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Skiing in Gudauri (Georgia)

Price: 0 $
Duration: 9 days
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Skiing in Gudauri (Georgia)

If you feel leck of space for skiing in Ukraine, Gudauri is a good place to start skiing the high mountains. Ski trails of Gudauri locate on 2000 - 3000 metres above sea level, there are raugh slopes for proffecionals, plain ones for begginers and huge mountains covered with snow for reeriders. Slopes are rather long (with few levels of lifts) and not every one will manage to get tot the foot without a stop! All chair lifts are modern. Accomodation in a hostel, transfer from Ukraine in a minibus, we'll pick you up from Kyiv.

The cost of the trip - 300 $

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Include in the price
  • transfer Kyiv - Gudauri and back by minibus

  • accomodation in a hostel

  • two meals a day in a hostel

  • nutrition during transfer (snacks and cooked lunch)

Price not includes
  • ski-pass in Gudauri - 80$/5 days

  • snack-lunchs in Gudauri

  • excursion in Tbilisi: transport - 60 $ per group

Day 1-2

  • meeting of the group in Kyiv at 7:00 (the place of the meeting will be arranged later). Go by bus to Gudauri. On the way we entertain ourselves with movies, anecdotes, traffic cops and border guards. 
  • approximetly ones a day we make a stop to cook hot meal. In other time we eat snacks and sandwiches. Alcohol is forbidden in our bus.  
  • in nights we move on. Passangers can sleep on the couch one by one. 
  • on the third day in the morning we arrive to Gudauri and start skiing at once

Day 3-7

  • arriving to Gudauri each day in the morning, fast breakfast and sliing all the day 
  • in the evening we get to the hostel. There a hot dinner and breakfast will expect us. Some snack we take with us to the resort for lunch 
  • this way 5 days of skiing and snowbordering will pass in Gudauri. According to the wish of the group we may take an excursion in Tbilisi (transfer - 60$ per group)  
  • at the evening of the 6-th day we departure back home 

Day 8-9

  • way home (to Kyiv). It will last, as well as the way to Gudauri, for 2 days
  • arriving to Kyiv in the evening  

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