Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Training to become an instructor

How to become an instructor in a tour club?

To do this, we organize training - a school of instructors. It will be useful not only for those who want to work as an instructor in a tour club, but also for other travelers or those who want to travel actively, but do not know where to start. This course is designed for beginners, people who are in love with travel and love adventure. They are not afraid of challenges and are ready to show others what a wonderful nature. You will be able to consolidate all the knowledge gained in practice. Working in tourism is always interesting acquaintances and incredible adventures.

What we offer:
1. Knowledge that can be applied in practice
2. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
3. Many travels, emotions, impressions and new acquaintances
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Meeting plan:

1. Incoming meeting: the specifics of the instructor's work (different areas), the basics of modern orientation, cooking on hikes. Venue: Ternopil, street Joseph the Blind, 3
start 1.03.2022 at 19:00, participation is free.

2. Home care (2-day course for a total of 16 hours, lecturer Roman Consta). March 19-20, from 9-17: 00, pre-registration required, participation fee UAH 500.

3. Speleo trip to the Mlynky cave, an underground quest. Venue: s. Forests, Speleohous, April 2-3. Participation is free, except for meals and transfers. Pre-registration required.

4. Introductory course on rafting in mountain rivers (4 online lectures and 2 practical classes, lecturer Kozak Rostyslav). Venue: s. Krasnyk, rafting camp Rada Daraba, on the shores of Ch. Cheremosh. Participation is free, except for the road and food. Approximate date of March-April. Pre-registration required.

5. Ecological alloy on the Dniester. Estimated date of June 3-5. Pre-registration required.

Please, all who wish to participate, fill out the registration form.