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Residence and entertainments in the Carpathians

Farmsteads, hotels, cottages, rental agencies in the Carpathians, where you can order rafting on the Cheremosh River

Farmsteads, hotels, cottages


  1. Hirsky Prutets Hotel  is a family ski hotel where every detail is thought-out: morning coffee, floor heating, Wi-Fi, hand warmers + summer camp for children.
  2. Synya Hora  – is a comfortable private farmstead and cottage directly on the territory of Bukovel Ski Resort.


  1. Sunny chalet - eco friendly family hotel in the Carpathians.  
  2. In Gannysya Private Farmstead  - is a comfortable homestead for the guests in the heart of the beautiful Carpathian mountains.


  1. Truten Hostel and Chalet  is our favourite place in Vorokhta. Hostel offer not expensive but comfortable rooms, chalet includes luxurious rooms with original design.
  2. Hatky na penkah are three-level cottages for 4 persons with inexpensive rooms.
  3. U Vasiuty is three-floor wooden cottage with exquisite interior and inexpensive rooms.
  4. Kermahych - is a recreation base which consists of the cottages built of wood, with all amenities. Here you can find wide complex of service for different kinds of rest.
  5. Desyatka is a recration complex which consists of 2 wooden cottages, on tha bank of Prut river, 7,5 km to the foot of Goverla.
  6. Koruna is a hotel complex with a panoramic mountain view, it's located near the lifts, has a delicious and qualitative kitchen, medical and sport facilities.
  7. Oberig is a two-floor cottage for 10 persons in the Vorokhta village.


  1. Smotrych Farmstead is a two-floor eco-friendly wooden cottage, located under the mountein, near the forest.


  1. U Lyulky Private Farmstead  presents original design, Hutsul cuisine, fishing.
  2. Sokilske Manor  is an elite hotel complex located high in the mountains.


  1. Sribni rosy is a hotel complex, located in 22 kilometers from the Bukovel Ski Resort .
  2. Gerdan is a modern recareation complex located on the bank of Prut river. At your service there are rooms with all amenities, sauna, billiards and restaurant which offers dishes with hutsul coloring and Europian quality.
  3. Good Zone House is a wooden three-floor cottage located on the bank of Prut river. There are available transportation (including transportation to the lift in Bukovel Ski Resort), rent of mountain bikes, ski equipment, mountain travels.
  4. Skelya is a recreation complex on the bank of Prut river, it's located in the distance 20 km from Bukovel Ski Resort.
  5. GolynSki is a recreational complex which consists of two-floor cottages for 6 persons. It's located in beatiful area in 3 km from Mykulychyn.
  6. U Bohdana is a private farmstead located near Prut river and in the distance 100 m to forest. Here mountain travels, excursions, horse ridings, in winter - sledging can be organized for you.
  7. Synya brama, chornyy pes - is a wooden two-floor cottage with all amenities for bicyclists.


  1. Olga is a tourism and recreation complex located near the forest and river. 6 km to Bukovel Ski Resort.
  2. Hotel Lavanda Country Club is a big complex with all amenities in the surroundings of mountain waterfalls, 8 km to Bukovel Ski Resort.
  3. Tatariv Deluxe is a hotel complex with a comfortable location: batween traditional mountain resort Yaremche (18 km from complex) and Bukovel Ski Resort (8 km), that provides easy transportation to them.
  4. Forest House is a not big hotel with comfortable conditions built of wood. 10 km to Bukovel Ski Resort.
  5. U brativ is a three-floor brick cottage, decorated from the inside by wood and nature stone. It's located on the bank of river, there is a forest near of it.
  6. Petros is a recreation complex which consits of six cottages and spacious restaurant stylized as hutsul bulb. 12 km to Bukovel Ski Resort.


  1. Chotyry sezony - resort base which consists of 3 blocks with comfortable conditions. It's located in 12 km from Bukovel Ski Resort and in 18 km from Dragobrat Ski Resort.


