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Which dnister tour is better to choose?

How many days should be allocated for a vacation on the Dniester? According to our tourists, it is best to choose a five-day tour of the Dniester - this is the golden mean, so that life in tents do not have time to get bored and to have time to experience all the delights of the Dniester canyon. We can offer two tours to the Dniester for five days - rafting in the upper reaches of the Dniester - "Five days in the Fairy Tale", and rafting below Zalishchyky - "To Khotyn in five days". Both rafts include daily rafting on the Dniester, swimming in the river and sightseeing tours such as waterfalls, fortresses or panoramas on the Dniester, tent accommodation and three meals a day (except on the last day - dinner not included). All dishes are prepared over a campfire.

In addition to several-day rafting, we can offer kayak rental and sup rental on the Dniester for one day or more.