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Rafting in Ukraine

Rafting tours are the vacation for those who love incredible emotions. Tourclub Ternopil invites you to rafting in the Carpathians.  Rough rivers, the Carpathian Mountains and valleys, sun and fresh air are the components of cool, unforgettable vacation.

Ukrainian Rafting: Rivers of pleasure

Routes program of our tours are detailed and planned. Experienced rafters are offered to go to multi-day, challenging tours, a ride on canoes, rafts, kayaks while beginners may enjoy rafting on catamarans on the calm rivers, which is only one - day trip. Qualified instructors work with tourists before each trip and give them detailed instructions.

Our camp welcomes tourists on rafting  in the Carpathians from April to October. You can visit us to have only one rafting tour or a tour for a few days.

At your service there is:

  • a comfortable tent town
  • a food area, a permanent kitchen
  • a sanitary block
  • a store, a play area, a sauna, etc.

In spare time, when there is no rafting, our tourists can play volleyball, badminton, quest games, go horseback riding, gather around the campfire in the evening, roast skewers, sing songs and just have fun.

Rafting on Cheremosh – one-day programs

This is a great opportunity to spend a fun and active day and to go home in the evening. Rafting on Cheremosh does not require special experience and training, although the route is a little extreme, it is easy and safe, so is suitable for any kind of tourists including families with children. The head of the group makes a decision whether to allow the children on a board or not. The program includes overcoming obstacles and rapids of Black Cheremosh, walking through the picturesque Hrynyavski valleys, climbing mountains Krynta (1350m) and Zmiyinska (1356m).

Rafting tours for lovers of extreme sports and adrenaline

White Cheremosh , a river of breathtaking beauty, foamy water, steep wooded slopes and a full set of dangerous obstacles, waits for the fearless romantics. Cascades, waterfalls, stone boulders and big waves will test your nerves!

But the real fans of rafting have to visit the river Prut. It flows in Moldova, passes through our Carpathians and is well-known for its unrestrained character. Prut is sandwiched in steep walls, between boulders and with numerous rapids and cascades. Rafting in the Carpathians: three rivers – is a tour that makes it possible to compete with the fastest mountain rivers in the Carpathian region.

Tourclub Ternopil offers exciting rafting tours on the rivers of the Carpathians, ride on kayaks, catamarans, interesting excursions and hiking along scenic river shores.