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Ukrainian Caves

Caves of Ukraine are known around the world for their number and beauty. Usually, popular caves abroad are limestone caves, the main attractions of which are stalactites, stalagmites and other limestone forms. Caves in the western regions of Ukraine are gypsum and decorated with many crystals of different shapes, colors and sizes. The most popular of them are Mlynky Cave, Optimistic Cave, Verteba Cave, Crystal Cave and Atlantis Cave. Excursions are organized in each of these caves. We conduct excursions in the Mlynky cave. We also organize a tour of the caves of Ukraine for organized companies. It takes at least 4 days for such a blunder to get to all the caves. If you have only a weekend off - we offer a tour of the cave Mlynky - "Crazy Weekend". These are three excursions to the Mlynky cave on different routes. We also provide you with food and accommodation in Speleohous. If you are interested in cave tours - contact us. All prices for tours at the link.