Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Raftind on the Dniester for 5 days

What could be better than a vacation in nature, when no one forces you to work, to think once again about what you do not want, when you are fed and shown the most charming corners of the Dniester canyon? Rest on the Dniester with the tourist club "Five days in a fairy tale" is just what you need, something that will make you forget about all the daily worries and really relax in nature. During these 5 days you will understand what rafting on the Dniester is, you will see the ruins of old fortresses, palaces, the remains of hermitages, travertine waterfalls and the largest plain waterfall in Ukraine - Dzhurynsky. Immerse yourself in a real fairy tale together with the Ternopil Tourclub.