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Equipment rental at Daraba camp

Одяг для рафтингу


3 mm neoprene will keep your body warm. Our wetsuits are sleeveless, thus they won’t restrict your movements.
Available sizes: S – L.
You should dress wetsuit on underwear and T-shirt.

In spring or in rain you can rent additional raincoat

How to dress diving suit properly

гідрокостюм, рафтинг

1st day 100 hrn,

every following day

50 hrn/day

Neoprene socks 5 mm elastic neoprene will keep your body warm. Available sizes: 37 – 45.
You should take care of shoes 1 or 2 sizes up considering thick socks
 гідрошкарпетки 1st day 50 hrn,
every following day 30 hrn/day
Neoprene gloves Neoprene gloves save hands from frizzing and small scratches. You can use any other thin gloves.

rafting_glove_209.jpg (209×169)

1st day 50 hrn,
every following day 30 hrn/day

Одяг для рафтингу, яким ми надаємо в прокат щоночі сушиться, тому вранці ви матимете сухий комплект. Якщо вам видали вологий гідрокостюм - зверніться до адміністратора - поміняємо на сухий. 
Гідроодяг регулярно переться та проходить кварцування ультрафіолетом. 

Camping equipment

Double tent

Universal tourist tent for two people. It has two vestibules and two entrances.

The tent is suitable for use all year round (except for very snowy weather)

140 UAH/day
Triple tent

Universal tourist tent for three people. It has two vestibules and two entrances.

The tent is suitable for use all year round (except for very snowy weather)

180 UAH/dayv
Sleeping set (summer)

Sleeping set includes sleeping bag and sleeping pad with a clean insert.

Sleeping bags Terra Incognita Campo. Warm and comfortable even in off-season. 

Sleeping pad for thermal insulation.

килимок туристичнийспальник на прокат

60+25 UAH/day


Backpacks manufactured specifically for our rental.

Capacity is 80 liters. Weight - 2.5 kilo.

This model is simple, durable and easy-to-use.

 рюкзак, наплічник

60 UAH/day

If you rent out tent and sleeping bag in Daraba - sleeping pad is for free.
Total: sleeping pad  + sleeping bag + tent = 100 UAH/night/person

Winter and off-season trekking equipment


Gaiters prevent from getting snow into boots, holding the leg tightly. We offer simple but durable model without zippers and additional regulators (pay only for the number of days of actual using)

гамаші на прокат

 35 UAH/day

Water- and windproof gloves/mitten covers

Covers made of quite a thin water- and windproof material. They should be worn over ordinary mittens or gloves in order to keep them warm and dry. Also these covers prevent getting snow inside jacket sleeves. Use them in combination with inner mittens or gloves (pay only for the number of days of actual using)

 верхонки в похід

 35 UAH/day

Ski poles

Ski poles, made of aluminum alloy, are of low weight and high durability (pay only for the number of days of actual using)


 40 UAH/day


Альпіністичне спорядження (для Альпсемінарів)

Rental of personal mountaineering equipment:

The price is per day

Carbines //3 pcs - UAH 75

 Mainly on threaded couplings

Crampons // UAH 75

 Beautiful modern crampons, model Ct nuptse

Prusyk // UAH 25

 A new piece of rope with a diameter of 6-8 mm and a length of 1 m

Ice Axe // UAH 75

 The Soviet model. With a long rod and strap

Lanyard // UAH 50

 Loop slings or bound with rope 10 mm

A sit harness // UAH 50

 Like TravelExtrim

Helmet //1 pcs - UAH 125

 New, modern. Size L on the head 54-61 cm

If you take part in our аlpseminar, the cost for the entire period (4 days) of the whole set will be UAH 750 and the additional helmet rent will be UAH 250.

If you want to order a set of personal climbing equipment, let us know in advance.

You can also order rafting clothes and other equipment rental.

We recommend buying camping equipment in the Azimut store (10% discount for customers from the Tourist Club), and water - in Ordana.

Useful pages:

Гірськолижне та скітур спорядження напрокат

Skating equipment for skitour can be rented in the Carpathians in Daraba camp.
Currently, 9 pairs of ski boots are available in different sizes and systems: three pairs with a TLT mount, the remaining six with a classic ski mount.
There are also 5 pairs of skis with and diamir fastenings and camus ski bindings for them. The length of the skis is about 170 cm.

The cost of ski rental for a skitour

Scythian set: skis for skitour with Diamir fastening + camus + sticks - 250 UAH / day

Skitour shoes - 50 UAH / day

Downhill skiing + sticks + boots - 100 UAH / day

All equipment for rent in Daraba camping

Sizes of available shoes for skitour:

1. Scott - 255 мм
2. Garmont - 255 мм
3. Scarpa - 260 мм
4. Kastinger - 260 мм
5. Dynafit - 270 мм
6. Garmont - 275 мм
7. Tekhnica - 275 мм
8. Scarpa - 270-280 мм
9. Scarpa Laser - 290-300 мм

All equipment is located at: Rafting camp Rada Daraba, st. Ivan Franko, 1v, s. Krasnyk, Verkhovyna district, not far from Chornoghora Ridge.

лижі для скітуру в карпатах

взуття для скітуру

взуття для скітуру в карпатах

skitour rental

лижі для скітуру

лижі для скітуру з камусом

лижне спорядження для скітуру

скітурне спорядження напрокат

Skitour in Carpathians


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