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Summer hiking in the Carpathians

 Hiking in the Carpathians — is the best summer vacation, especially for beginners who are just beginning to get acquainted with active recreation. After all, in summer you do not need special equipment, you can sunbathe and swim in mountain rivers and lakes. In the meadows you can also meet hutsuls grazing sheep and cows, where you can buy Carpathian cheese and get acquainted with hutsul culture and experience the full color of the Carpathians.
 Hiking tours in the Carpathians are especially close to nature in summer: it is a time of nature's gifts. Blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, blackberries  — this is not all that will be found on your route. But remember: you can't ignore safety rules and eat unknown mushrooms and berries. To make a trip to the Carpathians as safe and comfortable as possible, "Tour Club Ternopil" will provide you with an experienced instructor.