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From Karelia

Recently group of tourists from Tourclub headed by our directors returned from the water trip of the III category of difficulty, that took place in Republic Karelia, Russian Federation. During 10-day trip there were passed 1 rapid of V c.d., 6 rapids of IV c.d. and many rapids of III c.d.

They share of impressions about different wild nature (there are many ducks, goose, moose, rabbits, dog foxes), clean and glassy water (they drank it directly from the river), good fishing (hooked a pike with a weight 4 kg). Also they visited camp saunas.

The trip took place behind the polar circle, about 2 500 km to the north from Ternopil. There they saw «white nights».

They all returned satisfied.

Soon there will be photographs and videos from the trip.