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Trekking to Laila in Georgia (Svaneti)

Price: 195 $
Duration: 6 days
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Trekking to Laila in Georgia (Svaneti)

Climbing to Laila in Svanetia - is a good point to continue ones "career" as a mountain tourist, after trekking by the Kavkaz or winter trips in the Carpathians. The mountain is unbelievably picturesque, from its top you can see the Main Kavkaz Chain and even Elbrus. To get to the top, we'll move on the Chizhdi Pass ( 3097 m, 1a) and by the glacier to the Dzhvari Pass (3427 m, 1b). The difficulty level of the mountain is 2a, the experience is desirable.   
Cost of tour to the Laila mountain 175 EUR. Minimum group is of 4 perosns.

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Physical training and tour difficulty.

Include in the price
  • nutrition acccording to the program (except of meal in the cafes) 
  • guidance of instructor
  • transfer from the airport and back
  • rent of  common equipment  (tents, first aid kit, cookware )
Price not includes
  • flight to Kutaisi and back
  • meals in the cafe
  • additional ensurance 
Day 1

transfer to the region 

  • meeting of the group at the airport in Kutaisi 
  • transfer to Svanetia, to the Mestia region, Svipi village, where we'll start our trekking to Laila. By the way we'll exchange money, have lunch in a local cafe - taste Svanetian khachapuri of chopped beef meet 
  • arrange camp nearby the village 
  • dinne

Day 2

climbing the Chizhdi Pass (3097 m, 1a). Total ascend for a day is almost 2000 metres. 

  • breakfast
  • at first the trail goes amid the forest and leads us to the shepherds cage. There you can taste local cheese, matsoni or airan, drink fresh milk  
  • snack-lunch
  • the road leads us ahead to the area of Alpine meadows, where cows are grazing. Rising on the twisting trail we get to the rocky Chidzhi Pass. Herefrom in an hour we'll get to the place to sleep nearby the huge rock and picturesque lakes 
  • arrange the camp, dinner 

Day 3

ascend to the Dzhvari Pass(3427 m, 1b). Total ascend of the day is about 400 m 

  • breakfast
  • today we are going to rise by the glacier to the Dzhvari Pass (3427 m, 1b). Dzhvari - in Georgian means "the cross". At the bebinning we'll move on by grass storeys, then by crumble trail that leads us to the glacier. The glacier is overt, but here and there could be large cracks so we move in bonds and use cats.  
  • lunch
  • our camp will be that night 3400 metres above the sea level, time to get used to the highth. Fix the tents, coock dinner and go to sleep 

Day 4

climbing Laila (4008 m, 2a), total ascend of the day is about 600 m 

  • breakfast
  • the way to the picturesque peak in Svanetia goes through the glacier that step by step lead to the rocky crest, by which we'll get to the top. For sure, we move in bonds and cats. The climbing may be complicated by deep snow or opened cracks. Till lunch we are to get back to the camp
  • lunch
  • we may enjoy the views or descent to the foot of the Chizhdi Pass, to our previous camp-place 
  • dinner

Day 5


  • breakfast
  • descent to the Svipi village by the same way we went up 
  • lunch 
  • in the shepherd hut we can stock up with cheese and matsoni 
  • stay for the night in the forest, nearby the village
  • dinner

Day 6

  • breakfast
  • transfer to the airport in Kutaisi


The program is approximate and may be corrected according to the time of arriving and departure of all the participants 

At the request the group may go to the sea in Anaklia region 

What experience is necessary?

Laila - is not a difficult mountain.

1) The hiking will take place in the snowy area, so it's good to have experience of winter trekking in the Carpathians (or somewhere similar). It will help you to understand what to wear, what stuff to take.

2) An experience of using "cats" and piolet (you can get it participating in Alpinistic seminar).

3) If you have lack of experience, you'll need excellent physical shape to gain all the necessary skills during the tour. A good physical shape means that you can squat 10-15 times on one leg, run 5-6 km in half an hour.

For the best impressions of the tour, you'll need all 3 positions :)

Clothes and boots:
  1. Water- and windproof gloves/mitten covers (Rent)
  2. Jacket
  3. Summer trekking shoes
  4. Warm gloves
  1. Knife
  2. Lighter
  3. Thermos
  4. Backpack main (Rent)
  5. Sleeping set (sleeping bag+sleeping pad) (Rent)
  6. Gaiters (Rent)
  7. Personal alpine equipment for alpine course (Rent)
  8. Personal dishes: metal or plastic (so that it does not crash) plate, spoon, mug
  9. Flashlight
  10. Trekking poles
  1. Hygienic lipstick
  2. Hygiene products: toothbrush, paste, towel
  3. Personal first-aid kit
  4. Passport
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