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Accommodation for garbage collection in the Carpathians!

At the weekend, toloka was held in the Black Cheremosh valley. They took out a lot of garbage that was on the banks of the river. When you come to vacations in the Carpathians, you want to see the beauty and pure, untouched nature around. That's why we decided to introduce an action to stimulate people's desire to clean up in the mountains and make this world better - we will accept a new currency in Daraba - bags with garbage. 1 bag - 15 hryvnias. We give bags, we will show garbage deposits. As a rule, you need to collect in picturesque places: by the river, in the meadows, in the forests. The bags must be taken to the road. Your own garbage is not suitable. So, accommodation  in the Carpathians in Daraba for one night costs 10 bags of garbage. Welcome!