kayaking in low water, beginners with enthusiasm can try to sit on kayak.

The most difficult rapids are concentrated in the area Dzembronya - Krasnyk. Above and below the river is characterized by steep water flow with some rapids and shallows. The most interesting places occur on the way to Verhovina and Vyzhnytsa.

A village, shops and the running rafting camp are along the river. While rafting on Black Cheremosh it’s possible to climb Pip Ivan,Dzembronya, Krynt  and others.

Photos from the river Black Cheremosh

The White Cheremosh

(rapids of third and fourth category of difficulty)

The river is shorter than the Black Cheremosh, but has some interesting rapids. Water rises after rains in the spring and summer. In high-water rafting is possible on catamarans and small rafts.  In low water rafting is practically impowhite cheremoshssible.


The most challenging rapids are on the distance between Goloshyno and Jablonytsya. The valley of the White Cheremosh is less populated than the valley of the Black Cheremosh, the roads are worse here.

Rafting – tour on the White Cheremosh River

Photos from the White Cheremosh river

The Cheremosh River

(rapids of second category of difficulty)

The confluence of the White and Black Cheremosh in Usteriky forms the Cheremosh River. The rapids that are not steep are on the way to Vyzhnytsya, then the area of the river becomes flatter and the Cheremosh flows into the Prut.

Rafting on Cheremosh River to Vyzhnytsya

The Prut


(rapids of fourth and fifth category of difficulty)

One of the most difficult rivers in Ukraine. Rafting on the Prut is not easy because even in April and May the water level is unstable. Water rises quickly after rains, gaining extraordinary power and speed as a result of a significant fall of 1 km length.

The main obstacles are in the area of Vorokhta to Yaremche. The most interesting rapids form Yamnenskiy Prolom that ends with Yaremchanskiy waterfall (Break, 5-6 hp) and is located within Kalush.

Rafting on the Prut requires some training. The valley of the river is densely populated, along the Prut is the asphalt road. 

Rafting-tour on the Prut

Photos from the Prut river

The Black Tysa

black tysa

(rapids of second and third category of difficulty)

Interesting river that has low water level in the upper parts. The upper part has several rapids that are available for canoes and kayaks. In the middle part of the river rafting is available on double catamarans in high water. Rafting is possible for four people from Yaseniv.

In low water rafting on the Black Tysa is impossible or uninteresting. Along the river is a good road.

Photos from the Tysa river

The River Stryi

(rapids of first and second category of difficulty)

Appropriate water level is only in the spring or after rains. Obstacles: rifts, narrow straits, tree branches and others. The river bottom is flat. The River Stryi flows in a wide valley. The village Turka is a starting point. In Zhydachiv and Stryi are the remains of bridges that should be omitted.Rafting on  Stryi goes to the river Dniester and Galych.

Rafting is available on kayaks, rafts and catamarans.

Rafting in upper parts of river is impossible in low water (in the summer), in low river streams is not interesting.

The River Svicha


(rapids of second category of difficulty)

The river has something in common with the Stryi, but is shorter and has more complex obstacles. It flows into the Stryi. The water level on the Svicha rises in early April or after rains. Rapids are in the area between Myslivka and Shevchenkove. Along the river is a road. Rafting area is quite picturesque and uninhabited. Rafting on the River Svicha is available on katamarans and kayaks.

Photos from the Svicha river

The River Mizunka

(rapids of third and fourth category of difficulty)

Quite interesting river, where you need to be carefully because the water level is unstable. Rapids start with the Krivulya waterfall, which sank many catamarans and ends in the village Old Mizun, where Mizunka flows into the Svicha. Rafting on Mizunka is very dynamic, full of different obstacles and held in the scenic area.

Photos from the Mizunka river