Schedule: Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm

Children's rafting on the Dniester

Every year we organize a children's rafting on the Dniester. This is a good opportunity for parents to experience a real holiday on the Dniester while their children play with the animator and other children. Your children will spend 5 active days in the Dniester canyon in the fresh air, bathe a lot and learn the basic skills of a tourist - how to put up a tent, where to look for firewood and how to light a fire. Rafting on the Dniester for children is half a day on a catamaran, half a day on excursions and games. And on the last day we decided to add a little variety - go on a tour of the Mlynky Cave. Mlynky Cave is interesting because it has many options for moves, from the simplest to very sporty, many places where you can crawl, so the children there are always interested. If you are looking for an interesting active holiday for your child - join the children's rafting from 7 to 12 July, or from 4 to 8 August.