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Stories about Georgia: Prometheus cavern

One of the most interesting places, which are met during the tour to Georgia, is a Prometheus cavern.  The cavern is called in honor of the character from the Greek myth about Prometheus. Although in the Georgian folklore exists the legend about Amirani with a similar fate, where he was chained to the rock, and the eagle pecked his liver, and faithful dog licked the chain to set him free.

The cavern is a big cluster of the stalactites and stalagmites of different form and dimensions. The colorful lights make the more fabulous view in the cavern. Also the underground river flows inside, with a mirror-clear water.  The cavern is artificially equipped, there are tracks, where you can walk free. The enter in the cavern is a deep funnel, with a deep to the 40 m, and a twisted ladder leads to its bottom.

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