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Youth mix-tour

Price: 117 $
Duration: 5 days
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Youth mix-tour

Active mix tour for teens and youth of 14-16 years old.
A real adventure for young tourists including overnights in tents, field kitchen, outdoor recreation. The balanced combination of floating by Dniester river, walks to waterfalls, historical and natural sites, excursions to Mlynki cave. In addition, camping bonfire, inteesting games and competitions every evening. 
Guidance of instructors, animators, cooks and nurse is provided in the tour. Overnights in tents for 2-3 persons in sleeping bags, and a last night in a touristic hostel Speleohut. Nutrition - 4 times a day. 

Include in the price
  • guidance of instructors, cook and nurse

  • rent of water equipment

  • nutrition according to the programme

  • rent of tents and general equipment

  • transfer according to the programme

  • 2 excursions to the cave, including rent of the suit and head flashlight

  • accommodation in speleohut including shower

Price not includes
Day 1

  • Meeting at the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk.  How to get to the tour? 

  • Transfer to the river, breakast on the lawn, preparations for floating, safety precuations

  • floating village Nezvysko - village Kopachyntsi, 17 km

  • Since the firt minute on the river bank you will have a lot of things to do: first of all, to find you plate and cup to have a tasty breakfast. Then, to make order in your own stuff, separate the ones necessary on the boat to keap close at hand, and all the rest must be packed safety, not to fall and get wet.  When everything is ready, take your place on the boat. The instructor-captain of the boat will show you how to row, to moor and to cast off from the shore. Then we push off the boats from the shore. And that's all. All thet is left to do is to enjoy. Marvelous views of Dniester canyon surround us and rowing makes our recreation a healing one.  
    We start our floating from the Nezvysko village that is considered to be an archeological treasury of Ukraine, rich with the finds of the Trypillian culture (IV-III century BC). There are also a lot of legends about hidden treasures nearby and a unique underground stream, not found yet. 
    A short stop near the Rakivets village. A settment was established there close to the ford across the river - it was once a strategically important point on the river. To guard the ford in  XVII century a fortress was build there, a lot of battles were held there. Now only one last tower is left. Rakivets is also known with its delicious spring water. After an excursion we have a dinner on the lawn.  
    We float forward by rarely attended places, only high banks covered with tense forests, silence and serenity. Sometimes we can see a lonely hamlet or just a few huts. We pass the Unizh village, during the last years it became popular as a place of ethnic Festivals. 
    For the night we stop on an isolated lawn, nearby there are a spring, a stream and firewood. Bring the stuff to the shore, make  camp. While a supper is being cooked, you can swim or gather some wood for the evening bonfire.

Day 2

  • floating Kopychyntsi village - Beremiany village, 10 km

  • For today we have a short distance, but a lot of interesting things: tclimbing the Red Mountain, view of Dnieser form the top, and exiting games in the evening. So, pack our camp and go on.  
    In a few hours we moor, the floating will last only a first half of a day. Then make a new camp and cook dinner. 
    After dinne, we go to the top of the Red Mountain, that is located in the picturesque Beremiany canyon. Its' slopes is one of the warmest places in the region. Even coldest winter, snow doesn't stay there longer than 2-3 days, the place is also called by locls "Dniester subtropics". Due to the warm climat, some unique species of plants were preserved there. Many legends are composed about that mountain. 

  • In the evening an entertainment programme is waiting for us: sport competitions Funny starts and the evening bonfire

Day 3

  • a daylong walk to the Rusylian waterfalls 

  • Today we rest after an eventful and active yesterday. There is no floating today, but a walk to very picturesque place will be held instead.  
    In the morning we can sleep a little longer, but don't relax too much - after breakfast we pack sandwiches to backpacks and take a daylong walk to the Rusylian waterfalls
    About dinner-time we'll get to a beautiful cascade of waterfalls. There we'll stop and have a little rest, have a snack with sandwiches and sweets, taken from the camp. And then we go to explore the waterfalls. A group of Rusylian waterfalls counts 15 waterfalls, which create a wonderful cascade. On the canyon, hidden in the thick forest, roaring Rusylian stream falls from the rocky red bluff, 1,5 - 20 meters high. According to the Geographical Encyclopedia this is the stream with the largest number of waterfalls in Ukraine.    
    After a walk, we back to the camp, where a delicious supper, a bonfire and warm sleping bags are waiting for us.  


Day 4

  • floating Beremiany village - Ustechko village, 21 km

  • After a day of relax we have strength for a good rowing. A day is gonna be dynamic - long floating, excursion to the Dzhuryn waterfall and to the ruins of Chervonograd castle, transfer to the Mlynki hamlet.  
    Early in the morning we have beakfast and start floating. We can make a stop in the Khmeleva village, where there is a shop close to the river.
    Near the Shutromyntsi village the gas pipeline Urengoy-Uzhgorod-Pomary crosses the river Dniester. The river becomes wider, devides into several branches, creating beautiful islands. It is worth mentioning  red rocks appeaing between green forests - it is a sandstone outcrops of Devonian period.    
    We'll pass the ruined bridge. It was partly ruined during the World War II, and then the footage of its' final ruination were used for the movie. A new bridge was build nearby. And now it is one of the highest bridges in the region, it is more then 50 meters high above the water.  

  • The end of the roout is in the Ustechko village. Unload the boats, have a dinner and pack our stuff to the bus. Another interesting entertainment is waiting for us. 

  • In half an hour we get to the Red Tract. Form the top point of the tract we can observe a wonderful view on the hill with the ruins of Chervonograd castle and the church. Till the middle of the XX century people were living in the castle. Near the ruins you can hear the roar of mighty Dzhuryn waterfall. According to a legend, during the siege of the castle, tatars have changed the river bed to destroy the natural defense barrier around the castle. Nowadays, it is a popular place for recreation, a lot of tourist come there to get to a natural "whirlpool".  

  • After a walk to Dzhuryn, we transfer to Speleohut, near the Mlynki cave

Day 5

  • excursions to the Mlynki cave 

  • in the morning we have a breakfast and prepare for the first excursion to the cave 

  • Speleo-excursion to the Mlynki cavethe Nothern region (about 3 hours). A rout of 1 difficulty degree. You'll become acquainted with the technique of moving in the cave, learn to distinguish galleries and halls, see crystals and lamellar gypsum, go through one of the narrowest places in the cave: "The Devil's Throat" hole. 
  • Aftr the first excursion we come back to the Speleohut, have a dinner and little rest and go to the second excursion. 

  • Speleo-excursion to the Mlynki cavethe Eastern region (about 3 hours). A rout of 2 difficulty degree, "The Eastern Ring". The rout includes little more difficult elements - Ushba passage, descent to "Soles". You'll see spacious halls, one of them is called in honour of worldwide known speleologist Norber Caster. more interesting places like "Torpedo" and "Elephant", and colourful crystals are waiting for you.  

  • It's time to leave the Speleohut and to go back home. After supper, a bus take a group to the railway station in Chortkiv. How to get home? 


Clothes and boots:
  1. Polyethylene raincoat (Rent)
  1. Sleeping set (sleeping bag+sleeping pad) (Rent)
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