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Rafting on the Dniester Rafting on the Dniester

Rafting on the Dniester is the most popular summer adventure and as an option to "reload" the brain, relax from everyday worries, gain fresh strength and inspiration.

Rafting in the Carpathians in June Rafting in the Carpathians

Now is the best time for rafting in the Carpathians! After all, due to prolonged rains in the Carpathians, the water level in Cheremosh and other mountain rivers is high.

Rafting tours on the Cheremosh in the summer The best rafting tours on the Black Cheremosh in the summer

Tour club offers a driving holiday —​​​​​​​ rafting in the Carpathians on the Black Cheremosh is the best option to get unforgettable emotions and impressions.