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Rafting in the Carpathians in summer

Usually tourists gather for rafting in the Carpathians in the spring, because at this time the highest, and therefore the most driving water level for rafting. The rivers are filled with melted snow coming down from the mountains with the first heat. But there is one drawback: in the spring it is still quite cold, of course wetsuits make the rafting much more comfortable, but still there are people who are not ready for cold rafting, even in high water. Of course, there is a way out, and this is rafting in the summer on the Black Cheremosh, because rafting on it is available all summer. And here are even their small advantages. First of all, you may not need a wetsuit, and this is a kind of savings.
 Often, at the request of the group, the instructor can organize games-training during the rafting, which add positive emotions. A significant advantage is that in the summer the instructor can allow children to raft, due to the safe water level. It also allows beginners to master kayaking. And fans of extreme and summer can catch high water levels during or after the rains, but this should be monitored.