  1. Vuyko Hotel Complex  is a new large complex with both not expensive hotel rooms and exquisite luxury apartments + cave-format café.
  2. U Dida Viktora Private Farmstead  is not large and cosy building for those who appreciate ease and comfort of a family home.
  3. Shovkova Kosytsia  is a recreational comples located in the forest area near Carpathian national parl. There are free WI-FI, rent of ATV, bicycles and skis, horse riding, and also there is a free breakfast
  4. Vedmezha gora  is a recreational complex near the Carpathian national nature park, includes three wood cottages for 24 persons each and five-floor cottage with 17 rooms.
  5. Hospitable yard "Zvit paporoti"  is a modern house, decorated with elements of modern decor, with inexpensive rooms, conclude in itself 2 blocks for 22 rooms. There is river Prut and rock "Slon" near it, 100 m to public beach.
  6. Hotel "U Majany i Nazara"  is a hotel with inexpensive rooms of different categories.There are available wood sauna, restaurant, WI-FI, massage, garden houses. 34 km to the Bukovel Ski Resort.
  7. "Pid skaloju"  is a recreational complex with exquisite decorations, include 28 rooms for all number of persons 82. There are available rent of ski equipment, sauna, solarium, excursions. 35 km to Bukovel Ski Resort.
  8. "Taistra"  is a hospitable house located on the bank of Prut river, with a flexible prices for fooms. Includes sauna with a pool, kitchen for self-cooking, beach, two garden houses, grill.
  9. Hotel complex "Sofia"  is a modern four-floor building, build in Alpine stile. It's located in centre of Yaremche, not far from river Prut.
  10. Ethno-farmstead "Vyshyvanka"  is not big house, decorated in Ukrainian national style, with inexpensive rooms. There are available sauna, nutrition on order (home cooking), garden house with fireplace, nanny for children.
  11. Hotel "O Shale" is not a big and comfortable hotel, located on the bank of Prut river. National and European kitchen are available.
  12. Hotel "Stanislavsky" is located in centre of Carpathian national nature park, near the Probiy waterfall. Jacuzzi, sauna with a pool, organization of jeeping and horce travels are offered here, in winter period - ski travels. 
  13. Private farmstead Vitaliy's is a wooden farmstead, located in Jablunytsia village, with cheap room. It's located in 15 km from Bukovel Ski Resort.
  14. "Edelveis" is a big five-floor hotel, buil in Europian style, located on tha bank of Prut river. Sauna, billiards, gym, bar, excursions are available.
  15. Recreation centre "Karpaty" is located in the roadside of the dense forest on the outskirts of Yaremche. There are restaurants, pools and saunas, mini-aquaparks, tennis court, billiard hall.
  16. Farmstead "Fortuna" is a farmstead with inexpensive rooms, located in Yaremche in 500 m from cetre of town, includes two cottages with general roomines 30 persons.
  17. Hotel complex Welland is a big hotel, located in the distance 500 m from Yaremche on the altitude 150 m above surrounding district. Hotel offers 20 comfortable rooms, restaurant, sauna.
  18. Mizhgirya is a modern hotel complex with 20 rooms, includes also restaurant with banquet hall, reception with hall, gym, conference hall and wood sauna. 
  19. Dzherelo is a big pension with total roominess 50 persons with inexpensive rooms. There are available sauna with a pool, organization of excursions, food delivery in a room. In 200 m there is a mineral source.
  20. Vodospad is a five-floor block with elevator, located on the bank of Prut river, it has European level rooms of different categories. All amenities are available: sauna, pool, restaurant, barber shop, excurion programs etc.
  21. Vodogray is a hotel complex located on the bank of Prut river, includes 4 cottages. Here you can choose next kinds of rest: horse riding, rafting, alpinism, ski slalom, snowboard.
  22. Bilyy yavir is a three-floor hotel in modern style with 7 rooms, restaurant and sauna. It's located near the forest and Prut river. Organization of walking or bus tours, horse riding, cycling, rafting.
  23. Yarson is a recreational complex on the bank of Prut river with cozy and comfortable rooms. There is own free car parking, rent of cars, restaurant in hutsul style, access to WI-FI.
  24. "Koleso" is complex of cottages built of nature wood, with all amenities, located in very comfortable place - near the road Yaremche-Bukovel, not far from river Prut. It's surrounded by amount of restaurants and sauna.
  25. "Radiola" is a hotel in Yaremche, located near Prut river. 400 m to Probiy waterfall, 1 km to Yaremche Bahivets Ski Resort.
  26. "Romantik Spa Hotel" is a big hotel built in European style with high standards rooms and exquisite interior. 30 km to Bukove Ski Resort.
  27. "Krasa Karpat" - is a hotel with modern interior designed in the same style. There are inexpensive rooms, sauna, parking, cafe, dinig hall. Distanse to the river is 500 m.
  28. "Polyaris" - is a new modear three-floor pension built in traditional style for resort buildings with elments of hutsul decor. Cheap rooms, horse riding, organizations of excurtions, hiking, rent of ski equipment wait here for you.
  29. "Velyka Vedmedytsya" is a modern four-floor mountain hotel buile in the same style. It includes in itself restaurant, garden with garden houses and exotic flowers, summer yard for barbecue, place for children. It's located in the centre of Yaremche.


  1. Votavilyu - hotel, restaurant, dyskobar, ski equipment rental in the center Drahobrat.
  2. Eridan - hotel and bath near the ski lifts.

Bike rental agencies

  1. Bike rental in the travelling centres of Ukraine: Kyiv, Crimea, Carpathians
  2. Bike rental in Yaremche: biking tours, biking equipment rental, routes
  3. Bike rental in Mykulychyn: bike rental, accompany of a guide, cottage for staying


  1. Vorokhta-tour: riding tours on four-wheelers, jeeps, snowmobiles around Vorokhta

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