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Equipment for ski-tours (sport)

Personal equipment for winter ski tours is divided into:

For attention of ski tours participants!
We use usual tourist ski with semi-rigid (spring) binding. Any winter tourist boots fit it. Footware is a part of personal equipment and is not given for rent.

Clothes for skiing

For moving in good weather one must have a set of light clothing (thermal underwear, light sweater and windbreaker), and in bad weather or at halt (at camp) one should put on one more pair of pants, warm sweater and jacket.


An extremely important item of equipment. You need to have special shoes for winter trekking. Features: high, warm, thick sides, water-resistant coating, durable sole.


зимове взуття для походу

Gaiters prevent boots from snow penetration, tightly seizing footwear around perimeter.
Rent is available.

Socks You may have several pairs of some kinds and put them in the following order: thin plain (pleasant for body), thick wool (warm), thin synthetic (tightly fix a thick sock).
Thermo and windproof trousers

It is desirable to have thermounderware or just thin underpants.

Windproof pants protecting from the wind and repelling snow are put on top of them. It is comfortable to use self-removing trousers, which can be removed without removing shoes.

штани у похід

Light golf or sweater, preferably with a membrane (or wool), pleasant for body.

Cotton should be avoided as it dries for long. Membrane (polartec) and wool fabric keep warm well even being wet.

Light sweater It is convenient to have a sweater of thin fleece or equivalent.
Warm sweater A thick wool or fleece sweater for severe frost or rest. спорядження для походу
Windbreaker/raincoat Light coat for moving during the day. Windproof and snow repellent. дощовик
Hat and mask

Any hat

At strong wind and frost a mask will protect the face from frostburn.

маска, балаклава

Warm. The outer fabric is required to prevent from sticking snow. Preferably with a protective cuff from snow penetration. “Fingers together” are possible.

Knitted or wool products are not suitable.


зимові рукавиці
Warm coat Warm coat shall be needed at halt and at a very bad weather. тепла куртка для походу


Personal belongings for skiing

While on tour you should not take what you want, but things you can’t dispense with. Unnecessary things increase the weight of backpack and sweat fills the eye.


You should completely refuse from the tarpaulin backpack of "round loaf" type and use modern anatomical models. The optimal size of a backpack for boys - 80 - 100 litres, for girls - 60 - 80 litres. Also in the backpack you should providently leave room for common products and equipment. For example, for six-day hike the weight of products will be about 5 kg /person. General equipment - about 3 kg. The total weight of the backpack should not exceed 18 - 19 kg (for girls a little less).

Backpacks of Terra Incognita firm proved as rather good ones.

You can take them at our rent.

Winter sleeping bag

The temperature of comfortable mode is minus 15 degrees. The weight is about 3 kgs. It must be well isolated from water. You can take them at our rent.

sleeping bag

Polyurethane foam or inflatable mat for insulation from the ground. For better effect, you can take 2 pieces. You can take them at our rent.

Food set Plate, spoon, cup (mug). A set should be lightweight and durable (plastic is subject to breakage).

Plate, spoon, Food set


Hermetic bags

For water isolation of warm things and sleeping bag.

Substitute: plastic bags

Hermetic bags for clothes
It is best to have a headlamp with LED flashlight of Petzl Tikka XP type. torch
Thermos Non-glass thermos with volume of 1 liter. thermos in Carpathians
First-aid kit Specific medications that you frequently use. аптечка індивідуальна
Seat* For comfortable sitting on the different surfaces. seat
Means of hygiene Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel and more. зубна щітка, паста, засоби гігієни
Documents Passport. Waterproof. You sould always keep it to yourself. Passport
Sunglasses* Any. Sunglasses
Photocamera* Any. Photocamera
Knife* Not big in sheath or clasp knife. Keep out of reach of militia. touristic knife
Lighter* Any. Lighter

* -optional items

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