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What to take in winter mountains

Hiking in the Carpathians is always a fun adventure. When you are going to hike in the mountains in winter - it is very important to choose the right winter equipment. It depends on your personal comfort, the comfort of the group and whether you want to go hiking in the mountains again in winter. You need to choose comfortable and warm shoes that do not get wet, boot covers, so that the snow does not get inside the shoes, gloves and tops. In especially clear weather it is necessary to have goggles, because in winter there is a lot of ultraviolet light. Holidays in the Carpathians in winter should bring pleasure. For this purpose, radial hiking or ski trips to the mountains will be an ideal option, with an overnight stay in the warm and comfortable hostel Rada Daraba. For very confident skiers, you can go on freeride tours to drive on the wild slopes of Chornogora Ridge. If you do not have something - you can rent equipment from us.