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After tour finishing you can share your impressions in the forum www.forum.tourclub.com.ua (seek Testimonials button in the main menu of site). We will read with a pleasure about positive you got, will listen your corrections and advices about improving the tours, and necessarily will take into account your experience and perspective. For your convenience the branches of forum are grouped for directions: comments about rafting on the Cheremosh, comments about trekking in Carpathians, about rafting on the Dniester and excursions into caverns, so to find the topic you need is pretty simply. Read, write about your own impressions, converse during the preparation for tour, send you photos to each other, look for the friends in trips.  The most appropriate comment we collect to the collation on the site page Reviews from participants. Also, if you do number of requests, you can get a discounting – 10% on the next tour for comment in the forum. Read details: Actions and discounts 2013.